Thursday, January 23, 2014

Coastal Scents Revealed Palette VS. Urban Decay Naked and Naked 2! Swatches, Dupes and Comparisons

I have been waiting since December to do this review, because I felt that my crappy cell-phone camera wouldn't be able to accurately show these swatches to you, but my roommate recently donated one of his digital cameras to me, so I can finally get this blog posted! Yay!

Ever since I got the new Coastal Scents Revealed palette, I couldn't help but draw comparisons to the Urban Decay Naked palettes. Not only for the neutral tones of the shades, but also for the shape and size of the shadows, as well as the overall performance. 

For those of you who are interested, you can purchase the Revealed palette for $19.95 HERE on the Coastal Scents website. At the time I am writing this, it is currently in stock, however it tends to sell out very quickly! If you miss it, you can always sign up on the Coastal Scents website to be alerted by e-mail when it comes back in stock. Not to mention, they always have sales! I got my Revealed palette for $9.98 during a sale, which is 1/5th of the price of any of the Naked palettes!

But how is the quality? Well, after spending the day swatching and comparing the Revealed palette with both the Naked and Naked 2 palettes, I have to say that Revealed definitely stacks up in quality and pigmentation! I think that the Revealed shades have a bit more fallout and are very slightly less pigmented, but when they're applied on the eye I don't think you would be able to tell a difference!

Let's take a look at all the palettes!

While I've dug into my Naked and Naked 2 palettes quite a bit, the Revealed palette is still unused in my collection, as I was waiting to do this review before starting to play around with it a bit! All the shades appear a bit on the lighter side in the revealed palette, but they swatch very similar to the Naked palettes. 

Let's get onto the dupes and swatches!

Since the Revealed palette shades do not have names, I have numbered them for reference when referring to dupes:

Naked Palette VS. Revealed Palette!

(quick reminder of the Naked Palette shades)

Top Row: Naked Palette / Bottom Row: Revealed Palette
As you can see, I was able to find a dupe or something extremely close to a dupe in the Revealed palette for each shade in the Naked palette!

From left to Right: (Naked Shade / Revealed Shade)

1. Virgin / 2
2. Sin / 3
3. Naked / 4
4. Sidecar / 9
5. Buck / 7
6. Half Baked / 8
7. Smog / 12
8. Darkhorse / 14
9. Toasted / 15
10. Hustle / 18
11. Creep / 20
12. Gunmetal / 19

While many of these are very close dupes, there are a few slight variations. Creep contains some microglitter, however none of the shades in the Revealed palette have glitter in them, so I swatched the matte black in it's place. They aren't exact matches, but for someone looking to try and mimic Naked palette looks with the Revealed palette, they are very close! A few of the bronze-type shades are also every so slightly off: some being more yellow-toned, while others being more brown. But I'd say if you're looking for something close to the Naked palette in a less-expensive price range, you probably won't find much better than this!

Naked 2 Palette VS. Revealed Palette!

(quick reminder of the Naked Palette shades)

 Top Row: Naked Palette / Bottom Row: Revealed Palette
There are lots of dupes for the Naked 2 palette in the Revealed palette as well! There were a few that were almost spot on, and a few that are close, but not exact. The only shade I wasn't able to find a dupe for is Chopper, which is a golden orange/bronze shade. 

From left to Right: (Naked 2 Shade / Revealed Shade)
1. Foxy / 1
2. Half Baked / 8
3. Bootycall / 2
4. Chopper / (No Dupe)
5. Tease/ 5
6. Snakebite / 12
7. Suspect / 9
8. Pistol / 13
9. Verve / 10
10. YDK / 17
11. Busted / 18
12. Blackout / 20 

These are yet again, very close dupes, but there are some variations. Busted from Naked 2 and Hustle from Naked 1 have the same dupe in the Revealed palette, but are ever-so-slightly different. Busted is a bit darker and more brown than Hustle, but #18 serves as a close-enough dupe for both. As I mentioned before, Chopper is the only shade that I could not find a suitable dupe for in the Revealed palette.

There are 3 shades in the Revealed palette that did not have a dupe in either of the Naked Palettes, and they are 6, 11, and 16.
Of course, these are all neutral shades we're talking about, so they're all similar to each other in one way or another, but these 3 are the only ones in the Revealed palette that don't match up with a corresponding Naked shade. 

