Monday, October 21, 2013

Loot Crate October 2013 Review!

It's official: My love for subscription boxes has rubbed off on my fiance. He has seen me get little presents in the mail month after month, and I thought he might also want to get in on the fun! First I signed him up for a Goodies Box, which was a low-cost food box that had fun snacks in it. We weren't huge fans of it (and I just heard they're stopping their service) so we ended up cancelling. We also received a "Love with Food" box (my fiance loves snacks!) and while it was a nice box and well worth the money, he's not exactly the kind of guy who is into healthy snacks. He's more of a pringles guy than seaweed crisps.

I also noticed that many of the subscriptions catered to men were a lot more expensive than their feminine counterparts. Most mens boxes start at $20 and go up. WAY up. We considered Birchbox Man ($20) but Jeff (my fiance) thought that he wouldn't end up using all the bath and body products since I'm a couponer. That's when we remembered Loot Crate existed.

During a browsing of different types of Subscription boxes a few months ago, I came across one called "Loot Crate." It was in our price range ($13.37 a month + S&H) and it seemed to be catered perfectly to Jeff. It's a box filled with geek culture items, which is pretty freakin cool!

Some of the past crates include t-shirts, books, toys, name it! There's usually a theme for each month as well. I've seen many video games represented, along with different cartoons and tv shows, classic geekery etc. We were SO excited to find out that this month had a theme of "SURVIVE" which we were hoping had to do with ZOMBIIEEES...and it did! If you're a total geek or you know someone who is, this is definitely the perfect something to receive in the mail each month!

Our box shipped out on the 19th from California (they ship out the same time each month) and was already on our dorstop on the 21st. That is FAST shipping! Let's take a look at what was inside our first Loot Crate!

Items Included:
1. Ewoking Dead T-Shirt from Graphic Lab
2. The Zombie Survival Guide: Max Brooks
3.Outbreak Status Temporary Tattoo Set
4. Zombie Hunter ID Card
5. Love Your Guts Greeting Card
6. 8-Bit Zombie Button Set
7. $5 off your purchase card at Graphic Lab
8. Creepy Candy Gummy Brain (Not pictured as my fiance ate it immediately!)

My fiance and I were both thrilled with the box this month, and feel like we definitely got our money's worth! He was also very happy to get another copy of the Zombie Survival Guide, as he's had 4 copies that he's handed out over the years and is currently without one of his own. I think the value of this box really exceed the $13.37 that it costs and even though it's not my box, I'm really looking forward to next month!

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