Friday, December 27, 2013

Lipstick Queen: Hello Sailor Review

It feels great to be back blogging after a little break for Christmas!  I of course, got bunches of beauty loot to share and review with you all, including Naked 3! (Wooooo!) However today's review is going to be on a lipstick that I've been eyeing for quite awhile now, and J got for me for Christmas!

Lipstick Queen is a brand that I've been drooling over since it launched in Ulta stores, although the $25+ price tags have kept me at a distance. I've seen this lipstick here and there on youtube/forums etc. and I was definitely intrigued. "Hello Sailor" is wrapped in adorable packaging, but you get quite the shock when you twist up a BLUE lipstick!

Don't let the blue scare you: This isn't an opaque shade by any means. The formula of "Hello Sailor" is extremely sheer, and feels like a super moisturizing balm on the lips. The sheer blue shade meshes with the natural rosy tones of your lips and gives off a sheer berry tone all while the blue tone to the lipstick makes your teeth look whiter!

It has a blue/purple tone on it's own as you can see when I swatch it on my hand:

This lipstick will look different on each person depending on the natural color of your lips. You can also adjust the intensity by applying it lightly or with a heavier hand. Here is what "Hello Sailor" looks like on me!

My lips are not very pigmented at all, so "Hello Sailor" gives my lips a very sheer wash of pink, which could be described as, "my lips, but better." If you have more natural pigment to your lips, you can absolutely get a more intense purple/pink tone.

I re-applied it a few hours later and it gave off a very different, deeper tone as you can see here:

I suggest heading into your local Ulta store if you have one, and try it out for yourself! It lasts a long time, and is a fun item to have in your collection. I actually love the appearance this lipstick gives, as it's quite natural and sheer. I think this would be a great gift for anyone who is into makeup, because it'll look great on everyone and is super fun to look at! :)

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