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Starlooks Starbox November 2013 Review

I was NOT expecting my Starlooks Starbox so early this month! When the mail arrived I was super excited and couldn't wait to get this box opened and reviewed for all of you! If you're interested in learning more about Starlooks, check out my original post, HERE. If you're interested in signing up for Starlooks, Please consider using my referral link HERE. And now, onto this month's box!

Right off the bat I notice there's a liner brush and a pencil sharpener, which I found odd since there's no pencil in the box. However, the card says,

 "Surprise! We've included another staple for your makeup bag- an eye and lip pencil sharpener! What makeup lover hasn't wished he/she had one of these at the opportune moment? Now you're no longer stuck without one. We're happy to be of service!"

I suppose they just threw it in there for fun, which is nice. It has the Starlooks logo on the side of it, and it's a pretty standard plastic sharpener. I do agree with them though...I'm always looking around for my sharpener!

Next we'll talk about the liner brush:

 It's the "Slanted Liner" Brush which is #824. It's a pretty standard liner brush, which I also think is a staple in any brush arsenal. This is a very soft bristled, yet tightly packed brush. It's firm so you can get a very precise line, but it's very soft and smooth-feeling. It's light, but feels very high quality. This brush retails for $18 on their website, which is already more than the entire price of the box!

I think it was a great decision for them to add a liner brush in this box, because they also included one of their Infinity Pot Liners in the color, "Orion."

While it looks quite dark in the pot, this is actually an absolutely STUNNING shade of teal with a very subtle and tiny bit of silver/teal blue shimmer in it. Here's a swatch:

This liner is absolutely gorgeous. This is one of my favorite colors in general, so I have a feeling I'm going to be obsessed with this liner! It's dark enough to really make the eyes pop like a black liner, but has that punch of color and shimmer to really make a unique look. Love this! The infinity liners retail for $13 on the Starlooks website.

Finally, the surprise star of this November box is one of their 5 Shade Shadow Palettes called, "Monaco." The card explains that this palette has been launched exclusively in the November Starbox. I personally think it's a bold and gorgeous color combination for fall!

Here's what the palettes look like closed:

I think all of the Starlooks packaging is very pretty and high-end looking. I also love that there are little windows on the top of this palette, so if you have more than one of these you're able to easily see which one is which.

These shades are all absolutely stunning! The white, navy blue and orange/red shade are all matte, and the taupe shade and the gold shade are very pretty satin/shimmers. 

Here's the shadow swatches. These swatches were done without a primer and are 2-3 finger swipes worth of color. These can definitely be applied more sheer to the lid if you want, but I wanted you to get an idea of how these more bold shades can really pack a punch! The top golden shade is a bit sheer, but would make a beautiful topper for another shade or used as a brightener on the inner corner. The matte red and navy blue are absolutely stunning and super pigmented. These will make a very bold statement eye, but could definitely be sheered out for a toned-down, but still interesting look. The most wearable of all the shades is the gorgeous satin taupe shade. Being a neutrals fan, I was instantly in love with this one. It's incredibly beautiful and very pigmented! Finally the white matte shade. It's a bit less pigmented than the blue and red mattes, but I think that's a good thing a it could easily be used on the brow bone and as a blender for an eye look with this palette. If it was too opaque I think it would start to look clownish.

I had to adjust this picture really weirdly because the lighting was off and I hate a terrible camera, as you know (this will be fixed by Christmas!) But I used some of the brighter shades and did the look that Starlooks suggests, by using the gold on the inner corner (it's not very pigmented so it's hard to see) and used the red and the blue to do a fun look on the eye. 

I think decided to do a very quick look to show that this palette can be very versatile. I used the taupe shade all over the lid and did a bit of the navy blue color in and above the crease. Gold on the inner corner and white on the brow bone. I finished the look with the liner that was included in this box and I really love how it came out! Very fun neutral/blue look!

Overall the palette is a welcome surprise. We've been told by Starlooks that we'll be receiving a 15-shade shadow palette worth almost $100 in our December box, so most of the subscribers did not expect a shadow palette this month. I was thrilled to see one, and the value of their 5 shade palettes is $41. 

The total retail value of November's box is $72, and since I paid $15 ($17 or so with shipping) I am MORE than thrilled. I will use all of these products, even if the shadow palette is a bit out of my comfort zone. I am glad they sent more bold shades, as it gives me a chance to play around with more interesting eye looks!

Starlooks also added a coupon code with this box to receive 40% off of ANY purchase at with the coupon code "ILOVESTARLOOKS". This code expired December 15th! That's an amazing discount and a great way to get some Christmas gifts checked off your list!

Finally again, if you're interested in signing up for Starlooks Starbox, please consider using my referral link: Join Starlooks! and thanks so much for reading! Don't forget, Starlooks is offering a 15 shade shadow palette retailed at almost $100 in their December Starbox! Sign up before December 10th to get one for yourself at just the cost of the subscription!

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