Thursday, January 23, 2014

Oh My, Lash! Sweetheart Collection Review

I'm a huge fan of false lashes. I know so many people find them intimidating, but I think that with a little practice, a great pair of falsies can really rev up the glam in your makeup routine. I was recently informed about a website called, Oh My, Lash! who was offering a set of 4 lashes called the "Sweetheart Collection" for nothing but the cost of shipping. Of course I can't turn down free lashes, so I went right over to the site and ordered. (This offer is no longer available, but you can get each of these lashes for only 70 cents a pair!)

I had never heard of, or ordered from this company before, but I'm always open to try new things! I placed my order on January 17th, and the shipped on January 20th. The package was on my doorstep this afternoon (January 23rd) so all in all, the entire order took just 6 days to process and ship. I am thrilled with how speedy their shipping was too!

Here's the adorable Sweetheart Collection:

There's a really wonderful variety in this set, and while I'm use to wearing more natural-looking lashes, I can always use a super bold pair every now and then! The lashes don't come with their own little glue tubes, which I want to point out just in case, although I think everyone should avoid using that junk at all costs!

For free, (or even for 70 cents each) these are nice lashes. They do feel and look synthetic, as in they have an almost plastic-feel to them and have a bit of a shine to them, unlike a natural lash. They also have a rather thick/ rigid band. There are many people who don't mind or even prefer this kind of lash, although I like the lash band to be a bit thinner so that I can mold it to my eye-shape easier. Even so, for the price I think they are wearable, and fun in regards to their variety and packaging.

1. Chelsea

Chelsea is the most demure and "wearable" set of lashes in the collection. It's your basic demi-wispy, where the lashes get short the further inward they go, and wing out at the outer corner of the eye. These kinds of lashes compliment everyone, and I think would be your best bet if you're looking for the most natural-looking pair in the set.
2. Jo Jo

I think this is the next in line if I were to go in order from most natural to most out-there, as I find these to be a slightly more dramatic version of the Chelsea lashes. These are not demi-wispies, however. They don't taper inward, but they have a simple set up of shorter lashes on the corners, and longer lashes in the middle. The lashes have a cris-crossing pattern which helps them blend a bit easier with your natural lashes. These are a great pair if you still want something natural-looking, but more dramatic.

3. Barbara
This is where the lashes stop looking "natural" and start being more adventurous and more glamorous. These are super feathery, plush-looking lashes that are loaded with volume. If you're going for a super-dramatic nighttime smokey eye, these would be a fantastic pairing!
4. Desiree

Finally we have Desiree, which I think is the most interesting and dramatic set of lashes of the bunch. I see this style quite often in Korean cosmetic ads etc, but I think that here in the U.S. people tend to shy away from the "obviously fake" false lashes. I think this is a really gorgeous pair, though! This is definitely something I'd use for a dramatic "doll-like" look, or even a femme-fatale type of pin-up makeup. I think that these are probably not a good choice for someone who's just beginning to use false lashes, but they're great for anyone looking to be a bit more adventurous!

Overall, I had a great experience shopping with Oh My, Lash! and I think that this is a super-cute collection. They are a bit on the lower-end in regards to quality, but I should be able to use these a few times each without any issues, and hey, they were free! I do notice that these are the lowest cost lashes on their website, and they have lots of other higher quality, adorable collections to choose from, including a Disney Princess pack. So cute!

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