Friday, October 25, 2013

Starlooks Starbox October 2013 Review!

I am SO excited that October's Starlooks Starbox is here! I haven't seen too much buzz online about this month, so the contents were a complete surprise to me. I can say that I was THRILLED with this month's box and it was even better than last month! If you would like to learn more about Starlooks and their subscription boxes, as well as take a peek inside my September box, click HERE!

Now let's get on with the October Box!

This month, the Starbox was packaged in a black box with a copper logo and elastic ribbon. Very classy looking! :)

Inside we had a few things! First off, In their beautifully packaged boxes: 3 full sized Starlooks Products, which we'll get into shortly! However there was also a few coupons and such that I wanted to share with my readers!

1. $50 off All Glasses at Rivet & Sway with coupon code: "JoyofSpecs" (expires 12/31/13)

2. 50% off ANY Starlooks purchase with coupon code: "ILOVESTARLOOKS" (expires 11/10/13) Also, shipping is ALWAYS free on their site!

Not only did we get 2 really awesome coupon codes, but we also got a hint as to what is going to be inside the December Box, which will be a 15 Shade Pro Eye Shadow Palette valued at $99! Psyched!

Now onto the good stuff: The Makeup!

So from the looks of things, we have an eye pencil, a lip product and a palette! First thing I opened was the pencil.

This is their line of "Gem Pencils" also known as "Diamond Line" and it is in the color  "Mirage." It's a nice shimmery silver color and seems like a great shade for fall/winter. You can use this as an all-over shadow base, or as a eyeliner. It can also be used in and out of the water line. These liners retail on their site for $14!

As you can see from the swatch, these pencils are very pigmented and metallic. I achieved a very intense color payoff with hardly any effort. The pencils glides easily and is very creamy. Looking forward to trying this out!

The next item was a product that I've been wanting to try since I first discovered Starlooks, and that is their line of lip products called, "Tendergloss."

This tendergloss is in the shade, "Puzzy" which is a very light pink/nude color with a golden sheen. First off, I am obsessed with the packaging of these glosses. The little bullet tubes are made of metal, and have a heaviness to them which makes them feel very high-end. The shade itself is supposed to be a sheer "natural lip enhancer" shade for all skin tones. I love the formula of the tenderglosses. They remind me a bit of a Revlon Lipbutter, only better! Here's a swatch. This is a very sheer color so I tried my best to get it to show up on my hand.

You can see it's quite sheer but has a light pink/gold sheen to it, which looks absolutely lovely on the lips. These lippies retail for $13 on the Starlooks site.

Finally, the mystery palette. I had my fingers crossed for a blush, as I don't have that many blushes in my makeup collection and I've been looking into getting more to try out. And what do you know? Starlooks answered my prayers With a blush palette!

This palette has 3 shades, and is known as 3B1 on the Starlooks website.

I absolutely LOVE this palette! First shade on the left is a bright pink, the middle is a warm peach shade, and the right shade, while it comes off a bit brown on camera, is actually a beautiful berry/mauve. The feel soft and silky and are perfectly pigmented. There is also a large mirror in the palette which is always a plus!

These swatches are just 1 finger swipes. You can see how lovely these shades are! This palette retails on the Starlooks website for $46! Making this entire Starbox a value of $73!! That's almost double last month's box!

Let's take a look at everything all together!

I am so incredibly happy with this month's box. I love that Starlooks takes time to curate their boxes and picks things that compliment each other nicely. I love that we receive full sized products, and not just a bunch of samples! It's really nice to slowly be able to build up my makeup collection with high quality makeup for a fraction of the price! These boxes cost $15 a month (+ shipping) and you always get at least double the value! In this month's case, the box was 4 TIMES more valuable than what the subscription costs.

I think Starlooks is a perfect gift for yourself, or anyone you know who is a makeup lover. their cosmetics are high quality, and on trend. Not to mention, they even send you an extra box of gifts on your birthday month for free! :)

If you'd like to sign up for the Starlooks Starbox, please consider using my referral link HERE. Let me know what you think of the October Box!

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