Saturday, November 2, 2013

Petal Pusher Fancies Moustache Wax and Conditioner Review!

I can bet that some of my readers are wondering why I am about to do a review on moustache products. However, I also know that the readers who know me personally, know that my handsome fiance Jeff, has a pretty fantastic moustache that he obsesses over as much as I obsess over my beauty routine.

Of course, he didn't always have his fantastic handlebar moustache, and it wasn't always as in-check as it is today! When Jeff decided to grow out his "Tony Stark" moustache, as he called it, he found it difficult to tame his unruly whiskers. He had entrusted me to go online and search for a affordable, yet high quality moustache wax that would help him train his whiskers into the perfect curls.

My first thoughts are always to go straight to Etsy, as I find that handmade items from small businesses are always better quality and more affordable. We tried a few different brands, but there was always something off about them: too hard, too soft, off-putting scent, too small of a container for the price, you name it! Finally we decided to try a company called, Petal Pusher Fancies. Jeff was drawn to their aesthetic and packaging, and I was drawn to their very unique descriptions of their products, so we went ahead and ordered their organic "Dandy Candy Moustache Wax and Conditioner."

Jeff immediately loved the slider container and the overall size of the product for the price. He also loved the packaging! It's very compact and fits nicely in his Altoids tin where he keeps his moustache grooming items. It has a very light orange scent with a spiced undertone. PPF calls this "Steam River Rum Oil." Jeff uses this product so much that the scent of it just remind me of him! :) The Dandy Candy wax is on the harder side of wax consistency, but this is a personal preference of Jeff's as it holds his thick moustache whiskers in place all day. He has even slept with it in his 'stache only to wake up and find his handlebar as perfect as it was when he went to bed. This wax can also be easily thinned out by how long you rub it between your fingers, but to have it start firm gives this wax the ability to be great for anyone! Jeff loves it so much that he's on his 3rd tin!

When Jeff again requested a 3rd tin of Dandy Candy, I thought it would be nice to check out another product he could use from the Petal Pusher Fancies site, and that was their "Wicked Cookie Duster" Wax Remover and Conditioner. 

Jeff was very excited that I got him a little extra goodie for his moustache, and was super excited to try it out. After a few days/nights of use, he couldn't believe that he lived without it before! This product has that same delightful scent as the Dandy Candy, but also has Sweet Almond Oil, Sesame Oil, Cinnamon Oil and Argan Oil all packed into these 4oz bottles.

To use this product, you simply apply the oil to your moustache or beard and let it sink in for a few minutes. It's suggested on the bottle to wash out with shampoo and rinse. However it also states that you can leave it in as an overnight deep conditioner. Jeff has seen a great improvement in the softness of his moustache and also loves how easy it is to remove all the wax at the end of the day!

Another great thing about the Wicked Cookie Duster, is that it comes in a travel size roll-on.

Jeff was delighted to find out that this little travel Cookie Duster also fits perfectly in his Altoids Tin. Now he has all of his moustache grooming stuff whenever he needs it. 

 (clearly this is the face of a confident moustache owner!)

Overall, we couldn't be happier with Petal Pusher Fancies and their products. Their customer service is spot-on, and their shipping times are super speedy. All that plus quality products...what more could you ask for? We're looking forward to trying out more of the products they have to offer on their site and will definitely keep you all in the loop as to what we think!

If you are interested in checking out Petal Pusher Fancies for yourself or for a loved one, you can find their products in many different places! These products would make a great, unique gift for Dad or for your significant other for this Holiday season!

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