Monday, July 22, 2013

E&J XO Brandy Review!


Now I know I normally review beauty-type products, but I was asked by BzzAgent to test and review the E&J XO Brandy and I thought I would write my thoughts here on my blog! (Just to point out, I was given a coupon for the Brandy so that I could try it and give my honest opinions. I was NOT paid for this review and it reflects my honest thoughts!)

BzzAgent sent me my kit and it was pretty awesome. Looked a little something like this (not including the bottle of Brandy):

Got a nice "User's Manual" which has lots of information on the brand as well as the liquor and recipes for yummy cocktails! BzzAgent also included 2 booklets of rebate coupons, a deck of cards and a tote bag. Neat!

I had my fiance run out and purchase a bottle of the E&J Brandy and we were both happy to find it was only $12 at our local Liquor store. That is an excellent price for such a large bottle! We also picked up a few lemons and limes and a bottle of ginger ale, to make a cocktail.

When you open the bottle of Brandy, it has a very gentle scent to it. Sweet and caramel-y with a spiced scent to it as well.. It's quite nice! I actually would like a candle or something that smelled like it! The recipe for the cocktail was ginger ale, brandy and a squeeze of lime. It was very light and bubbly. Would make a very nice cocktail for anyone, even if they weren't into hard liquor. My fiance and I both enjoyed it.

We both also agreed however, that it was a bit harsh when taken straight (in a shot form.) Neither one of us are very big drinkers of liquor. We're more beer and wine coolers kind of people, but we definitely agreed that using it sparingly in cocktails made for a very unique and interesting flavor.

If you haven't tried Brandy before, you truly can't go wrong with E&J XO Brandy. it's a very unique alcohol (which I am told is made from wine!) that takes part in creating some very tasty mixed drinks. It's highly recommended for anyone looking for a fancy tasting, yet low cost liquor for their next party or get together!

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