Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamel Review

I haven't been having the best of luck with drugstore products lately, but ever since I first saw these polishes in online forums and preview blogs, I knew I had to have them!

Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamels are just what they say they are: scented nail polishes. This is not a new concept, as I'm sure many of you have seen scented polishes on the market in the past. The difference between those and the Parfumerie line, is that these are scented to match the shade of polish. The shades available in this line are either classic or very interesting and unique as are the scents. The brushes for these polishes are the same long/thin bristles that most other Revlon polishes have, only the wand is shorter. I find that the rounded top is actually quite comfortable and easy to hold. The best part about the Parfumerie polishes is that they are packaged in the most adorable bottles that resemble fancy perfumes. These are definitely the kind of polishes you will want to display on your vanity. 

There are 16 shades in this line and they are separated into 3 different scent categories: Fruits & Florals, Freshes, and Sweets & Spices. Revlon states that each scent will only be apparent once the polishes are dry, and that the scent lasts "all day."

I recently picked up 3 of these polishes and enjoyed them so much, I picked up 2 more! Here are the shades I have so far:

 (as usual, please forgive the blurry cell phone photos...working on getting a better camera!)

I'm more of a dark/neutrals/classics polish type of girl, but I did grab a fun one to review as well!
Before I go into more detail on each shade, I want to say that while each of these polishes have very different finishes, each one of them applies smoothly and evenly. I put two coats of each, and did not use a top coat, partly so that I could review the scent of the polish, and partly to test how long the polish would last without chipping. Disclaimer: I am not one of those crazy-obsessed nail art/polish people. I just enjoy cosmetics all-around and these were just too cute to pass up! So let's get into the shades!

1. Bordeaux 

Bordeaux is a deep wine color with a jelly creme finish. This shade is stunning and is very smooth during application. 2 coats will get you perfect opacity and shine. The scent smells like a fruity wine; Think sangrias. The scent is lighter than most of the others, and only lasts about 12 hours or so before I can barely detect it. 

2. Wintermint

Wintermint is a pale mint shade with a silver sheen, silver microglitter and larger blue glitter. The finish on this is almost matte with the shimmer of the glitter showing through. This will also reach it's desired opacity with 2 coats. It's not thick or goopy during application like many glitter polishes. It has a slightly gritty texture once it's dried if there is no top coat. The scent is a light spearmint scent that is not too overpowering, but definitely is noticeable and lasts for about 2 days for me.

3. Italian Leather

 Italian leather is a dark gray creme with an olive undertone and subtle golden shimmer. The texture is a bit thin, but you can get perfect opacity in 2 coats and has a beautiful shine when dry. The scent is definitely leather-y. Meaning it doesn't smell like a piece of leather, but more like leather and a very nice men's cologne. This is a very light and pleasant scent that doesn't overpower, yet is strong enough where it lasts about 2 days before fading.

4. Autumn Spice

 Autumn Spice is a pretty unique shade. The base is a dark brown with a beautiful micro shimmer that appears gold/orange/pink in the light. This is an absolutely beautiful shade for Fall and even reminds me a bit of the MAC shadow "Beauty Marked." This polish only needed 1 coat to become completely opaque, but I used 2 as I always do. The scent smells like a perfumed version of pumpkin pie spices. It's very nice and is one of the stronger scents which lasted about 2 days on my nails before fading.

5. Wild Violets

Wild Violets is a deep, dark eggplant purple creme that dries with a beautiful shine. This polish is another 1-coater. Very creamy and opaque after one swipe of the brush. I used 2 in the photo. The finish and consistency of this shade is identical to Bordeaux. The scent is a very light floral/violet and is not too strong. This scent only lasted about a day but began to fade after about 5-6 hours.


These polishes apply smoothly and evenly, and all reach full opacity in 1-2 coats. The quality of these polishes is undeniable. Each one wore for almost a week without a single chip; And that's without a top coat! About a week in, some of the polish was wearing away on the tips of my nails, but I attribute this to the fact that I was not wearing a top coat; Applying one will not effect the scent of the polish, however. All in all, I give these polishes a 9/10. My only complaint is that there's just not enough color variety in the line. I am hoping that the success of these polishes will spark more shades to be released in the future!


  1. I bought all 19 of them, and you have all of my favorites - except for Wild Violets. I just wasn't a fan of that one. :) I've been swatching them for my blog - I'd love for you to stop by and check them out!

    1. I'll definitely check out your blog! :) I am working on getting the whole collection too...it's the first collection of polishes in a long time that I am over-the-moon about! :) I think Wild Violets isn't for everyone but I'm a sucker for a goth-y purple! haha :)

    2. Oh my, yes, the color on it was swoon-worthy - just the scent wasn't to my liking. And I agree, it's the first collection in a long time for me too that I'm so excited about! :)