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Ipsy December 2013 Review!

Even though I usually get my Ipsy bag around this time each month, it feels like I'm one of the last people to get my pretty pink bubble mailer. I've been seeing everyone on the makeup forums and on the Ipsy Facebook page posting all their goodies and I was starting to feel left out! Luckily I got my bag today just as the snow storm in New England was about to begin!

If you're interested in more information about Ipsy, it's a service that for $10 a month, will ship you a cute bag full of makeup. While sometimes they are deluxe samples, many times Ipsy will include full size products in their bags. This month I received 5 products and all of them are full size. If you want more information on Ipsy, or want to sign up, please visit their website here: Join Ipsy!

Definitely got a nice variety of items, although I thought that a lip product and an "all over" stick was a little bit redundant. This wasn't the only group of items that could have been received, but it's the one I ended up with! I would have preferred a few different items, but I am happy overall with the bag. Let's take a closer look at the items!

1. Pop Beauty Bright Up Your Life Shadow Trio in "Smokin' Hot"

This is an item that everyone received, although it could have been in these shades, or a netural brown trio. I was hoping for the browns, but now that I have this in hand, I feel like I will probably use this more, as I already have more than enough neutral/brown shadows! As you can see from the swatch, all of the shades have a shimmer to them, although the dark charcoal shade is very subtle with the shimmer/glitter. The swatches are without primer, so I'm actually impressed with the quality and pigmentation of these shadows. I have enough eyeshadow to paint the entire world, so it's not like I needed this trio, but its always nice to have to pop in your clutch when you go out for the evening!

2. Nicka K New York Nail Polish in " Classic Taupe"

Excuse the weird swatch, I just recently painted my nails and didn't want to mess with it. This is actually a gorgeous color and the swatch doesn't do it justice. In the bottle,  it looks like a typical taupe, pale grey/brown as the name suggests, but once it's put on the nails it has a smokey grey/purple quality to it that makes it really unique and lovely. I've never heard of/tried this brand before and even though I'm not huge into nail polish, I was glad to try a new brand. I really like the packaging of this polish, too!

3. Ardell Natural Lashes "Demi Black #120"

There were a LOT of people who were angry about getting lashes, but I think that comes from the fact that false lashes are avoided and feared by many makeup lovers. It's a shame, because I think there are lashes for everyone! People just find it hard to apply falsies and give up. The key is practicing until you find an application process that works the best for you! There are natural-looking lashes and super glam lashes, and I think this particular pair falls right in the middle. I'm a huge fan of demi-lashes, which basically means they are shorter on the inner corner and get longer toward the edges. It makes for a very wide-eyed look when paired with a bit of winged liner. I have a huge collection of lashes as it is so I wasn't thrilled with getting these, but I know they will get used, so I can't complain!

4. NYX Round Lipstick in "Iced Honey #556"

I am already a fan of NYX, and I really enjoy their lipsticks, but I was very unsure of how I felt about this shade when I first pulled it out of the bag. It comes off as a shimmery bronze shade, but after I swatched and removed it, on the makeup remover wipe, the shade looks much more rose than bronze. I applied it to my lips, and while it's a pretty shade, it doesn't look good on me at all. It's very shimmery/frosty which really isn't my style, but I think someone that likes a bit of shimmer on their lips will love this. It would look great on someone who likes bronzey lip shades.

5. Be a Bombshell The One Stick in "Girl Crush"

This is a 3-in-1 stick that can be applied to the eyes, cheeks and lips. The shade is a really beautiful pale pink with a very subtle gold shimmer. I was hoping for a slightly deeper shade at first, but this really looks beautiful and I'm happy I received it. It looks a lot more frosty and pale in the photos I've seen online so far, but when I swatched it for myself it appears to be a pale peachy pink. There's a bit too much gold shimmer in it to really work for my lips, and it's a bit too pale to give an intense payoff on the cheeks, but if you're looking for a natural flush this works nicely. I am actually surprised at how HUGE this is! I expected it to be close the size of a lipstick, but it is twice the size! Here's a comparison shot with the Nyx lippie:

See what I mean? I was pleasantly surprised that it's definitely more of a cream blush stick, but it applies nicely to the lips as well. I don't think I'll be using it on my eyes as the shade wouldn't be very flattering as a shadow, but it's great to throw in my purse for a quick lip and cheek tint!

Overall, This isn't the best bag I've ever received from Ipsy, but it was still well worth the $10! I was pleased with the items they included and I think they all work well together. I would have been thrilled if the NYX lipstick was a different shade, but I'm sure I know someone who will enjoy the color! 

If you are interested in joining ipsy please consider using my referral link, HERE.

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