Thursday, October 17, 2013

Ipsy Bag October 2013 Review!

I am so excited to tell you about this months Ipsy bag! I've been waiting very impatiently for this one in particular, as I think that the hints were much more vague than usual! For those of you who do not subscribe to Ipsy, they offer sneek peeks on their facebook page throughout the beginning of each month. Almost every month I can figure out what most of the products are, however this month more than half of the products were a complete mystery to me!

Quick rundown of the subscription for those who are not familiar! Signing up with Ipsy, you will be charged just $10 a month and you will receive 5 deluxe samples and/or full size beauty products in an adorable makeup bag. These bags come in the middle of each month. The items in your bag are tailored to you and your preferences and interests. You will be able to earn points with each product you review, which you can cash in to get extra products in your Ipsy bags! The community is amazing, and Ipsy does facebook contests every month for every brand featured that month. It really is a fantastic beauty community!
So let's take a look at the bag and I'll tell you a bit about what I got, and what I think!

1. Sexy Hair Texturizing Spray Clay
Ipsy has featured quite a few products from the Sexy Hair brand, and I've been pretty happy with them so far! This product seemed a little scary to me at first; I mean, clay...that you're supposed to spray into your hair? But I gave it a shot. This product is actually really nice if you have kind of limp, boring hair that needs more texture and natural volume and hold, which I do! I don't think this would do much good for coarse or naturally thick/kinky hair, but if you crave more body and texture, this is a great tool. I just spritz it in and run my fingers through my hair and done!

2. ZOYA Nail Polish in "Mason"
When I saw the previews for the fall line of Zoya polishes, I wanted ANY color but pink. There is a beautiful emerald green and a deep purple/blue that were also offered this month and I really was hoping for one of those. When I opened my Zoya box and saw the pink shade, I was bummed initially. However, I ended up absolutely LOVING this shade! I'm not a huge polsih person, but I definitely love a nice shade on my nails that is different, but still looks nice with most of my outfits and compliments the season/time of year. I think that pink doesn't normally work for fall, but I think it works in this case.  It's a very jewel-toned pink with little bits of glitter/shimmer in it. It works really well for a brighter fall look.

3. H20+ Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment
 It's been quite awhile since I've received a skincare product in an Ipsy Bag, and I was very happy it was this one. I frequently use a gel moisturizer from Garnier, and this is a very similar consistency, and has a very light pleasant smell to it. I don't find it to be anything special, really, but I do think it moisturized my skin very well and as with most gel moisturizers, did not leave a greasy feel on my face. I will definitely use this up, however I don't think I would repurchase due to the fact that it's a bit too similar to the lower cost Garnier alternative.

4. Ofra Lip Gloss and Plumper in "Sultry"
One of the other lip products being offered this month was a Buxom lip gloss, so of course I was a little let down to find out I was receiving this one. However, I looked on the bright side and decided it would be nice to try a product from a brand I had never heard of. At first glance, I was a bit disappointed, as the packaging looks absolutely horrendous. It appears to be one of the cheapest squeeze tubes ever, with a little cheap sticker on it that has the logo, name of the product and ingredients. I am HUGE on packaging, so this was a major turnoff for me. No matter how much I like this product, I will not repurchase it because of how it looks. It has to be a knockout product for me to overlook bad packaging! Aside from that, the product is actually pretty decent. It looks like a deep berry red in the tube, but is definitely a berry stain color on my lips. It's a bit thick and a little sticky, but not uncomfortably so. Just enough so that it will (and does) stay on your lips for a long time. There is no perfumed scent, but it has a kind of waxy smell to it as many low-end unscented products do. There is a "plumper" to this gloss, although it doesn't burn your lips. Upon reading the ingredients I noticed it was just a bit of peppermint oil doing the plumping. I didn't notice a difference, as I never do with plumpers, but I enjoyed it overall!

5. Nourish Organic Coconut and Argan Body Lotion
I left this product until last because I always leave the standout product until the end, whether it's amazing or a mess. Many people who received this product said that it had a terrible smell and that it wasn't a good lotion. I had read these reviews before I received my bag so I got a bit more interested in seeing what all the fuss was about. Let me just say, this is the ONLY product in a year of having Ipsy that I have every intention of purchasing a full size of.
It's very strange for me to say this about a lotion of all things, because I will spend thousands of dollars on makeup, and just grab a random lotion that smells nice and use that when I get a little dry skin. I am not a lotion kind of person. Not to mention, this one in particular was getting very mixed reviews (people either loved it or hated it on the Ipsy site.) However, this lotion is truly amazing. Let's first talk about what it boasts! It is:

-USDA Organic
-100% Natural
-Gluten Free
-Made in the USA
-Not Tested on Animals
-Packaging is all recycled materals

I mean...c'mon! I'm not insane for organic/natural like a lot of people are, but I can definitely appreciate and usually prefer it when it comes to my skin! Upon opening the tube, it smells a little bit sweet, like vanilla frosting. Many people said it had a black pepper scent to it...I'm not sure where that comes from but I definitely did not smell it. Let me just say in advance that these lotions are sold exclusively at Target. If you smell this one and are not liking the scent, PLEASE try a different scent. They have many and it's so worth it! This lotion has a thinner consistency. It's not watery, but it's not thick and goopy either. I massaged it into my hands first, and it does absorb very quickly and evenly as the tube claims. There was not greasy residue. Not only did my hands feel soft and supple, but the morning after I applied it, my hands STILL feel soft!

I am absolutely thrilled with this lotion and I am 100% sure I will purchase a full size with the coupon that Ipsy provided! (That's another great thing about Ipsy, you will get coupons and deals on each product offered in the bags!)

Overall, this was a fantastic Ipsy bag! If you are interested in joining, please consider using my referral link HERE. Not only does this help me get points, but I have been told that new subscribers that join through referral links have a shorter wait time on the waiting list! I know you'll love Ipsy as much as I do!

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