Monday, November 25, 2013

Starlooks Referral Boxes November 2013

As if I couldn't love Starlooks any more than I already do, they caught me by surprise and sent me 3 referral boxes in the mail!

I am not usually one of the lucky ones that get dozens of people to sign up for subscriptions. Usually I rave and gush about a product or a service on my facebook and it goes unheard, due to the fact that many of my friends are male, or already are subscribed to the service I'm talking about. However, this month seems to be the exception, as it looks like I was able to get 3 people to sign up for Starlooks! If it was you...Thank You!

Super Speedy Explanation of Starlooks: Starlooks is a professional line of cosmetics (their chemist has worked for MAC!) that is available online only. I find that some of their prices are pretty steep, but luckily for me (and you!) Starlooks offers a service for $15 a month called, Starbox. Starboxes are sent to your door each month and are filled with 3-4 full sized products from the Starlooks line.

Other benefits? The send you a free, extra gift box on your birthday month, AND send you a personalized gift box for every person you refer to Starlooks. Trust me, after only a few months subscribing to them, I already have a small arsenal of their makeup and I am obsessed!

Let's take a look at the 3 referral boxes I received today! I'm not going to do a huge review on these, Just a quick overview:

BOX #1

In Box #1 I received: Shadow Pigment in "Noble," Infinity Eye Liner in "Galaxy" and Infinity Lipstick in "Out There" Here are the swatches:

Quick Thoughts: I have 2 infinity liners already and I am obsessed with them, so this gorgeous bronze shade is a welcome addition to my collection. So many possibilities! I haven't tried their pigments before so I was happy to get this gorgeous royal purple shade. Their pigment containers have the little holes in the top to dip a small brush in, or to gently shake out, and this shade in particular is very pigmented. The Infinity Lipstick is packaged in a high-end, metal tube which is a bit heavy in a good way! The shade however, I am not a fan of. I like the Watermelon pink, however there is some silver glitter in this lipstick, and it makes the formula extremely gritty-feeling on the lips. Not enjoyable at all.

Box #1 Total Value: $45

BOX #2

In Box #2 I received:  Eyeliner in "Static Smoke", Lipgloss in "Elegant" and Precision Eyeliner in "Black." Here are the swatches:

Quick Thoughts: I was absolutely thrilled with this box. I don't own any smokey grey liners, as I'm kind of a boring black liner kind of girl, but this is absolutely gorgeous. My swatch doesn't do it justice. The Lip gloss is a nice shade and a nice consistency. Not to sticky or too thin. It isn't completely opaque, but definitely has nice pigmentation. I wouldn't say it's a remarkable or outstanding product, but it's a very nice lip gloss and I will definitely get use out of it! The Infinity liquid liner is excellent. The applicator is a very tiny, thin, spongey tip, which I love. I find that the consistency is a bit watery, but if you allow it to dry, this stuff won't budge.

Box #2 Total Value: $40

BOX #3

In Box #2 I received: Lipstick in "Charlize," Blush in "Rum Punch" and a "Medium Dome Fluff" shadow Brush. Here's the swatches:

 Quick Thoughts: While I already have a set of brushes from Coastal Scents that I LOOOVE, (If you're interested in which set, go HERE!) I'm always up for trying brushes from other brands and having backups for when my main set is in need of a good cleaning. This Medium Dome Fluff brush is basically a medium-sized shadow brush. It feels very high quality. Light enough to be comfortable, but has a slight heft to it that makes it feel professional. The Blush looked a bit scary at first, as it comes off as a very shimmery peachy pink in the pan. Once it's swatched, it comes off much more like a peach with a satin finish. I love that it comes with a mirror and applicator underneath the pan, just in case I need touch ups on the go. The Lipstick shade in "Charlize" is pretty in the tube, but applies as a very orange-y terracotta shade. I think this would be a gorgeous shade on deep skin tones, but for my pasty self it just makes me look washed out and my teeth look much yellower with it on. Pretty shade, just not for me!

BOX #3 Total Value: $51

Total Value of All 3 Boxes: $136!

So for simply telling your friends and family about Starlooks, you are rewarded with free cosmetics. No need to earn and save up points like other subscription box referral programs. And hey, even if you don't know anyone that wants to join Starlooks, they still send you a free box on your birthday month!
While not every product that I received was a 10/10 for me, I am just so thrilled to receive such a wide variety of products. I have only been a subscriber of Starlooks since September, yet I've already become a huge fan not only of their cosmetics, but their subscription service overall.

If you're interested in signing up for Starlooks, I would love and appreciate it if you would use my referral link, HERE. I promise it's well worth the money, and such a fun experience to build a collection of Starlooks products within your own cosmetic collection, for a fraction of the list price.

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