Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Ipsy Bag September 2013 Review!

My favorite time of the month arrived sooner than expected, and I was surprised to see my Ipsy bag at my door step much earlier than the tracking info stated! No complaints here, as last month they had a  lot of issues with the shipping. I had already peeked at my glam room to take a look at what I was getting this month, but it was still exciting to see and test everything! Let's take a look at my bag this month!

First off, let's just talk about how Ipsy only costs $10 a month? If I were to purchase each of these items separately, it would cost me $45.75! Not to mention the makeup bag that all of your products come in every month! I feel like Ipsy just gets better and better and I am so thrilled to be a subscriber! Now onto the reviews!

1. NYX Single Eyeshadow in "Morocco"
I am a huge fan of NYX products. There are some people that disagree with me and complain about the quality of their cosmetics, however I think that they are a great combination of affordability, quality packaging, and quality cosmetics. Of course they're not on par with Urban Decay, or another high end line of makeup, but I think their makeup is as good or better than most drugstore brands, and they use modern packaging while keeping the price at a drugstore level. What's not to love? I received the single shadow in the color "Morocco" which at first glance, looked like a boring navy blue. Not until I opened and swatched it did I realize it was a shimmery, smokey, grey/purple color. It's absolutely stunning and I am so thrilled that I got it! It's not the most pigmented color ever, but it does have a very nice color payoff overall and the shadow is nice and soft.

2. Elizabeth Mott "It's So Big" Mascara
Elizabeth Mott is the company that invented the ridiculous and gimmicky "Lash Cards" which I absolutely despise. If you're not familiar, they are curved shaped pieces of cardboard that you hold under your lashes while applying mascara. Yea. I can't even begin to tell you how much I think those things are stupid and overpriced. (I mean, they're pieces of cardboard!!!) However, this "It's So Big" mascara is definitely not a gimmick, even if the the name is a little questionable! :) It's actually a nice mascara. It did give a nice separation and volume to my lashes, as well as a bit of length. I don't think it's anything mind-blowing, and I don't think it's worth the $20 price tag (for full size) but I do think I will continue to use it up as it performs relatively well on my lashes!

3. CAILYN Cosmetics Tinted Lip Balm in "Big Apple"
Ipsy had given out CAILYN cosmetics gel liners in a past bag (I believe in June) and I wasn't lucky enough to try one, so I was very excited to get this lip balm in my bag. When I read the description of the product I assumed it would a be a tinted balm, obviously. However this product packs a lot more punch than the name would suggest. CAILYN's products have the weird-shaped cover, that has a little brush tucked into it, so I used the brush that it came with to apply the the product. This is not a "balm" at all. This is a very opaque red color that does tint/stain your lips quite nicely if that that's the effect you're going for! I am a huge fan of red lips so I am very happy I got this. If you're hoping this will give you a light tint of color on your lips, I wouldn't go for this product. If you DO want a flattering, easy to wear red lipstick, Big Apple is a great choice as it's not too intense color-wise, and it's very easy to apply with the attached brush.

4. BUTTER London Nail Lacquer in 'La Moss'
This was the product everyone had their eye on this month and of course it was the one I was most excited about receiving. I was lucky enough to be one of the subscribers that got this half-size bottle of Butter London polish, and It's probably the most PERFECT color for fall! I have never tried a  polish from this company before, but I have heard really good things and see the line in Ulta all the time, so it was really fun to see what the fuss is about! I wasn't blown away by the formula or anything, however. I think it performs the same way as may other polish brands perform. I don't think it's worth $15 for a full size, personally. However, it HAS been on my nails for 4 days with no chips, and that is a huge feat for me! haha :) I think what wins me over with this polish is definitely the color. It's a dark, oxblood (deep red/burgandy hue) and after one coat, it's a bit too streaky-looking. However after two coats, it looks more black than oxblood on the nails.  Not my favorite polish ever, but I am definitely going to continue using it through fall!

5. Starlooks Obsidian Kohl Pencil Liner
Starlooks is a makeup company that does monthly subscription boxes (I've contacted them about doing reviews on their boxes. Stay tuned!) and includes their own cosmetics in the boxes that are curated month to month. However, their products have started popping up in Ipsy bags as well, which I suppose is good marketing on their part! I received a lip pencil back in June, however it was a bright salmon color which is a shade I NEVER wear and it looked pretty terrible on me, so I tossed it into a makeup drawer and that was that. However, I was excited to see I was getting the Kohl liner so I could try a product of theirs that I would actually use! This kohl pencil is nice. It glides on pretty easily, although I had a bit of a tough time getting it onto my water line. I think it performs well, and would be suited well for a smokey eye. I don't think it applies dark and deep enough to get a solid line for non-smokey looks. But it's a nice pencil overall.

I have to say that this month is probably the best of the year. I either like or love all the products I received, and I feel like IpsyMatch chose the right products for me to try out. I am already looking forward to next month!

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