Monday, November 11, 2013

COVERGIRL Flamed Out Shadow Pots Review!

I was on a couponing trip at CVS this afternoon and I had some "$4.50/2 Covergirl Products" coupons burning a hole in my pocket. It just so happens that Covergirl was BOGO 50% off this week, so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try some of the products from the Flamed Out line. The shadows were $4.99 each at my local CVS, so I thought they would be a good place to start.

There are 12 shadows in this collection and I was able to pick up 6 of them. I chose ones that appealed to me most for this review. Also, I will be using the names of these shadows that are listed on the Covergirl website, however only the corresponding numbers are printed on the pots, so I will include those as well in case you're looking to try a specific shade.

Here's the 6 shades that I chose:

I will go over each shade in more detail below. Each shade comes in a small, circular pot with a rounded, clear plastic, twist-on lid. They have no seal or sticker on them to hold them closed, so make sure if you're purchasing one of these that no one has dunked their fingers in them already! There is 2g or .07oz of product in each pot. Here's what Covergirl has to say about these shadows on their website:

Go bold! Flamed Out Shadow Pots pack a punch of vivid color in perfectly sized pots so you can mix, match, and blend to customize blazing hot hues.

Of course, I love super-pigmented shadows as much as the next girl, so these shadows were something I've been eyeing since they were released, and Covergirl's description made me even more interested in trying them out. 

Here are the shadows without their lids:

For reference, I will give the name and number of each shadow starting at the top and working my way down:

1. #300 Molten Black
2. #310 Limelight
3. #320 Melted Gold
4. #330 Melted Caramel
5. #345 Red Hot
6. #355 Scorching Cocoa

Let me also point out that Melted Caramel is coming off pale orange on camera, but it's a light brown. Also Scorching Cocoa is coming off burgandy on camera but is more of a deep brown with a burgandy undertone.

Before I show you the swatches, I will tell you upfront I was incredibly disappointed with the quality of these shadows. I've checked out a few other reviews here and there for these and there were many that were positive. I'm not sure if my CVS had a bad batch or what, but no matter how hard I tried, these were just not pigmented enough for me.

The photo below is each of these shadows swatched using a primer and a brush. These shadows were packed on with multiple layers in order to even get them to show up on camera.

I know they may not seem so bad, but I did a LOT of work to get these to show up on my arm. As I said above, I even used a primer to make them pop. I will say that Scorching Cocoa is a beautiful brown (the very top swatch) but the rest of the colors are just very lackluster for me. The consistency of these shadows is very hard, and once you do break them down a bit, they've very flaky and powdery. It's difficult to build these shadows to get the color payoff you want because they just tend to flake away. Obviously from the photo, you can see they all show up, but if it takes me a ton of eye primer and 4-5 layers of shadow just to get this kind of pigmentation, then I'm not interested. Eyeshadow shouldn't be this difficult.

Just to show you, here is the same swatches in the same order without primer. You can barely even tell that the middle colors are there:

I don't think that these Flamed Out shadow pots live up to the claims of Covergirl. I think they CAN be vivid if you spend 20 minutes packing these shadows onto your lid AND use a primer, but honestly, they are just not worth the $5 price tag. Six of these at full price cost about $30, and I would much rather get a higher end palette with more shadows for just a bit more money.

I can't say these are the worst drugstore shadows I've ever tried, but they just aren't anything to rush out and purchase. I think they would make great shadows for young teenagers because they are bright and vibrant but not super pigmented, meaning they'll be able to experiment a bit with them without looking too crazy! All in all, I'd skip these ones!

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