Thursday, April 18, 2013

VitaCost Be Pretty and Be Well boxes!

 I recently received 2 of the "Be" Boxes from and I needed to tell you all about them!

Now I know what you're all thinking: please...not ANOTHER subscription box! But I'm here to tell you, this one is different,and it doesn't HAVE to be a subscription. You can buy these boxes once, twice a month, honestly it's up to you!

I was sent the Be Well box as well as the Be Pretty box. The Be Well box includes wellness items that range from food to vitamins to natural house cleaners! The Be Pretty box is closer to a typical "beauty" box however it focuses a lot on skin care and things of that nature, as it is all natural products that are sold on the vitacost website.

There are also different boxes tailored to your interests. Those include a "Be Fit" box which includes diet and fitness products, "Be Strong" box which has muscle builders, protein powders etc. Perfect gift idea for the guy in your life who is gym-obsessed! Finally there is a "Be All" box, which include something from every category.

These boxes cost $13.99 apiece and shipping is included! Vitacost also promises that you will receive $70 of more worth of products in the boxes, and after adding up the cost of the items I received, I can say that is correct. You're definitely getting at least triple the amount that you paid, so the price cannot be beat!

What did I get in the boxes? Well I opened them and my mother and fiance immediately snagged a couple of items, so this picture doesn't even include everything I received. This photo include the items I received in BOTH boxes.

Truthfully, there's just too much to do a review on, But I can say from left to right this is what I received:

Included in my Be Pretty Box was 2 liquid soaps, a moisturizer, an eye gelee, a lip balm, 2 shea butter soaps, 2 eye cream samples and 2 face cream samples, as well as a moisture stick. I recognize some of the brands, and the others are new to me, but I can say from experience I was extremely pleased when I opened the box and saw the huge amount of products!

Included in the Be Well box was a full size jar of Omega Fish oil capsules, a full size box of Strawberry flavored fish oil capsules for teens and kids, a bag of peeled apple clusters snacks, a Vitamin D drink, and a probiotic sample. When I opened this box, I was a bit more disappointed. You are able to look at past months boxes on their website, and in the past months, there was quite a bit more product in the Be Well Boxes. I was also a bit disappointed that there was TWO fish oil products in the box, and they were essentially the main items that were not sample sized. The GOOD thing is, the value of the box FAR exceeds the $13.99 that it retails for. The Fish oils alone are almost $50 for the pair on the vitacost website. So all in all, it was definitely a valuable box.

I give the Vitacost boxes an 8/10 rating. I have only received these once, so I cannot say for sure if they are good every month. The Be Pretty box was a 10/10 for sure. The Be Well box was more of a 6/10 as it was a bit disappointing in the variety of items that were included. However my tune might change next month if I am lucky enough to receive these again!

This is a great alternative to typical beauty boxes as most of the boxes can be gifted to either men or women. There are multiple kinds of boxes to choose from and they are all health and wellness products. You can order them once, or set up a monthly subscription, which is a GREAT alternative to being forced into a subscription you're not even sure you're going to like. Go check out Vitacost Be Boxes! 

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