Thursday, October 10, 2013

Walgreens Mini-Haul: Jordana Lip Liners and 12 Hr Made To Last Eyeliner and Wet N' Wild Silk Finish Lipstick

I am not usually a Walgreens kind of gal, however my beloved CVS doesn't always carry the "bargain" cosmetics brands that I am looking for. Luckily, my local CVS FINALLY started carrying Wet N' Wild again, although they don't always have the limited edition collections like Walgreens. I also discovered that Wags also carries Jordana, which many years ago, was the makeup line in many local dollar stores. Lately though, I've been seeing their products pop up in some of my favorite beauty youtubers videos and my interest was peaked enough to want to make a trip out to try some of the products I've been hearing about!

While my local Walgreens didn't have anything special or limited edition in regards to Wet N' Wild, I did see their line of Silk Finish Lipsticks and the price tag: 99 cents. Now, if you haven't used Wet N' Wild before, or haven't for many years, I suggest you make a return to the brand. Their shadows and lipsticks are to die for with unbeatable prices!

In this case, I had never tried a lipstick from this line before, so I found a really pretty fall color called "Deep Wine".

The lipstick tube's cover is clear, so it was very easy to see the color of the product. Even though it's a 1 dollar lippy, the packaging was cute enough, and seems relatively well made. The lipstick was SO pretty and creamy looking that I didn't even want to use it! I will show a photo of my swatches at the end of this blog post, but as for my opinions on the product itself? WOW! For a $1 lipstick, this is fantastic! It's a very pigmented lipstick. It glides on very easily and you don't have to work hard to get a very opaque application of the product. It comes off with a beautiful wine red color with a blue undertone. It's a perfect bold lip color for fall and I am even more thrilled at the price tag!

I also picked up a few Jordana products. I wish I was able to get more, but it was about 100 degrees in the Walgreens and I was just grabbing at things quickly to try out because it was so dang hot! I'm about to run out of my Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy lip liner that I got about 2 years ago. It's a rose-nude color that always went well with most lipsticks, but I can't afford $19 for another one. Same goes for my UD eye liner in Perversion. I have a hard time justifying that kind of money on some liner pencils, so I thought I would play around with a lower cost alternative. I picked up 2 Jordana twist up lip liners. One in Baby Berry and one in Tawny. I also took the recommendation of EmilyNoel83 on youtube and bought the Jordana 12 Hour "Made to Last" eyeliner, because it was compared to the UD 24/7 liners.

Here's the products all together (Forgive the weird lighting, I was using a flashlight to get an accurate color and it just came out weird-looking!)

Both of the liners are similar, but one is a more brown/nude/pink shade, and the other is a pink/berry/red. I really love the twist up liners, but I do think pencils last longer, even if they take a bit more effort to sharpen. Here are the swatches!

It's hard to show how easily the black liner goes on. It REALLY glides. It's called a "liquid liner pencil" on the packaging, and it even feels that way. It glides on just like the Urban Decay liners. However, this liner will STAY ON! UD liners tend to smudge off my eyes. This liner swatch stayed on my hand for 24 hours and there is still a light black line on my hand even after washing my hands. Rubbing my hand vigorously still left about 80 percent of the liner in place. If you're looking for glide on, low cost (about $2) and long lasting liner, these are it. There are quite a few colors and I am most definitely going back for the rest of them. I am SO impressed with these!

Aside from the lipstick swatch (how GORGEOUS is that Wet N' Wild lipstick??) I also have the Jordana liner swatched in between the eye liner and the lipstick. The lighter one on the left is Tawny, and on it's right is Baby Berry. These are basic liners. They apply nicely and smoothly. Nothing too groundbreaking, but definitely just as good as any other lip liner I've tried. Even better that they are twist up, and under $3!

Overall this was a very successful trip to Walgreens! I might stop by again soon to see what else they have in store, as well as to pick up some more products from Jordana!

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