Sunday, October 14, 2012

Influenster Bride-to-Be Voxbox 2012

I'm still coming down from the excitement from my last Influenster box, but here comes my next one! Most of my experience with Influenster left me under the impression that it wasn't possible to qualify for two boxes in a row, but it appears as if I have! As soon as I was done doing all the challenges they had on their website for the Naturals Voxbox, I was being sent this brand new box of goodies to review!

First off, the box overall is going to get a solid B rating from me. Before testing all the products, I was really impressed and excited to receive full sized hair care products. I have been messing around a lot with my hair lately (an unfortunate bleaching incident left it in horrible condition) and have been looking for some good hair products. Aside from the Kiss lashes, which are my daily use lashes anyway, (so that was a bonus!) the products all have to do with stress relief and relaxation, which I'm pretty sure everyone needs, including brides! The reason why I decided to give it a B rating rather than an A, is because of the Ivydate membership that I will review later on, as well as the lack of cohesiveness as a "bride" box. All the products could be used and reviewed by brides-to-be for sure, but anyone else could have easily reviewed this box whether or not they were getting married. I was expecting the hair care products and the eyelashes, but I think some kind of cosmetic was needed in this box and in place of the ivydate card, something more up the alley of bridal like a coupon for a bridal website or something along those lines. But let's get into the reviews of each product!

1. Schwarzkopf Professional BC Hairtherapy Repair Rescue Shampoo

This shampoo, like the conditioner, has a light "beauty shop" scent to it that I find lovely, but it might not be for everyone. It's a liquid-y formula but it goes on lightly and makes it so my hair does not feel weighted down. Along with the conditioner, this product gave my frizzy hair a smooth, shiny finish that lasted all day, even through humidity. It may not work as well for all types of hair, but for dry, damaged, chemically treated hair, this stuff will change the life of your hair! It did for mine!

2. Schwarzkopf Professional BC Hairtherapy Repair Rescue Conditioner

I have spent months trying to get my hair back to normal from a bleaching incident gone horribly wrong, and have tried every product out there. This conditioner literally saved my hair. It's softer, smoother and shinier. The frizz is gone. The dead look is gone. And I've only used it a few times so far! While it does seem to have a lot of chemicals in it, my hair has never been sensitive to those things. Natural hair products don't tend to work as well for my hair issues. This stuff is expensive but I have yet to find anything that comes close to how well it works!  

3.Schwarzkopf Professional BC Hairtherapy Repair Rescue Sealed Ends

I have some pretty wild hair problems. My hair is naturally wavy and blonde. I've dyed it dark for years and decided to try to bleach it lighter. Big Mistake. My hair was ruined. Completely dead and frizzy. This product (along with the shampoo/conditioner) has completely changed my hair. In just a few days of using this product the ends of my hair are smooth and not fried-looking. I also smooth some through the rest of my hair and it keeps the frizz away all day. This product is pricey, but it is worth every penny for the amazing results! 

4. Kiss everEZlashes

While I absolutely love Kiss lashes, and they are the brand I use every day, I am not a huge fan of the strings. For those of us who are adept at putting on fake lashes, the strings seem to make things more complicated. It actually look me LONGER to apply them with the strings than without, and I don't see the point in the strings when once they are pulled off they can't be used again. Kiss Lashes are quality, reusable lashes that look super natural and lovely, but the strings attached to these particular ones are no necessary. Your best bet is to buy a few pairs of cheap lashes and practice putting them on until you get the hang of it. Then buy Kiss lashes without the strings and save a bit of money and time!

5.Rescue Remedy Natural Stress Relief Gum

I am one big ball of stress during the day. By the time I get home I find it hard to wind down and relax. I tried Rescue Gum right after a long day and I truly felt more calm and relaxed. The flavor disappears almost as soon as you begin to chew it, but I reminded myself this isn't a gum made for flavor, and I chewed it for upwards of 10 minutes before spitting it out and I continued to feel the effects long after that. I will definitely be purchasing this product again and keeping it with me for those stressful moments! 

6. Dream Water Natural Sleep Aid

I can NEVER sleep at night, probably due to the fact that I'm on the computer all day, but this product really works for me. The Snoozeberry flavor is my favorite, but it can be a little gross if it's room temperature. Make SURE you put it in the fridge and it will taste yummy and refreshing. It makes me slowly get sleepy but not exhausted. I usually take this about 30 minutes before bed and it truly does help me fall asleep easily and wake up without feeling groggy. Love it!

7. IvyDate Online Introduction Service 

Ok, so I'm sure you're wondering why Influenster added a free membership to a dating site in a bride-to-be box. Well, the idea behind this was that we were to pass it along to one of our friends or bridesmaids so that they might also get lucky in love. So I did just that and passed it on to a friend of mine. If you look at the description of the site, you'll see that it's a website for people that are "outstanding" aka elitist jerks. IvyDate is named because they say that many of their members went to ivy league schools and that they have a "respect for excellence." WTF is this crap? Sorry, none of my friends are Ivy League, and they're all down-to-earth, relaxed people. My friend had NO interest in meeting a bunch of rich, stuck up jerks. Not to mention they have to approve you first. It's such an elitist, uppity idea that I can't imagine why Influenster would put this in the box. My friend was really disappointed as was I.

So aside from the weird dating site, this box was absolutely awesome! Not ONE product was disappointing, and I feel that all brides could get wonderful use out of these products on their wedding day or even while planning their wedding. My favorite product in the whole bunch was the Schwarzkopf split ends treatment, and I will definitely repurchase that without question! It is about $20-$25 for only 2oz, but you need an incredibly small amount to really do wonders, and it seems like it will last me a few months. Very impressed with this box overall and I'm excited to see what Influenster has in store for us next!


  1. lmbo that Ivy Date crap lolll You both should have signed up just to harshly reject all those doodoo heads! :D That gum sounds very interesting. A quick search and it seems to have an over all positive response. I must get me some

    1. hahah I don't even think ivy date still exists- thats how terrible of an idea it was LOL. I thought the gum was pretty good- I do think it's a bit expensive for the effect it has, and it loses it's flavor after like...30 seconds! haha so I didn't repurchase it but you can sometimes find it on sale at your local drugstore. I grabbed different things from the same brand on sale at CVS :)

    2. uhh what's the other thing? Was it also calming in some way?

    3. was a looong time ago, but I believe they were little natural capsules that helped you relax so you can fall asleep easier- I don't think they worked very noticeably for me though! :(

    4. I would say not! They were obviously forgettable lol :P