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Makeup and Beauty Storage / Organization Solutions on a Budget!

You know what always bothered me about "makeup storage" units? They cost a ridiculous amount of money. Just throw "cosmetic" in front of an organizer of any kind and suddenly the price triples. I am still in the middle of slowly getting more functional and space-saving storage for my makeup and beauty products, but I will not spend a lot of money for organization!

Here I have compiled some of my favorite storage and organization items and all of them cost under $10! Considering most cosmetics organizers can cost anywhere from $40 to upwards of $300, I think staying under $10 per item is more than affordable for someone with an ever-growing collection. That way, you can always add and change things as you need without going bankrupt.

Right now my vanity area looks like this:

Most of the things you see in this photo will be mentioned and talked about later on in this post, however I do want to talk a bit about the set up I have here. On the right, I have a large Sterilite 3-drawer cart.Inside, I keep lotions, hair products, skincare items etc. I have most of my perfumes displayed on top, and most recently I was given a very pretty silver tray from HomeGoods that I going to put my perfumes on to give it a bit more of an organized look.

You can also see my nail polish rack, which I will talk more about below. I recently received one for Christmas, as I used to keep my polishes in my vanity drawer. If you read my blog regularly, you know I'm not huge into nail polishes, so I didn't think I'd need one of these racks. Of course, it's already full so I'm going to have to get another one eventually, but I really love how easily accessible the are now!

On the top of my vanity are 2 large Sterilite 3-drawer units, and 2 small ones. I also have a few file holders to hold my more-used palettes, as well as a brush holder and a lamp from Target. My favorite perfumes are up there as well. Inside the vanity drawer is more palettes, perfume samples and 'extras' of my favorite products.

For anyone that is curious, I got my vanity bench at Marshalls for $98 about 2 years ago. I don't think they have it anymore, but I'm sure you can find something similar there, or at HomeGoods! They are great places to look for unique, small pieces of furniture.

Storage/Organization Solutions For Under $10!


As many makeup-collectors know, the office supply section of your local Target or Walmart has almost everything you need to organize your makeup and for a great price! Here are some of my favorite organizing items that you can find at Target for under $10!

1. Room Essentials 2-Drawer Desktop Storage $6.99
These little 2-drawered boxes are made of a very sturdy card board with a decorative wax-coated paper over them. I own a few organizers made this way and they have continued to last even years after I purchased them. These little drawers are great for sample-sized items, liners, single eye shadows or lip products. They're especially great for samples and foil packets, because you can just toss them in here and label the drawers by the kind of sample, IE: Hair products, skincare etc. Also, how cute is the Chevron print? 

2. Metal Mesh Letter Holder $4.34
These little file/letter holders are amazing for anyone (like myself) who is addicted to eyeshadow palettes. I own a few plastic versions of these and they work wonders for storing your palettes in a position where you can see and access them easily. I am planning on getting some of these sturdier, metal ones soon!

3. Room Essentials Pencil Holder $3.94
These are great little containers to hold brushes, or liners. You could hold lip glosses in here too if you wanted! I have one on my vanity holding some of my lesser-used brushes, as my main brushes are stored in a brush roll. They're also made of the sturdy board material. I've had mine for a good 4 years now without any wearing issues. These are so cheap and useful and come in lots of different colors.

4. Black Letter Basket $4.99
This is a great, stylish little tray that would work very well holding perfumes or other bottled beauty  products. I have a bunch of products on my side table that I use daily in the morning and before bed: moisturizer, hair clips, brush, lip balm, deodorant etc, and a small tray of this size is excellent for keeping all of those items together and organized. You could also use a couple of these trays in a large drawer.

5. Nate Berkus Desk Drawer Organizer $9.99
These squeezed in at just below the $10 mark, but I think they are so pretty and are a really great option when organizing drawers. My vanity has one very large drawer, so get 3-4 of these organizers would be great to keep everything separated and in it's place.

6. Greenroom Eco Pencil Holder $5.99
This is another option similar to the Room Essentials holder, except this one doesnt' have the separators in each cube and this is a double rather than a single cube. Since there's no separators and they seem a bit more shallow, these would probably work the best for lip products, mascaras etc. 

