Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ipsy / Glam Bag April 2013!

My Ipsy bag came right on time this month and I couldn't be more excited! With last month's bag being slightly disappointing (I haven't touched a single thing from the bag since I got it other than the makeup remover wipes) I was really looking forward to this month as the sneak peeks on Ipsy's facebook got me quite excited. So let's take a look and I'll tell you my first impressions!

First off, you can see you get THREE full-sized products! How awesome is that?? Secondly, you can see there is somewhat of a theme this month; What Ipsy calls: Pretty in Pink. So lets talk a bit about each product.

 This bag is a HUGE step up from last month's bag. It seems to be very well made. It is a white canvas bag with a pink vinyl outlining the top. Inside the lining is pink and white stripes with the Ipsy logo. They're bags in regards to quality are usually hit or miss, but this one is excellent and very chic.

BeaBombshell Blush in "Sweet Cheeks"
FINALLY A BLUSH! Ipsy listened to their subscribers and finally included a blush, and a full size one, no less! This particular blush is one of two that could have been received, and it is the darker of the two. On their website and sneak peeks, it looked almost magenta but I was very happy to see it is more of a rosy pink color, while the one I didn't receive is a baby pink. This one will work much better with my skin tone and seems to be very pigmented.

Sexy Hair "Soy Renewal" 
Very happy that I received this product, as the other one was a powder volumizer which I already have something similar. This product is the "nourishing styling treatment with multiple benefits!"  It is supposed to speed up blow drying time, nourish and protect hair, and enhance shine. It contains Argan Oil as well which is always a plus to make hair healthier and to tame frizzies! It smells absolutely lovely and I'm looking forward to trying it out!

Station Nail Lacquer in "Love at First Bite"
Nothing better than a full sized nail polish! Except...maybe there is. There were two options in shades this month, and I received the one I thought I wanted. One was a light baby pink color, and this one SEEMED to be a deeper peachy pink. I think that is what it's supposed to look like, although when applied to the nail it actually looks more like a french manicure color. That ugly, fake peach tone that only looks good on a french. It's also very sheer and takes many coats to put on. I suppose it would work nicely for certain people, but it's definitely not my cup of tea.

Two Cosmetics Duo Eye Shadow in "Heartache"
 Oh...where do I begin? First of all PINK SHADOW? I understand you can blend these light colors nicely with other neutrals but it would have been nice for this to have a light pink and a brown or something so that it was a more wearable duo without having to add other shadows into the mix. But on top of all this, I don't think I'm going to be trying this shadow. Two Cosmetics has a bad reputation after they re-packaged a product that was purchased from a makeup supplier. Basically if you hadn't heard all about it already: Two Cosmetics buys a lot of their products from a wholesaler and then has them stamp the "Two Cosmetics" label on it. They purchased something called "Color wheels" from a wholesaler that were supposed to be for face and body but NOT for around the eyes and on the eyelids. Two Cosmetics sold the color wheels as EYE SHADOWS, which is the ONE place they were not intended to be put. This went on for a long time and even after people found out and complained, they only put a tiny disclaimer on the page and continued to sell them as shadows. I do not trust the company or their products as they don't even create their own cosmetics, so I will probably be giving this away to someone who is interested in it regardless of the back story.

All in all, this was a fantastic Ipsy bag and I'm thrilled with the products overall. It's a huge step forward from their little stumble last month and makes me very excited to see what May will bring!

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