Thursday, September 5, 2013

Too Faced Shadow Bon Bons Review

Too Faced was the very first high-end brand I ever tried. I remember walking into Cherry & Webb with my older sister and seeing the makeup counter glowing against the background of tacky green carpeting. It was a week before the first day of 9th grade (1999) and I really wanted to use my babysitting money on something special. Too Faced has always had a fun, feminine packaging, yet in the early days (Too Faced was founded in 1998) all the packaging was black, with neat-looking cat-eyed faced on the compacts. I was a bit of a wanna-be rebel, so this packaging appealed to me immediately. (If you're interested in what some of the old Too Faced packaging looked like, take a peek at this post at Makeup Stash!)

So to cut the story short, I was immediately drawn to their lipsticks, and I ended up choosing a beautiful burgundy color with gold flecks. It was much more "mature" of a color than I was used to, but when I put it on, I felt like a supermodel. From that point on, I was forever hooked on Too Faced!

Recently, I discovered that the Shadow Bon Bons were on sale directly from the Too Faced website. This was a palette that I decided against purchasing at first, because I found it to be a bit similar to some of the other palettes I have. I received the Tarte QVC palette this past Christmas and it is filled with lots of beautiful neutrals and purples, so this one felt a bit redundant. However, I couldn't pass it up at half price! Luckily, my best friend bought it for me!

Here's what the packaging looks like:

It comes in a cute pink box with black print, and within lies yet another pink box with gold print. It has a "fuzzy" feel to it, similar to the original Naked palette. It also includes a mini "look book" that includes 3 different eye looks to try out.

Inside the box you find this adorable layout, which is supposed to be reminiscent of a box of bon-bons. So cute!

The palette contains 12 full-sized shadows which are arranged in 3 color-coordinating rows. Row 1 is a purple look, Row 2 is a warm-toned pink look, and Row 3 is a brown smokey look. You could definitely mix and match between all of these, but this is an awesome palette for anyone who wants something a bit more natural and straightforward in regards to how the palette is arranged. Also included in the palette is a deluxe size Shadow Insurance in "Candlelight" which has some golden flecks in it, as well as a full size tube of the LashGasm mascara. This is a great value, even at the full price! 

Before I get to the shadows/swatches, let's talk quickly about the bonus products. I know a lot of people, myself included, are big fans of Urban Decay's Primer Potion, but I actually prefer Too Faced Shadow Insurance. I really like the way it performs and I think it makes the shadows look much more vibrant than UDPP. However, this particular tube is the "Candlelight" version. Where, as I said above, there is a bit of a luminescence to it. It's not blatant, but you can definitely notice a light golden shimmer once it's applied. It's an excellent formula and I think it will really compliment these shades when used together.

The full size LashGasm mascara is a nice addition, although I've used this product in the past and I'm not a huge fan of it. Honestly, it's not a bad mascara if you're looking for something basic, but it doesn't do much in the way of volumizing or lengthening. It doesn't clump or look bad though, so it's always nice to have as a back-up!

OK, now onto the shadows. Forgive my terrible camera quality! These are swatched without primer, directly onto my skin with one layer. You could definitely pack these one and make them MUCH more pigmented and intense, but I wanted to show you what a quick sweep of these colors would look like.

There IS a color at the very top of my arm *(above the lavender) but it's very close to my skin tone so it is hard to notice. These shadows are VERY buttery, which I love. Even the shadows that contain glitter have very little fall-out, which is always a plus. I really love the purple-taupe color called Framboise, as well as the smokey lavender color called "Cut the Cake." I find them to be very unique colors. 

There are a few different finishes to the shadows in this palette. I am going to go row by row and describe each color as best I can! (Again, forgive my crappy cell-phone pics! They are very close to the actual colors, just a bit blurry!)

ROW 1 
 From Left to Right:
Vanilla- Matte shade. Warm cream color.
Cut the Cake- Satin shade. Almost matte with a hint of gold shimmer
Framboise- Shimmer shade. Very fine gold/purple shimmer.
Coffee Bean- Matte shade. Dark chocolate brown.

From Left to Right:
Peach Fuzz- Glitter Shade. Pale peach with fine gold glitter.
Hot Cocoa- Satin Shade. Warm brown with a satiny/shiny finish.
Candy Rose- Glitter Shade. Soft baby pink with a fine silver glitter
Lovey Dovey- Shimer Shade. Cool brown with a soft shimmer. No glitter.


 From Left to Right:
Nude Beach- Glitter Shade. Pale yellow shimmer with gold glitter. Most glitter of all the shades.
Cinnamon Sugar- Shimmer Shade. Soft coppery-gold color. no glitter.
Marzipan- Matte shade. Light brown.
Licorice Latte- Glitter shade. black-brown color with gold glitter.

Overall, all of these colors are very buttery and soft. Nude Beach is the only shade that has a bit of a roughness to it, and it also happens to be the shade that has the most intense glitter. It's the only shade that has noticeable fallout as well. All of the other glitters are very fine, making them quite easy to apply, and they come off very nicely without looking tacky. 

Shadow Bon Bons is an adorable palette that gives you a nice selection of neutral-toned shadows. You are able to easily come up with a smokey purple look, a warm pink look, and a brown smokey look. I think this is the perfect palette for someone who prefers a natural-colored eye but who also desires to have the option for a light and natural look or a dark and smokey look. It's got a nice array of shades, and shadow textures. All the shadows are very nicely pigmented and apply with ease. I'm definitely happy with this palette and I look forward to using it more often!

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