Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Kiss EverEZLashes Review

I received these lashes complimentary from Influenster and while I am a regular user of Kiss lashes, this new way of putting them on was something I had never tried before.

These EverEZlashes come with applicator strings, which are there to hold onto in order to get a more accurate position for your lashes. They are apparently "5x faster and easier" to apply.

Once out of the package, I noticed that they are the exact same lashes as the regular kiss lashes of that corresponding number. The only difference is the applicator stings on either side of each lash. I did not use the glue that came in the Kiss lashes package, but my Duo adhesive. As a regular false lash user, I found that the strings made it a bit more difficult to place the lashes, as I usually place them on with one hand and then push each side down individually. It was not only difficult for me to place the lashes, but also to pull the strings out once they were on. Pulling the strings tugged at my eye lid and was a bit uncomfortable. All in all it took me LONGER to apply these lashes than a pair of regular ones.

The strings are a one-time thing. Once you pull them out, you have a pair of regular lashes. If you want to reuse these, you will have to put them on normally, so I don't really see a point to the strings unless you have never used false lashes before and you have the intention of only wearing them once.

If you are brand new to wearing false lashes, I DO think that these may make it easier for you to apply them. If you are only interested in wearing false lashes for an event or a party, then these may be a good choice for you. If you are interested in wearing lashes daily/often, I suggest you get regular lashes and practice placing them on your eye. You'll save money by only buying a couple of pairs and reusing them, and you'll be adept at placing lashes without the applicator strings. If you are a pro at putting on false lashes, this will most likely only hinder you, and I'd skip these all together.

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