Saturday, February 23, 2013

Dorco USA Razor Review!

If you're like me, you try to save money wherever you possibly can. However there is always those items that when it comes to saving money, it's pretty difficult to sacrifice quality for a lower cost. I have been purchasing Venus Embrace razor cartridges for years now. Ringing in at around $15 for a pack of 4, it was always one of those "wincing" moments when I'd be at the register and see the total come up.

I go through about 1 of those cartridges per week, and that's only if I use them up to the point of them ripping my skin apart. I'm on a tight budget, and after years of being a slave to "name brand" razors, I was on a mission to find a cheaper but also equal quality alternative.

I discovered a website for a company called Dorco. Their claim is that their razors are as good or better than the more expensive brands, at a fraction of the price. All of their razor handles have a "common docking" system that allows you to use/try many different cartridge heads all on the same handle. The prices? RIDICULOUSLY CHEAP. It all seemed too good to be true!

So I found a "variety pack" of the women's razors so that I could try out a few of their options. You can find a similar pack HERE. Dorco offers free shipping for orders over $25, so this is a good starter pack to get if you are interested in trying their razors and in getting free shipping.

 Here's what my order looked like right out of the box:

My fiance, my roommate and myself have all tried out these razors and given our feedback, and let me tell you, they ARE just as good if not BETTER than the more expensive brands. The cost of these razors equal out to be about  just under $1 per razor cartridge, when I was paying about $4 per razor cartridge with Venus Embrace. I am saving 75% of my money on razors, and honestly you can't beat that anywhere!

The Dorco Shai handle is sturdy and has a rubber grip for easy handling in the shower. So far the guys have tried the PACE disposable 4-blade razors and they both agree they were amazing. I have tried the Dorco Shai 6-blade razor cartridges and even after a week of daily shaving, they are still as good as they were the first time I used them!

So you think my love of this company couldn't get any bigger? Well Today, I received a random package from them out of the blue! I was a confused as I haven't made an order since the first time, but I opened the package anyway to find a lovely hand-written letter from the President of Dorco, thanking me for my business. Also included in the package was a $5 off my next purchase coupon, and a free Dorco Shai razor!

So not only am I saving SO much money on razors, but I am getting QUALITY items, free (and fast!) shipping, and I am supporting a company that CLEARLY cares very much about my business. Enough to send me a thoughtful card and coupons and a free razor!

If you are also feeling like it's time to stop dumping your money down the drain, dump your current razor and visit Dorco's site!


  1. Dorco razors are alright, but they're a far cry from the best safety razor... their main appeal is that they're cheap, really, but there's certainly nothing wrong with cheap razors :)

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