Monday, March 11, 2013

Ipsy/Glam Bag March 2013!

Here we go with another Ipsy bag review! Last time I did a review on the service itself, however this time around, I'm going to review the bag and the products inside. So let's see what I got, shall we?

First impression? Well if you're a subscriber to Ipsy or follow what Ipsy subscribers receive, you'll notice that this bag is a bit skimpy. We do have technically 5 products (which is usually the amount Ipsy sends) but in the March bag, 2 out of the 5 samples are VERY tiny eye shadows from the brand, Yabi.

Lets talk about the palette first. This is an EMPTY palette from GlamRX. Some of you may or may not know, empty palettes are usually magnetized and are used so that you can store shadows that can in pan form, or remove some of your single shadows from their compacts and keep them all together and more organized. This palette is VERY small. The theme of the bag was a beach/travel type theme, so I understand it's supposed to be for travel. But it would hardly hold more than 3 MAC-sized shadows. here's a picture of it in the palm of my hand. Also let me remind you I have short, tiny hands!

It's about the size of a pack of "5" or "Orbit" gum. So while it can be quite handy if you have shadows small enough to fit inside it, it's very small and hard to fit any of your current shadows into.

Which brings us to the shadows. These are by the brand Yabi, and from the looks of their website run for about $3.50 or so apiece! Now if you thought the empty palette was small...check out these shadows when placed in the palette:

You can see them next to my thumb for comparison. They are about the size of dimes. Which yes, can be good for travel. But personally, I like to take my favorite palette with me if I'm going somewhere, for example, my naked palette. it doesn't take up much more space than this one and has plenty of shadow choices. These shadows are not very good quality, either. Especially for how much they cost for such a small pan. I apologize for my terrible cell phone picture but it's the best I could do for swatches!

I had to get this in the right light because the gold color is literally IMPOSSIBLE to see in almost any light. To get the gold to swatch I HAD to use my finger tips, due to the fact that it literally does not show up at all when I transfer it to the back of my hand. It's pigmentation is lacking, and the color isn't very exciting either. The teal on the other hand, swatched pretty well, although it's a matte teal and has that dreaded "chalky" appearance to it on the skin. Again, not a fan of this color at all.

The next product was a small packages of makeup remover wipes from LaFresh.

I really do like this company and their products, and there really isn't much to say about them other than they work well, and it's a perfect size to throw in your purse or overnight bag. Personally, I plan to keep them on my bedside table for those nights where I'm too tired/lazy to wash my's a bad habit!

The final product is a "refreshing" face mist from Juice Beauty.

I have tried this brand before, and I do like that they have natural ingredients. This is a substantial size product and is perfect for traveling or to put in your purse. I cannot attest to how well it refreshes or moisturizes, but when testing it on my arm I was quite surprised to find it had not a "juicy" scent as some of their other products contain, but a more floral scent that was a little off-putting for spraying directly on your face. It also has a very odd plastic-y scent that is left over once it dries. On top of that, the sprayer is less of a mister and more of a body splash amount of spray. WAY too much product is released. You would have to stand back as far as possible when spraying this onto your face as to not be covered in liquid.

Overall, while I like Ipsy very much and will continue to subscribe to them, this bag was not a winner. Even the makeup bag itself was kind of cheap feeling. Like one of those 1980's windbreaker fabrics. While the pattern is very cute, it feels like something that came out of the dollar store. They have had many bags in the past that have been of quality, so it was a little bit of a disappointment. The products were all pretty mediocre. The only pieces of makeup in the bag this month were of poor quality in my opinion, and the rest of the items were not really something I'd ever really need or want to purchase.

This does not put a damper on my opinion of Ipsy, however. They do continue to keep things interesting, and adding the palette and the mist were things that we haven't had before. I do hope the revert back to keeping it mostly makeup in the bags from now on, but overall it wasn't a waste of my money, so I can't complain! 

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