Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Emailing Companies to Receive Coupons!

I've always considered myself a budget savvy person. My mother raised me in a household that clipped coupons, shopped sales and requested and used sample-sized products. My mother took us to "kids fairs" in our city, which were essentially events held in small business centers where companies (geared toward children) would set up a table and pass out samples and information to consumers. And boy, was that my absolute favorite day of the year. My mother instilled in me this excitement for getting things for free, contacting companies when you wanted to try their products. Coupons, coupons, coupons!

Of course, in the 80's it was much easier to save money with coupons than it is now. Companies have caught on to the coupon craze and now they clearly have cut their coupon values by a mile. Websites have coupon cutters that require you to print your own coupons (what a waste of expensive printer ink!) and something about couponing has just lost the luster of yesterday.

However, there is one thing that I've always KNOWN you could do, but for some reason, rarely did it. And that is visiting company websites and requesting coupons!

This does take some work. Having to e-mail each individual company (even though coffeemate and hot pockets are both made my Nestle, you would still have to e-mail each individual brand in order to get coupons) and telling the what you think of think of their product. Asking if they have any coupons available for their can imagine that could get boring and tedious pretty quickly.

If you're like me and you enjoy saving money, but the idea of being an "extreme couponer" is daunting to you, it's always nice to get coupons for things you ALREADY buy. Extreme couponers find the sales, and buy what's on sale. Never have I known an extreme couponer to buy what they like. They buy what they can get for cheap or for free. And while free is ideal, what about those of us that know what we like and don't really shop with coupons to begin with?

E-mailing companies is your way to go. Make a list of all the food brands you buy in a regular grocery shop. Then one by one, go down the list and google their brand to get to their websites. Find the "contact us" link on the page (every company has one!) and leave your feedback! You can ask for coupons, compliment how much you love their product, ask a question, or even complain about a bad experience. There are MANY companies that will reward you with coupons in the mail.

I have started an e-mail writing campaign to all my favorite brands in the past 3 days. I have most likely e-mailed 50-70 companies so far, and have received a small amount of responses. I have been told that many companies may not send an e-mail response, but they will send coupons to your home anyway. So I am keeping a close eye on my mailbox!

There are however, quite a few companies that got back to me within 24 hours, sometimes within an hour, and have thanked me for my feedback and offered coupons. Here is my current list along with a basic description of what I said (compliment/complaint etc)

Companies that have promised coupons:

Goody (Compliment) Promised free samples (received 6 packages of hair clips and elastics. Such a great company!)
Snyders Pretzels (compliment) Promised coupon (Received free product coupon)
Glad (complaint) Promised coupons (Never received coupons)
Heinz (compliment) Promised coupons (received 4 coupons)
Hidden Valley (compliment) Promised coupons (received coupon)
Nestle Coffeemate (compliment and question) Promised coupon (Never received coupons)
FritoLay (complaint) Promised coupons (Never received coupons)
Heluva Good Dips (compliment) Promised coupons (Never received coupons)
Olay (complaint/compliment) Promised coupons (received free product coupon)
Duncan Hines (compliment) Promised coupons and brochure (Never received coupons)
Cheez-Its (compliment/complaint) Promised coupon (received free product coupon)
CoverGirl (compliment/complaint) Promised Coupons ( free product coupon and coupon for fusion razor)
Splenda (compliment) Promised coupons (received 2 coupons)
Ocean Spray (compliment) Promised Coupon (received free product coupon)
Chobani Yogurt (compliment) Promised Coupons (received 3 coupons a magnet and hand-written thank you letter!)
Hillshire Farm (compliment) Promised "full value" Coupon (Never received coupons)
Florida's Natural OJ (compliment) never received email response BUT (received 2 coupons)
Cottonelle (compliment and request) Promised coupons (received 3 coupons)
International Delight (request to try product) Promised coupon (received coupon)
Popcorn Indiana (compliment) Promised coupon (Never received coupons)
Turkey Hill (compliment) Promised coupons(received HUGE envelope full of coupons and a magnet!)
Pepperidge Farm (compliment) never received e-mail response BUT (received coupon and recipes)
Nair (complaint) Never received e-mail response BUT (Received a check for $9 to make up for disappointing product)
Papa Ginos (compliment/complaint) received e-mail response with $25 gift credit on next purchase and (also received coupon for free large pizza in the mail)
Malt-O-Meal Cereals (compliment) never received e-mail response BUT (received 2 coupons)
Tyson (compliment) never received e-mail response BUT (received 3 coupons) 
I will update this list as I hear back from more companies, and I will also update if and when I actually receive the coupons in the mail. As you can see, you can contact more than just food brands! I contacted battery companies, household goods, cosmetics, you name it!

One thing to remember: If a company already has printable coupons on their site and you would prefer coupons through the mail or don't have a printer (which is my case) just send them an e-mail and tell them! Chobani yogurt has lots of coupons on their site, and I e-mailed them anyway asking for coupons through the mail and they were VERY kind and more than willing to send coupons to me. All you have to do is ask!

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