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Ipsy Bag July 2013 Review!

One of my favorite times of the month is when Ipsy bags start shipping. They were one of the first subscription boxes/bags I had ever subscribed to. They hit a rough spot shortly after they launched and I ended up cancelling due to the lack of quality products. However, a few months later they seemed to find their footing and I was just dying to re-subscribe! Since I did, I have yet to be disappointed! Certain months are better than others, for sure, but overall the value cannot be beat by any other beauty subscription and they are currently the only beauty box that I am actively subscribed to! Let's get on with seeing what I got in my July Bag!

The great thing about the past few months of Ipsy, is that they've been using the IpsyMatch system, which is where they cater certain products in your bag to your answers in your beauty survey. While they've sometimes seemed like they've ignored the surveys entirely when choosing what to send, it seems like they may have done something different this month, as I got the item I was hoping for!

Let's start off with the products that everyone received.

Pop Beauty Pouty Pop Crayon
I really love the idea of these lip "crayons" and I've always really loved the Tarte LipSurgence ones, however the $20+ price tag usually killed it for me. I was really excited to receive the Pop Beauty one as the entire set of 6 is only $25 or so. I received the color "Flirty Fuschia" and was not a fan of the color at all. The application is smooth and feels very nice on the lips, and it actually lasts quite a while. However the color was a chalky, neon pink color that looked absolutely terrible on my lips. It would probably work well for someone with a deeper skin tone, or someone with blonde hair, but with my pale skin and black hair it was horrendous. I will say the product, color aside, was great quality and I wish I got a color I liked more as I think I would have enjoyed it more!

BH Cosmetics California Collection Sample Palette
This is such a cute idea from BH Cosmetics. They recently released 3 different California themed palettes and this mini palette has a sample color from each palette. I've been looking forward to trying their shadows because they always seemed similar to Coastal Scents and I was interested in comparing their quality. I love that the shadows go nicely together. The royal purple, gold and brown could make a really fun look. When swatched with my fingers, they have a nice color payoff. However transferring them to my eyes or to swatch on my arm, the colors come off a bit chalky and not very pigmented. It was a bit disappointing, but I am happy to have received it so now I know to stick with Coastal Scents! :)

COOLA Mineral Face SPF 20 Rose Essence Tinted Moisturizer
 I am not familiar with this brand so it was nice to get a product from a new company to try! I am not big on tinted moisturizers because I have terrible skin and need something with a lot more coverage, but there ARE some days where I just can't be bothered to do a lot and use a BB cream or something like this. I was disappointed at the very small tube, and even more disappointed at the fact that I had to squeeze it almost completely flat to get any product out. The color seemed slightly too deep for my skin tone (think 1-2 shades darker than an Ivory foundation) but it did seem to blend out nicely. Didn't really have much coverage, but I don't expect much from a tinted moisturizer. Wasn't a huge fan of this one but was again happy to try it.

Sexy Hair Weather-Proof Humidity Resistance Spray
I really love this brand/line of products. I don't usually buy them as I think they're a bit expensive, but I am always happy to get the Sexy Hair lines in subscription boxes. It was PERFECT timing to receive this product in my bag, as it's been 90 degrees here in Rhode Island for over a week now! The spray has a nice light smell and works surprisingly well keeping the humidity away from my hair! I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who has naturally frizzy or humidity sensitive hair.

Demeter Salt Air Perfume Oil
This was the product I was most excited to receive. Out of  all the other options available, I was hoping for this one. I have seen/heard of Demeter perfumes so it was nice to finally get to try one. Salt Air smells like the air around you when you're laying on the beach. It has a sunny, warmness to it. Salt, sand, suntan lotion. That's really what it smells like. It's a VERY light scent and is very enjoyable. My only complaint is that the scent seems to disappear within about an hour. I am a perfume/scent addict so I wasn't too thrilled about that, however the scent is absolutely lovely and I will use this vial up without a problem!
All in all, this was a great month for Ipsy. I thought it was one of the first bags that REALLY felt like everything was themed to the time of year. The summery vibe was apparent in the cute neon pink waterproof bag, the Salt Air perfume, the light pink lippy, tinted moisturizer and humidity spray. I love that they truly stuck to the July theme and as always, I'm super excited for next months bag!!

If you'd like to sign up for Ipsy, you can do so here: Join Ipsy!!

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