Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Balm: Balm Jovi Rockstar Palette Review!

I completely forgot that today was going to be an amazing mail day. You know the kind. You stalk the mailman through your window blinds and practically knock him over while you're yanking your packages out of his hands and running back up the stairs to rip them open. I was so distracted with other (family drama!) things that I completely forgot that not only my Ipsy bag was arriving, but my palette from The Balm! (Thanks Hautelook!)

I've heard many excellent reviews on this palette, so I was excited to get it and really dig in. I'm pretty difficult to please when it comes to eyeshadow quality, however I am already a huge fan of The Balm's palettes and eye shadows, so this I knew would be fun!
First Let's take a quick look inside the palette.

I have always loved The Balm for their adorable packaging, and clearly their "Balm Jovi Rockstar Palette" is no exception. It has a large, heart-shaped mirror at the top. Below it are 12 full sized shadows. The pans are the same size as some of their other popular palettes, such as their Nude 'Tude Palette. There's also a highlight, a blush (It's a small version of their Frat Boy blush) and finally at the bottom there are two lip/cheek tints. It's set up so the palette opens from two flaps. There's a larger flap to cover the powder products, and a smaller flap that goes over the cream lip/cheek tints when not in use. I love this idea because it keeps the powder fallout from getting into the cream products. I really wish more palettes would have something like this!
Let's take a look at each section individually, along with some swatches! First we have the 12 eye shadows, which there is a mixture of shimmer, satin, matte and even a bit of glitter!

Normally I judge each shade individually in regards to texture and pigment, but I can happily say all of these shadows are beautifully pigmented, and have an extremely buttery feel to them. They apply very nicely and I'm VERY excited to try some new looks with them! They are separated in the palette into 3 columns. The left being called, "Heavy Metal." The Middle column is called, "Classical" and the right is called, "Alternative." Each column has 4 shadows that are named in relation to their column. Here's a look at each one swatched with a bit more information on each shade. These were all swatched with my finger onto my arm without any primer.

Heavy Metal

In this column we have "Metal-ica" which is a frosty white/silver. Below that there is Iron Maid-in, which is a satin gold color. "Lead Zeppelin is a grey with gold glitter and to my eye, has the most glitter in it than any other color. Alice Copper is almost a burgandy/ruby color with  a small amount of silver glitter.

While I'm not the best at giving swatches of matte colors, I did my best! The classical column is completely matte. They are all very soft and not at all chalky. While my swatches are on the lighter side, they are definitely buildable to an opaque finish on the lid. On the top, it is hard to see as it is close to my skin tone, is the color, "Adagio" which is a peach/cream color. Below that is a light brown called, "Allegro." The one that appears the darkest is called, "Moderato." It may look black in the swatch but it's actually a very dark purple, although I can imagine it might come off more slate grey on the lid. Finally we have the color "Presto" which swatches a bit on the grey side, but is actually a mink brown.


This column has some of the most interesting colors in the palette, in my opinion. At the top, we have a muted purple color with a fine amount of gold glitter. This one is called, "Blink 1982." the glitter is very sparse, and I find this to be a very unique shade. It's almost like a dusty rose. A little purple, a little pink and a dash of grey. Very beautiful color. Next is a very misleading shade called, "The Stroke." It appears in the swatch and at first glance to be a matte black. However when you take a picture of it with flash (like above) or hold it in the light, you can see that it's a VERY deep navy blue color with a small amount of deep blue flecks of glitter. Such an interesting and unique color! Next down is a grey/purple color called "rem." This one is the one I was most drawn to I think it will be a fantastic "all over the lid" color. It's very pretty and has a bit of gold in it as well. You have to see it up close to really see how nice it is! Finally, is the shade "Third Eye Blinded" which is a simple frosty pink shade.
All in all, it's a great variety of shadows in regards to color and finish. this is a great palette for someone who wants to try a few different kinds of eye looks yet doesn't want to get too crazy with the color.

Next in this palette, is the cheek shades!

There is an illuminator/highlight shade called "Solid Gold." It is NOT the same as MaryLou-Manizer from The Balm. This shade has a bit less shimmer and is a bit more gold-toned. The cheek shade, while called "Dont' You Want Me?" in this palette, it is actually a blush from The Balm's main line called, "Frat Boy." Both of these shades are very pigmented as you can see from the swatches below.

There are also two lip/cheek stains in this palette. I think they would be more suited for a lipgloss/tint of some sort, but they are labeled to be used as either for lip or cheeks. The choice is yours!

While my crappy cell-phone picture doesn't really show the differences between these two tints, they are in fact, quite different colors. If you take notice of them in the photo of the entire palette I showed earlier, as well as in the swatches to come, you can see that Milly is more of a pink/nude tone, and Vanilly is more of a berry red. Here's the swatches for the blushes and tints:

The very top swatch is of the "Sold Gold" highlight and below that is the "Don't You Want Me?" blush. The lip tint swatches are below. The first being "Milly" and the bottom swatch being "Vanilly." You are able to see the difference in these shades much more with the swatches. These lip tints are very nice and apply smoothly and feel moisturizing, although I will admit that they feel a bit dry over time. They will definitely tint your lips, so applying a gloss or a balm over the top of them will keep them feeling moisturizing!

Overall, I think this palette has it a LOT in it for such a compact package! I think this is an excellent palette to travel with, as all you would need is your liner, mascara and foundation. It also has a large mirror which is always good to have while traveling! I think that all the products are very pigmented and apply easily, making this a great gift for a beginner makeup enthusiast, or a makeup obsessed veteran who seems to have everything! This palette has such a cute theme and is so well-thought-out by the company that I think it would be an asset to anyone's makeup collection!

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