Friday, May 17, 2013

Vitacost Be Well Box May 2013

A new month means new sample boxes, and like last month, vitacost sent me some goodies!

I had never really heard of vitacost before until a friend told me about their Be Boxes. As I said last month, I really love the fact that they have lots of different choices to fit your style. Since vitacost IS a vitamin/healthy/organic food etc type website, you will be receiving those kinds of items in your boxes. The great thing is there is a box for everyone. They are $13.99 with free shipping, and they are most certainly worth it! If you'd like to see what was in their past Be Boxes, and also see the variety of boxes they have, Click Here!

Now for the box I received!
I recently made an order from VitaCost which had 6-7 supplements and vitamins, as I am getting really into them lately! I had never taken them before, and I feel so much better since I started! I have to say as a side note, I checked walmart, ebay, name it. VitaCost had the lowest prices on the vitamins and supplements I needed. Glad to know that, and glad to have found their site!

Anyway, I received the box and I assumed it was my vitamin/supplements order, but when I opened up the box, to my surprise it was my Be Well box! Let's take a look at what was inside, shall we?

Pictured here is the Be Well box I received, as well as the Protein shake sample. Also another tip for all of you: If you're shopping the Vitacost website, be sure to search 'samples' and add two to your cart. You will not be charged for them and it's a great way to try a few new things with each order!

1. Nautral Calm Magnesium Drink Powder Full Size $25 
 Not a whole lot to say about this, other than it smells like delicious cherries, and it's a supplement that is known to make you more...ahem..."regular." It is also anti-stress, which is nice.

2. FoodScience of Vermont Immuno-DMG Chewable Tablets Full Size $32
These big ol' tablets are chewable and taste like a creamsicle-flavored sweet tart!Yum! They are simply a supplement that is specifically created to support immune system function. Probably a great product to have around the winter time when you're battling the cold and flu.

3. Vitacost Calcium Soft Chews Full Size $8
These are the Vitacost brand version of a chocolate calcium soft-chew. They are delicious, of course. If you don't like taking tons of vitamins and supplements every day then these are a great option for you. They're also a great thing for everyone over the age of 40 to be taking because calcium is very important as we age!

4. Raw Revolution Organic Live Food Bar Full Size 12-pack $15
This was a chocolate coconut flavor and there wasn't much information on the product packaging as to why I should be eating it. After looking at a few of the other flavors online, I'm assuming it's yet another weird way to get people to eat their supplements and vitamins. I don't really like gimmicky things like this, as I prefer to take my V's and S's in pill form. My roommate ate this one and said it was very bland-tasting and tossed it out. Not sure I can recommend it but glad that it was included so I could at least give it a try!

5. MegaFood "Blood Builder" Full Size $14 
This was the first thing in my box that I was SUPER excited for. I love new supplements and this one is something I don't have and I haven't seen before. These boast that they are completely vegan, natural, GMO free, you name it. They claim that the body cannot tell that this supplement isn't actual food, therefore it absorbs into your body the same way vitamins would when eating. While I don't know if this is true, I still enjoy the idea of these supplements which help to maintain healthy iron levels in the blood. Many women lose iron when they have their menstrual cycles, so this is a great supplement to make sure you replenish!
6. AdvaCal Calcium and Vitamin D3 Full Size $28
This was the most valuable item in the box, and another one I was excited about trying. This is a full size bottle of your basic calcium supplement, with included Vitamin D so you can get both in one shot. These are smaller-sized pills which are good for those who have a hard time swallowing larger capsules. A great value!
7. Emergen-C Vitamin C Fizzy Drink Mix Full Size $9
This brand seems to sneak it's way into almost every single sample or subscription box I have ever received. Not to mention I am also trying them/reviewing them for the website Smiley360, so I should expect another big envelope full of these foil packets. All in all, they tasted alright. Nothing special and a little bit alka-seltzer-y, but if you need a quick dose of Vitamin C or something to boost your immune system and you feel like you need to drink it...then I suppose this is a good choice for you, lol. I'd rather just eat an orange, personally!
All in all, the value of this box was about $48 for the sizes that I received. Paying $13.99 for these boxes is very much worth it. Many people will tell you that their boxes are a $70 value. But be careful to note that they are UP TO a $70 value. Still, paying $14 for $50 worth of new health items is definitely worth it if you're pretty new to the vitamin and supplement world. Not into V's and S's? Check out their diet box or their beauty box (which sells out SUPER fast so keep checking back with them)

Very happy to have a great relationship with Vitacost and have been thrilled with their customer service, shipping times, and products overall!

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