Sunday, July 21, 2013

Bulu Box: Worst Subscription Box Ever?

So last month I decided to try a Subscription box called "Bulu Box." I was told it was similar to the VitaCost Be Boxes, as the Bulu Box of your choice would either contain wellness products, or diet/exercise products for $10 a month. I found a code to try a free month, so I figured it couldn't hurt to see what it was all about.

If you saw my review from last month, you would know that I was incredibly disappointed with what I received, even though the box was free for me. I realize that there are people out there that spend $10 on these boxes, so I reviewed it as such. First off, I requested the WELLNESS box, and I received the diet/fitness box. I think a lot of the diet pills and fitness things on the market are very dangerous, and I am more concerned with HEALTH than WEIGHT, so I was pissed off that I received a box I didn't ask for. However I glanced at other's reviews of the wellness box and those ones weren't much better. I quickly canceled and moved on with my life.

Or so I thought.

This month rolls around and I notice that Bulu box has charged my card yet AGAIN. I certainly remember cancelling this box, so I e-mailed them and asked to be refunded. They explained that I had TWO ACCOUNTS with different e-mail addresses, but connected to the same debit card. At this point, I vaguely recall trying to sign up with one of my e-mails and it wouldn't go through, so I used a different e-mail. The reason why I continued to assume that it didn't fully go through the first time was because I never received a box for the second e-mail for the month of June. If what they were telling me was a fact, I should have received 2 boxes in the month of June, as they were telling me I had two subscriptions. I told them I had never received a box for that "account" and I didn't even know it existed. They pretty much told me "too bad."

At this point, I just wanted it to be canceled, so I tried to log in to the bulu box website to cancel this second account and not only would it not accept any password I tried, when I attempted to recover the password, it was never sent to my e-mail. I was furious by this point, and demanded that they cancel this second subscription from THEIR end, as it wasn't working on mine. They finally did, or so I hope, yet they still told me I wouldn't be refunded for the box I didn't want in the first place.

I thought, "'s $10. Maybe I'll get a better box this month."
This is what I received. I wish I was lying.

Not a SINGLE ITEM in the box was full sized. EVERYTHING was a sample packet. The Powerbar fruit packets are about $1.50 each in stores. So I paid $10 for a bunch of sample packets and 2 powerbar packets.

If you're interested in a box that has these kinds of products but don't want to be ripped off by a horrible company that sends you crappy sample foil packets, I would suggest the VitaCost boxes. You can choose from Be Fit, Be Well, Be Strong and Be Pretty, and you get more than your money's worth with them. Buyer Beware when it comes to Bulu Box. There are better options out there and you won't be ripped off.

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  1. Ha! You did better than I did. I signed up for their $15 for 3 months offer. They charged my PayPal account $15, $30 and $55! When I contacted them, they claimed I had multiple accounts as well (I only signed up one time)I had to go through BBB to get my money back.