Friday, June 21, 2013

Kiss everEZlashes Updated Review!

It's not the first time Influenster has sent me Kiss lashes, but I will never complain!

I absolutely love the Kiss line of products, as they are always high quality for a low price, and their lashes are no exception. The everEZlashes line of lashes are a bit different from your everyday lashes. Here's what they have to say from their website which you can check out here:

"Kiss has introduced a market-first everEZlashes that comes complete with patent pending Application Strings.  Ever tried applying eyelashes but became frustrated when they didn’t position correctly? Only to remove them and keep trying again? Kiss everEZlashes with patent pending Application Strings allow for a perfect application every time! Kiss lashes come in a variety of styles that are perfect for everyday wear, to a formal evening event!"

 (picture of the lash sets I received from Influenster. LOVE the dramatic ones! WOW!)

I'm sure you're wondering what the heck an "applicator string" is, and whether or not you need it. The applicator strings are little thin threads that are put through the lashes so you can hold the strings and put the lashes in place more easily. However, I feel like if you're already a lash-wearing-pro, these strings are more cumbersome and in the way. I found it to be harder to use the strings when applying, while my friends who were new to lashes found the strings to be helpful, so it's all a matter of how comfortable you are with lash application. Here's how you put them on!

Apply glue to the lash base and let set for 30 seconds until the glue becomes tacky, holding both sides of the lash with the string applicators. Then place on the eye-lid along the natural lash line. Allow to set and apply lashes to second eye. Once completely dry, hold & squeeze lashes firmly between thumb and index finger, push in lashes and gently grab one end of string, pulling away. Do the same to the second eyelash.

Beware that removing the strings can pull a bit at the eye lid, so don't yank them! If you're interested in purchasing a pair for yourself to see how well they work for you, you can buy them for about $3.99 at most drugstores. I have also seen them at Walmart.

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