Sunday, January 26, 2014

January 2014 Starlooks Starbox Review!

My Starlooks Starbox creeped into my mailbox today completely undetected! Starlooks apparently had a small technical issue with their tracking numbers not being sent out, so many subscribers didn't get any notification that they were being shipped. Starlooks normally ships at the end of the month, but with just 5 days left in January, they were definitely cutting it close this time! 

Inside this month's box was a small card that gave a whole bunch of coupon codes YAY! Here they are for anyone interested in picking up some great deals on Starlooks products this month!

~40% off Starlooks Lipsticks with code: BEMYLS40~ (until Feb 7th)
~14% off All Orders with code: NEWYEAR14~ (until Feb 15th)
~20% off Pencils!~ (until Feb 15th)
-Gem Pencils- use code: NEWYEARGEM20
-Kohl Liners- use code: NEWYEARK20
-Eye Pencils- use code: NEWYEAREP20
-Lip Liners- use code: NEWYEARLL20

As always, Starlooks has completely FREE shipping, no matter how much or how little you buy. Awesome!

OK, now that coupons codes are out of the way, let's get onto the January Box!

This month's theme was "Surprise Yourself." What might be in this box was a bit of a mystery for subscribers, as we can usually speculate what might be coming by browsing the Starlooks "Looks Book", but this month in particular proved pretty difficult! Now that the box is finally here, Starlooks has revealed that they have done something that they've never done before: give everyone something different in their boxes!

 First look at the box, I was really happy to see a nice variety of items! A brush, a liner of some sort, and what seemed to be 2 lip products. There was also a little extra thrown in this month as they occasionally do.

Starlooks always puts a little crystal in each Starbox, which is usually just for fun. They suggest collecting them and putting them in a glass jar to hold your brushes in, but it would take quite a lot of Starboxes to get enough crystals to fill a jar! They're cute, still! They also included a little lash/brow brush in the box just as a little bonus. These definitely always come in handy!

Kohl Eye Pencil in "Obsidian" ($12)

I've received this pencil before in an Ipsy bag, however one can never have too many black liners! The Starlooks kohl pencils glide on so smoothly and don't tug or pull at my lids. They're also easy to smudge to create a really sexy smokey eye!

Sculpt & Blush Brush #906 ($22)

This was the most valuable item in the box, and I was super excited to get it! I have a couple of Starlooks brushes and I absolutely love their quality. They have a nice weight to them but aren't too heavy or uncomfortable. They're also very well made. This particular brush is an angled blush/contour brush that is soft, but densely packed. I use a similar brush to do my contouring, although I like this one even better! Can't wait to use it!

Lip Gloss in "Satin" ($12)

I have received 2 lip glosses from Starlooks before this one, and while I love the formula, I haven't really liked any of the shades. "Satin" on the other hand, is an absolutely stunning color! This isn't an opaque gloss, but it does leave a very light pinky/nude tone on your lips with a very subtle golden sheen. 

Starlooks glosses have a thicker consistency, but they aren't sticky. They have just enough thickness where they stay on your lips for a long time, but are still very comfortable to wear.

Tender Gloss in "Snookums" ($13)

 The tender gloss lipsticks are one of my favorite items in the entire Starlooks line, because they are the perfect marriage between a lipstick and a lip gloss. One might call these a "lip sheer" because the colors are usually sheer but still are apparent, and they have a bit of a glossy feel and look to them.

I have a few tender glosses and most of them are very sheer with a hint of shimmer or micro glitter, but "Snookums" is a really stunning shade with a punch of shine. This is a nude/rose shade that is swirled with the smallest amount of metallic. It's barely noticeable, but helps with that really glossy, shiny finish when applied. It's a neutral with a kick. Definitely my favorite of all the tender gloss shades I've tried.

The total retail value of my January box is $60. You only pay $15 a month for the Starlooks Starbox, and you always get at least triple the value! Starbox is a fantastic way to expand a growing makeup collection, or to try the Starlooks line at a very affordable price! If you are interested in signing up to get a Starlooks Starbox of your own, please consider using my referral link here: Get a Starbox!

Some of the bonuses to being a Starlooks Starbox Subscriber:

-Box of full sized cosmetics from Starlooks every month!
- Bonus box of cosmetics on your birthday month!
 -Free boxes of cosmetics for every person you refer! (up to 3 per month)
-Free Loyalty gift every 3rd month you are subscribed!

I think that Starlooks has so many amazing programs going for their subscribers, that your mailbox will always be full of cosmetics! I hope you'll consider subscribing to Starlooks!


  1. Thanks for posting the discount codes! :)

    1. You're so welcome! I post them each month (if there is any!) so check back for February! ^_^

  2. I was truly glad to see a decent assortment of things! A brush, a liner or something to that affect, and what appeared to be 2 lip items. A debt of gratitude is in order for posting the coupon codes!