Sunday, February 3, 2013

Best Deals on the Internet!

The internet is a place where you can get absolutely anything your heart desires. But if you're like me, you probably don't have much money to spare. How can you save lots of cash, and still get quality items? You have to know where to look! Here's my personal guide to internet shopping and saving BIG!

Before you start shopping, you NEED to get an account. Why? First off, it's free. Secondly, it's EASY! Once you sign up with ebates, you just visit their site before doing your online shopping and you will receive a percentage of your money back! Want to buy something from Sephora? go to first and click Sephora. It will link you directly to the page. Just make your purchase as normal and ebates will credit your account with your cash back. This is a free, quick and easy way to save some cash. And it really adds up!

*BONUS* You get a free $10 gift card from ebates to a store of your choice once you make your first online purchase!

Another great site to use EVERY time you make an online purchase is RetailMeNot. This is the most comprehensive site for online coupon codes. No matter what you're buying, whether it be ordering a pizza or purchasing an expensive ring, Check this site first for valuable coupon codes to save you even more!

Now, here's a list of my FAVORITE places to shop online where you will save BIG. Many of these sites offer free shipping as well! 

Low Cost Cosmetics:

Low Cost Razors:

Low Cost Clothing/Accessories/Shoes:

Low Cost Items for the Home:

Low Cost Eyewear (both sites have a "first pair free" deal as well)

Low Cost "Mart store" (sells many different things)
Online Name-Brand Discount Websites (some are "flash sale sites):

Valid, non-sketchy website for Free TV shows, movies etc online for streaming or download
Click HERE to watch a youtube video on how to use Ice Films!

Other Tips:
-Looking for low cost items on amazon? Type in the word "Sodial" in the search bar and then choose a department!
-How to find low cost items on ebay? Type in what you're looking for, click "low to high" as well as "buy it now" Some of the best items to get for cheap ($1) would be jewelry and accessories.

Good luck and happy Bargain Hunting!

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