I think that in regards to overall shadow quality, of course Urban Decay has the edge. The Naked palette shadows are a bit more buttery and have less fallout. They also have a slight advantage in the pigmentation department, however the Coastal Scents shadows are very close in quality. They are just slightly less pigmented (hardly even noticeable) and do have a bit more fallout. They're just softer shadows overall, so you don't want to press your brush too hard into them. They both perform beautifully and I have found both the Naked and Revealed shadows will last on my lids all day with a primer.

The Revealed palette has one advantage in portability over the Naked palettes: it has dupes for both Naked palettes all compacted into 1 slim, lightweight palette. However, the Naked palettes have much more durable cases, as well as mirrors, which the Revealed palette does not have.

This is a no-brainer. To buy both Naked palettes, the cost would be $104. To purchase the Revealed palette, it would cost you $19.95 retail. As I mentioned before, Coastal Scents also has regular sales which can even get the price down to just $10. If you're on a budget, the Revealed palette can easily take the place of both Naked and Naked 2 in your collection. I will mention, however, that there are no dupes for the Naked 3 in the Revealed palette. 

 I am pleasantly surprised that the Revealed palette has so many dupes to the first two Naked palettes, and even more so that the quality is on par! This is a great option for anyone who is coveting the Naked palettes but they're just out of their price range. I would also suggest getting this palette for anyone who just loves neutral shadows! I own all 3 Naked palettes and I still love my Revealed palette!  


  1. I just posted similar. I really wish these non-large brand palettes would get more love. I reach for Revealed far more than any of my Nakeds. Great review!

  2. I prefer the revealed palette to the naked palettes. They are a little softer looking. Honestly I don't care for the heavy made-up look that the urban decay shadows usually are associated with, but with the revealed palette being slightly less pigmented I feel like it's easier to come off with a little more natural look. For $12 on sale, I love my revealed palette and while I don't use it a lot it's there when I need it for clients who want the heavier look than the natural looks I'm known for doing. I also love them as gifts because so many gal pals have said they wish they could afford the naked palettes. BESIDES, now that L'oreal owns urban decay, Naked is going to go down in quality I'm sure.

    1. I think that is a great observation and I totally agree! As much as I love my Naked 3 palette, you can definitely feel a slight change in the quality of the shadows. Unfortunately now that L'Oreal owns UD, they're going to jump on the popularity of the Naked palettes and use it to make money. You can already see that with the "Naked glosses" as well as the bunch of other Naked products just coming out. I can't be bothered with the gimmicks, and while I think my Naked palettes have a place in my collection, I definitely think that Revealed stacks up really well, and in some cases, I think it out-ranks the Naked palettes as a stand-alone palette.

      You are also so right that it makes a great gift for anyone not willing to spend a huge amount on the Naked palettes!

      Thank you for your input Jason!

  3. i like this review about urban decay because im planning to buy one and now i know what is the best shades for me :)

  4. Awesome dupe! I haven't heard of this brand and I definitely want to check it out! Honestly wish that I knew about this before I bought my Naked palettes lol.

    1. Thanks so much! You definitely should check out Coastal Scents! They also have a Revealed #2 that dupes a lot of the Naked 3 shades (I have a review on that too if you search!) and it's just as nice! They have some of the most pigmented shadows in their price range that you'll ever find. Their blushes and brushes are pretty fantastic too!

  5. I'm so thankful for this review - I'm one of those people who takes 4 days to pick which dish soap I want. I love the swatches, and I specially love the honesty.. I've read so many beauty blogs that are a bit " Fan Girrrrl syndrome" - they'll give it top marks because the seller has sent a freebie for review.

    So off we go - I'm about to hit "send" and buy both :)

  6. I just had a burst of inspiration...
    What if I got the Revealed palette, used it up to see which shades I like best, then bought the coordinating Naked palette?
    Do you think that would be a good idea?

    1. If you're having a hard time deciding between the Naked and Naked 2 palettes, this would definitely be a great idea! :)

  7. Have you got The Balm Nude Tude? If you do, do you think that the Revealed palettes are comparable?

    1. Hi Angelica! I do have the original Nude Tude Palette and I while I haven't done any swatches to see if there are any dupes between the two palettes, I will say that in regards to pigmentation and quality, they are definitely comparable- and the Revealed palettes have larger pans for the shadows as well as a wider variety of colors!

  8. Please make a review about NYX Dream Catcher Eyeshadow Palette and Covergirl Trunaked Eyeshadow Palette, cause I can't tell if they are of higher or less quality than Coastal Scents Revealed Eyeshadow Palettes.
    Peace out!