7. Room Essentials Desktop Storange Unit $7.04
This is another heavy cardboard storage product and would work amazingly well for someone with a smaller collection. I see potential to use this to store palettes and lippies, pencils, you name it! It would also work well for someone with a large collection who wanted a place to store their "every day" products. You could easily put your favorite palettes, lip, face and eye products in here and keep them all in one place!


Walmart also has a great selection of office and general organization items that will work perfectly when organizing your makeup! All of these are $10 or less, except for #3, but it's close!

1. Supply Basket $2.94
This is just your standard small plastic tray that would work amazingly well in a drawer. You could grab quite a few of these and have a moveable, changeable organized space in just a few minutes. I find that these work best for large collections of pencils, lip glosses and single shadows.

2. Kantek Mini Sorter $8.99
This is a slightly smaller, and slightly more expensive version of the metal letter/file sorter from Target. This is acrylic, and would probably work well for someone who only has a few palettes!

3. 3 Drawer Floor Storage/Large $12
This is the only item that is over $10, but it's so close and such a good deal that I had to mention it! I have had a teal version of this storage container for about 5 years now, and it looks as new as the day I got it. I find these little drawer sets to be invaluable to me. They are super well-priced and are deep and sturdy enough to hold large amounts of shampoos/conditioners, lotions etc. These are excellent to have if you just have an overabundance of things and need a place to store your unopened items.

4. 3 Drawer Desktop Organizer $10
These are the larger desktop organizers that I have in my vanity photo above. The smaller ones are only about $1-$2 cheaper, and can also be found on the Walmart website. These drawers are where I keep the majority of my cosmetics. The larger drawers contain small palettes/quads, blushes, face products and all of my lip products (which is what I have the most of, by far!). The smaller drawers contain liners, mascaras, single shadows, and other misc. items. I think these are great because you can get one or two for a smaller collection, or get a dozen or more for a large collection. They are built to stack on top of one another, which makes them even more versatile! 

5. Rubbermaid Extra Deep Desk Drawer Director Tray $5.59
This is yet another option for a drawer organizer. This one has a great variety of sized compartments to hold anything from mascaras and brushes, to foil packets and Q-Tips. Lots of possibilities with this one!

6. Round Pencil Cup $2.92
This one is something Im planning on picking up a few of. If you want to have your taller cosmetic items out on display and within reach, these are great affordable options! You could fit mascaras, liners, taller lip glosses, brushes etc in these, and they could all be neatly lined up on a table or vanity. 

There are a few storage items that are well over the $10 price tag, but I personally think are well worth the investment! These are all still well-priced for what they are, because I'm always on the hunt for a bargain! :)

1. 24 Lipstick Holder (Amazon) $6-$15
I have found these lipstick holders on ebay and on Amazon for many different prices, so make sure you shop around before you buy! the one in the photo is currently listed at $6 on Amazon. Make sure you read the reviews too, because not all lipstick organizers are created equal! This one is nice because they are on an incline, so you are able to see all of the lipsticks with ease. It also had good reviews in regards to the overall size, as some of these have been reported to not hold certain brands of lipstick. I might be grabbing this one next time I make an Amazon order!

2. Nail Polish Table Rack (Amazon) $17-$25
This is similar to the lipstick holder, as it is on an incline, and sits on a table or vanity rather than being hung on the wall. If you have a lot of table/vanity space, or are a polish lover and want your most used polishes at an arms reach, then this is an excellent option!

3. Nail Polish Rack (Amazon) $28-40
This is the polish rack that I currently have in my makeup area. You can find these in all different sizes if you simply search "nail polish rack" on Amazon. They are relatively well-priced for an acrylic organizer. I didn't think I needed one of these until I got one! Now I want another!

4. MALM Dressing Table (Ikea) $149
Finally the most expensive item on my list: my vanity. I can tell you that this is the best mix of price and quality that you're going to find. Vanities are expensive, and this one is very reasonably priced for how well-made it is! It's a very sleek, simple vanity with a glass top, and has one very large drawer that is the length of the vanity. It's a perfect drawer to place a few of the drawer organizers I listed above. I believe this also comes in black, although I've only seen the white online and at my closest Ikea. I've had his vanity for over 2 years and I absolutely love it. I still haven't found one that beats it in price or quality!

I hope this post has helped you come up with a few new ideas for organizing all your cosmetics and beauty items. You don't have to spend a lot to make your vanity/makeup area more organized and efficient!

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