Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Loot Crate December 2013

J got his Loot Crate in a few days ago, but we've been so busy with Christmas that I haven't had time to write a review! I've had all day to play with all my new palettes (reviews coming soon!) and knitting stuff, so now I can finally take some time to get this posted! Let's get down to what was in December's Loot Crate!

If you don't know what Loot Crate is, is a geek and gamer box that is sent to your door monthly, and is filled with different gamer, geek, fandom-related gear. It costs $13.37 a month plus shipping, which equals out to just under $20 a month. They are available in more countries than just the US as well, so I would check out their site or their Facebook page to see if they're available in your country!

This month, the theme was "Console Wars" in regards to the new gaming systems being released this year. Not every item in the box will pertain to that month's theme, but it's basically something to loosely base the box on overall.

Each box also comes with a booklet that delves deeper in the the items in each box, and also includes a few articles, to make it more like a mini magazine that you can read while you're checking out all your gear!

Enough of my yammering. Let's get on with the good stuff!

1. Grip-it Control Protectors
The first item is a package of 2 sets of control protectors. These are rubber grips that slip over the joysticks on your controllers and fit on both new and previous Xbox and PS3/4 systems.

2. Split Personality Wristband
Pretty simple rubber bracelet. One side says gamer, the other side says geek. Kind of sums up the Loot Crate crowd quite nicely! :)

3. Energems "Peanut Butter Blast"
This is a little pack of PB and Chocolate flavored candy that has caffeine and B-vitamins that give you a boost of energy during gaming. They have a pretty strange flavor but nothing too heinous. If you really need an energy charge, they're definitely edible!

4. Bravest Wars Sticker
 This is a Star Wars/ Cat Bug crossover sticker. Super adorable even if you're not familiar with Cat Bug!

5. Legends Never Die Magnet 
This magnet is awesome for us 20/30 somethings that remember the consoles that these controllers have come from. Super cute. J put it right up on our fridge!

6. Tin-Tastic Creative Activity Set/ Iron Man

This set comes with collectible stickers, pencils and erasers all nestled inside a collectible Iron Man tin. The Loot Crate booklet shows that these come in lots of different characters including other superheros like Batman, Villains like The Joker, and other cartoon characters like My Little Pony. These are awesome for fans of any age. I think the tins would look especially cool on a shelf!

7. Console Wars II T-Shirt from Shirt Woot!

This was the big item in the box and it's pretty awesome! It's a play on Star Wars (obviously) and the battle between Xbox and PlayStation. J loved it and wore it to work the day after we got the box. Very fun shirt to add into the box. Shirt Woot! also included a $5 off coupon for a shirt on their website!

Finally, everything all together:

This is J's 3rd month getting Loot Crate and we both couldn't be happier. I think they do a great job fitting in things of interest through all veins of "geekery" and always manage to make the boxes worth the price that they charge. Really excited to see what next month's theme is!

If you're interested in signing up for Loot Crate, please consider using my referral link here: Sign up for a Loot Crate!

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