Monday, August 5, 2013

COVERGIRL Eye Enhancers 4-Kit Shadow Quad Review!

During one of my recent couponing trips to CVS, I decided that I wanted to grab a few different types of drugstore cosmetics that I haven't tried in a while. I have noticed that over the years, drugstore makeup has really stepped up it's game, and brands that once had mediocre products, have lately been trying to compete with higher-end brands.

This trip allowed me to pick up a handful of the Covergirl Shadow Quads, or as the company calls them, "Eye Enhancers 4-Kit Shadow." Kind of mouthful, however I fondly remember many of these shadow quads from my teenage years. They were housed in the navy blue plastic compact with the clear cover. I remember they worked decently, "for drugstore makeup" as I remember saying. However, over time they would start to dry out a bit and not have as much pigment as they once had. I also vividly remember these quads being "hit or miss" when it came to formula. Sometimes they would be pigmented and sometimes they wouldn't. I think the last time I purchased one of these was when I was 18 years old.

It's been a decade, so maybe it's time to find out how they've changed! Here are the quads I purchased:

(Top Row: Fairytale and Prima Donna // Bottom Row: Coffee Shop and Drama Eyes)

If you remember the classic CG quads as well as I do, you can see that they've received a little makeover. The cases are now flat rather than rounded, which is excellent because they are now easy to stack on top of each other. The packaging is now black instead of blue, which I think makes the line just look more chic overall. Now the big question: "How do they perform?"

Let's take a look at some quick swatches of each quad and see!

1. Fairytale

Comparatively speaking to the other 3 quads, this one has the least amount of pigmentation, but I think it's probably the most wearable. It does come off a bit darker in this picture, but the quad has a cranberry color that would be very nice in the crease, and use the dark grey as a liner. While the two colors in the middle look similar in the photo, one is more of a cream color and the other is a light shimmer that works great as a highlight. Overall not my favorite, but it's a nice alternative to Drama Eyes (which you will see below) which is a very similar quad with a more intense group of shades.

2. Prima Donna

This quad is quite interesting in the color combinations, and takes 3rd place (out of the 4) in color payoff. Again, it's not difficult to get these shades to show up nicely on the skin, however they aren't as deep and pigmented as I am used to. Prima Donna has a nice matte black which is always useful. It has really nice pigmentation. Also included are a warm shimmery gold, a shimmery bronze with that beautiful rose-gold undertone, and a shimmery cream color for the brow bone. It's another wearable combination of colors for someone who is a bit unsure with makeup, and could also be used for a more dramatic look as well.
3. Coffee Shop

This photo doesn't do it justice, but this palette has excellent pigmentation. The shadows are very soft and creamy and have such an intensity. This is a great palette if you're into non-matte shadows and want a neutral, yet warm and bright look. A bit on the predictable side in regards to shade choices, but it's an excellent option for someone who wants a intricate-looking, yet easy to apply shadow look.

4. Drama Eyes

The reputation of this quad precedes it, as I have been told it is THE Covergirl quad to buy. The deep burgandy, the matte black, the light gray and the shimmery white lend themselves to a really beautiful and unique smokey eye. Each one of these colors was intensely pigmented and absolutely stunning. Very impressed with this one and it was by far my favorite!

Overall, I'm quite happy with these quads, and if I didn't already have a TON of palettes, I might pick a few more of these up! They cost about $6.99 at my local CVS, which means they'll probably be cheaper at Walmart. That's a great price, especially for a quad. I think these are especially useful for people who are interested in doing a more dramatic or involved makeup look but are not quite sure how to do it. A basic rule of thumb is to:

1. Find the second lightest shade (example would be the light grey in the CG drama eyes quad) and apply it all over the lid.

2. Find the second darkest shade (in drama eyes, it would be the burgandy) and apply it in the crease and blend well.

3. Find the darkest shade (in drama eyes, it is the matte black) and line your lash line and blend well.

4. Find the lightest shade (in drama eyes, it's the shimmery white) and lightly apply to brow bone to highlight and buff out.

These quads follow this "basic" way to apply a multi-layered shadow look for a beginner. I would absolutely send someone in the direction of these palettes if they were looking to get a look as described above. Overall, the quality is much better than in the past.

Great for: anyone looking to do a more in-depth shadow look, newbies, pros who desire a few quick and easy quads in their collection without breaking the bank, anyone who likes having the shadows layed out in coordinating combos.

Skip if: You're very picky about pigmentation/shadow quality, you already have a few quads and/or palettes, you like to be a bit more adventurous and/or creative with your looks.


  1. How did I not know about this blog!! LOVE IT and LOVE you!

  2. Woah! didn't knew about most of the combinations!! Actually didn't even knew they had a name or so!! So Thanks alot Rachel for spreading awareness to dofas like myself!!