Friday, January 10, 2014

Loot Crate New Years Mystery Crate January 2014

Loot Crate is the one and only subscription box that J (my fiance) gets on a regular basis, and he absolutely loves it. Since it's the new year, Loot Crate offered a "mystery crate" containing some of the items they gave out in previous boxes over the course of 2013. It's a great way for them to clean out old inventory, and it's a great way for customers like us to get yet another loot crate! I ordered this on the 8th and it shipped out the same day and arrived on my doorstep today (2 days later.) Loot Crate is in CA and we're in RI, so that was a VERY fast shipment!

I don't think these crates are available anymore, but you can still sign up to get the regular January Loot Crate, which has a theme this month of, "Launch." So that will be interesting! If you want to sign up for the regular Loot Crate, you can use the coupon code LOOT2014 to save $3 on any new subscription! Also please consider using my referral link! I'd love you forever! Get Yourself a Loot Crate!

Now on to the mystery crate!

J was super excited to get this crate because he always hates waiting all month for the monthly crates. We've only had Loot Crate for 3 months, so we were hopeful that the mystery crate contained items that he hadn't already received.

First, the small stuff in the box! There was a sheet of "face" stickers which J loved. I have the feeling my cell phone, fridge and milk carton are all going to have faces pretty soon! There's also a little rabbit-ninja guy that is used to wrap/hold your ear buds, a sour warhead and an 8-Bit-Zombie sticker.

Next items were a sweet Spider Man Pez dispenser, and a Batman Mighty Wallet. J had already received the wallet in a prior Loot Crate, but it was the only double item he received in the mystery crate!

Apparently, this is a reference to Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and J loved it. I'm not familiar with Hitchiker's Guide, but apparently there's a reference to always needing a towel? lol I have no idea, I'm not a huge geek, just engaged to one! :)

Finally, J's favorite part of the box was the 2 mystery mini vinyl figures from The Walking Dead. He got 2 pretty awesome zombies!

This Mystery Loot Crate cost us $14, which is about the same price as their regular monthly Loot Crates. It was a lot of fun to open, J loved the contents, and it was just as good quality-wise as their other crates. We will definitely get a mystery crate again when they offer it!

If you're looking to sign up for Loot Crate, they cost just under $20 a month with shipping included, and are filled with geek and gamer gear. Don't forget to use the LOOT2014  code to get $3 off your subscription and please considering using our referral link HERE!

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