Sunday, November 3, 2013

Starlooks Starbox: Birthday Box 2013!

If you've been keeping up with my Starlooks Starbox reviews, you probably noticed me mention that they offer a Birthday Box included in your subscription! When you sign up for the Starlooks Starbox, you will also receive a box on your birthday month free of charge as a gift from Starlooks. How awesome is that?

And as some of you know, my birthday is not in October. I set my birthday as October 3rd instead of March 3rd on their website so that I might get a chance to review the birthday box as soon as possible. Birthday boxes are usually sent out at the end of your birthday month, meaning you will most likely get them at the beginning of the following month.

I've been told that everyone gets the same type of items in their birthday boxes, however upon doing a bit of research, it looks like you could get one of a few different combinations of items in a variety of shades. So what did I get in my Starlooks Birthday Box?

Well, upon opening the pretty blue and silver tissue paper, I noticed I had a lip product, an eye shadow, and an eye pencil. Upon first glance it had an overall 'blue' theme. Let's take a closer look at the products!

First thing I took a look at was the eye pencil in the shade, "Midnight Blues."

This is a very pretty shade, although it's not something I would normally see myself wearing. I definitely lean more toward neutral eyes, but I can see this working beautifully for a smokey blue look. The pencil is creamy and applies nicely, although it does pull a bit. I'm hoping Starlooks switches to a twist-up approach to their pencils, as I really dislike having to sharpen products!

Next product in the box was an eye shadow.

This product was a bit confusing because it seems it's in the old packaging (they've recently done an update) and that is fine, however there was no label on the bottom of the shadow to inform me of what the color is. There doesn't seem to be a match to it on their website either. This color is quite unique, as it looked blue in the package, but applies as a shimmery purple/grey color. It's pigmented, but has a very sheer color payoff. I think it would be nice as an all over the lid shade for a smokey eye.

Finally, I received a Tendergloss in the shade, "Beloved."

In the tube, this shade looks like a orange-toned nude color, which I wasn't a fan of off the bat. However, it IS a tendergloss formula, which is a more sheer, gloss-like finish lip stick. Beloved seems to apply as more of a golden shimmer top coat for a lipstick. It's actually quite pretty although I'm not quite sure yet how I'm going to use it.

Here's another look at the products all together:

Overall, you really can't complain about a free box of cosmetics on your birthday! You may or may not get items that you like, but I think that it's thoughtful of Starlooks to send these out to their subscribers. I think this is an added bonus to how wonderful their subscription service is. I don't think I got products that I would ever buy on my own, but I think that they are all very wearable and definitely wearable together. I might venture out of my neutral eye looks and try a pretty grey/blue smokey eye and pale nude lip and use all these products. Could work nicely for a winter look!

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