Monday, July 29, 2013

Vitacost Be Boxes / Be Fit Box Review July 2013!

I am REALLY excited to share this review with you all! This past week, I finally received my very first "Be Fit" box from Vitacost! I have received their Be Well and Be Pretty boxes in the past, but the Be Fit is a first! I am usually not interested in "diet" products as I feel they are counter-productive to health and wellness (diet pills are a no-no!) but I thought I would see what this one was all about!

If you scroll back a bit on my blog you will see a few previous Be Boxes and what some of them have contained in past months. While I know some of them can be duds (according to others in the past) I have actually always been very happy with the items in the Be Boxes, and this one was no exception. They only cost $13.99 a month and include shipping. Best part? You can add any vitamins or products you want to your order and all of it will be free shipping if you've also purchased a Be Box!

Enough of my rambling, let's get on to the good stuff. What did I get?

UH...WOW! Those were my exact words when I opened my Be Fit box. Here's a quick idea of what was inside:

-Kathy Smith exercise DVD
-Bag of Muesli (interesting oatmeal-type cereal)
-Bag of Edamame
-Full-size bag of orange-flavored hunger suppressing chews
-Canister of natural sea salt
-Pack of Atkins peanut butter cups
-3 Chocolate Cherry Kind Bars
-3 Maple-nut Kind Bars
-6 "Fruit Sandwiches" (taste like pineapple fruit snacks!)
-3 green tea bags
-3 classic breakfast tea bags

Honestly, while I'm normally not into the "diet" side of health and wellness products, I was VERY pleased with this box. Not only did I get MORE than what the box costs, but I love the variety of healthy snacks! My all-time favorite bar-type foods are Kind bars. They are pretty pricey, but they taste SO amazing. I know they retail for about $1.50 each, so that is $9 JUST for the Kind bars!

So far, I have been thrilled with everything in this box, and every box I've received from them prior. My suggestion is to look at previous month's boxes and see if you can find youtube videos or blogs (like this one) to help you get an idea of what is in each box. If it's worth it to you, grab one! They also make great gifts. This exact box is most likely still available, but only until the end of July, so grab it fast!

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