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Ipsy January 2014 Review!

Ipsy is pretty late this month, which I was not too thrilled about. I don't know if they're just slow because of the holidays, but I usually have my bag by the 15th at the very latest. I did however, finally receive my bag today and I'm excited to share with all of you what I received!

This is an interesting month for Ipsy because for the first time since they were called, "MyGlam", they curated a bag that is more focused on skin and haircare rather than cosmetics. Some people were not too thrilled about this, however I was quite happy! If you've been a subscriber for as long as I have, you feel like you've received more than enough red lip products, mascaras and nail polishes from Ipsy. It was really nice to have them mix it up a bit with this bag, and mix it up they did! While this bag is called "19 Reasons", they actually offered 20 (uh oh, someone in the Ipsy office is in trouble for miscounting!) different products in the bags this month, in which each subscriber would receive 5 of those items.

There were a few duds in the bunch (can you say, Proactiv?) but for the most part, I was open to trying whatever they sent my way. Overall I was/am very happy with the bag I received and look forward to putting these products to better use!

1. Benefit's The POREfessional

I have tried and enjoyed this product many times before. I'm a bit confused as to why they're offering it up in a subscription bag, as I think Benefit would have, ahem, "benefited" more from possibly putting in a new product like their Lollitint. Overall though, this was a coveted item due to the brand popularity, and I am happy I got it. It's not a very exciting product, as I've used it before, but it will get used up. This does a great job filling in pores. I use a different primer on my face, but use this specifically for the large pores around my nose, and it's the best at hiding them!
2. Malin+Goetz Mojito Lip Balm

I have seen this brand around quite a few times and have never tried their products, so I was thrilled to find out I was getting this balm in my bag this month! The lip balm has a "mojito" scent, but it's very subtle and sweet. This lip balm doesn't have an applicator, but rather looks almost like a lotion tube when you remove the cap. However, if you just squeeze a small amount on your finger and apply to your lips, you should be fine!

The consistency of the balm is on the thicker side. I would say it's a bit thinner than Vaseline, but not watery like a typical gloss. It has a shine to it and is completely clear. It feels really nice on the lips and is not at all sticky. Definitely think I'm going to enjoy this balm a lot!

3. Balanced Guru "Balm Me Up" Organic Sweet Cocoa and Tangy Body Balm

I love lotions and body butters, and I love it even more when they're organic! This one comes in such a cute jar, too!The jar says it's USDA organic, cruelty free, and the jar is recyclable! This "body balm" has sweet orange, lime and mandarin essential oils in it, making it smell very, very citrusy. It's a nice, fresh scent. 

This is not your typical body product, as it has the consistency of a lip balm. it's very thick, but almost melts and absorbs into skin quickly. I applied it to the backs of my hands and they felt very moisturized and has a sheen to them. I don't really think this a standout product, but I'll continue to use it and see how well it works.

4. Absolute! Makeup Cleansing Tissues

I have not tried these yet, but a few friends of mine have and they have had mixed reviews. I was totally fine with receiving these because I use face cleansing wipes ALL the time. I'm incredibly lazy and occasionally like to wipe off my makeup before bed rather than going through my entire face cleansing routine. These will definitely get used, but I'm guessing they're just a basic face wipe. Not a huge fan of the scent, as they smell like fake pomegranate and cough medicine, but if they're gentle on my skin then I'll use them up. If they blow me out of the water I will do a separate review on them, but I'm doubtful they will.
5. Yaby Liquid Foundation in "Buff"

The other item offered instead of the foundation was a couple of shadow pencils from Elizabeth Mott. While I probably coveted those a bit more, I'm going to be honest, I probably would have tossed them in a drawer where they would slowly die unused and ignored. I was very iffy about receiving this foundation, as Ipsy has sent out Yaby concealer before and I didn't think it was that great. I also wasn't sure how good of a match this shade was going to be. I am glad that I received it though, because I can at least review for you all the consistency, application and staying power! 

This foundation is housed in a squeeze tube which is great for easy application. It has a creamy consistency but isn't too thick. Luckily the shade matches me nicely, although it's a teeny bit too dark/orange for my liking. It blends really well and has light to medium coverage. It's actually a much nicer foundation that I expected it to be, and I'm excited to use it a bit more and get a better idea of what I think in regards to staying power.

So overall, not a bad bag! I'm happy that there was more of a variety of "beauty" items in the bags this month rather than a large group of cosmetics. I'm also really thrilled that I didn't receive any of my "dud" items.
If you're interested in what else was offered this month:

I'm excited to see what kind of new brands are going to be featured in Ipsy bags for 2014, as there are quite a few newbies in the bag alone! Can't wait to see what February brings!

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Also a little tip! If you want to get off the wait list immediately, connect your facebook to your Ipsy account!

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