Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Bulu Box June 2013

So I was surfing the net last month trying to find a few new subscription boxes to try out, and I was delighted to find a coupon code for a FREE Bulu Box.I don't believe the code is available any longer, but honestly I don't even think it was worth it to get this box for free. Bulu Box is a monthly subscription box that costs $10 a month. It is filled with vitamins, supplements, and other healthy products. They also offer the option of getting a weight-loss-type box as well, although I opted for the regular box. I am more interested in health, and less interested in unhealthy dieting. While I think this is a great idea for a subscription box, I think it would help the company if they were sending out a box that was enticing enough to keep me subscribed. I received my free box and cancelled the same day. Why? Well take a look for yourself.

So. If I had actually spent the $10 that this box normally cost...I would be LIVID. Granted this box was free, however there are people that pay for this subscription that received the same box as I did. So lets really look at this as if I had paid full price. I received 5 items. 4 OUT OF THE 5 were FOIL PACK SAMPLES. They look like samples I could get with my vitacost orders. ( let's you choose 2 samples with every online purchase) I got some energy chews, edible green tea that you sprinkle on food (wtf?) a packet of some sort of protein fuel (I am not a weightlifter, so no thanks) and a foil pack of some pain reliever gel. wow. 

The only non-foil pack product I received was a small bottle of diet pills. Yea. F'ing diet pills. I thought this was supposed to be a HEALTH box, not some sketchy box pedaling dangerous diet pills. The worst part? It SAYS ON THE BOTTLE "Free Trial." In other words, it's a FREE TRIAL that you just PAID FOR in your $10 Bulu Box subscription. I'm guessing you can contact the company that makes these pills and request a free trial and receive the same bottle. So I basically received a free sample of diet pills, and 4 foil packets of random crap.

I'm not sure if this is just a bad month. Maybe this box is normally very good and I'm judging it unfairly. But I can only go by what I received, and this is not even worth $1, never mind the $10 they charge monthly. I am usually pretty forgiving when it comes to subscription boxes. I'm pretty easy to please. But let's break this down overall, shall we?

-4 out of the 5 items were foil pack samples
-The only non-foil pack was a free-trial product and says so on the bottle.
-They offer a diet/weight loss box that I did not choose, yet I got diet/weight loss products.

I was hoping for a box similar to the Vitacost Be Well box, but I was simply disappointed. I cannot recommend this box, and if you ARE interested in a box that has health products, vitamins and supplements, I would suggest the VitaCost Be Well box, specifically. 

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