Friday, February 28, 2014

Starlooks Starbox Review (February 2014)

My better-late-than-never Starlooks Starbox arrived on my doorstep just in the nick of time! I wanted to get this review up as soon as possible because it's just a few short minutes until March begins! Starlooks had a small issue with a packaging defect and had to delay a handful of subscriber boxes until the issue was fixed.

This month, the Starbox theme was "Futurism." While this is kind of a cool theme, I was hoping for more of a romantic theme in celebration of Valentine's Day! Maybe a rosey blush or a fun pink lippie! If you check out their LooksBook for this month, you'll notice it was anything but!

First peek inside the box, I saw that this month included 3 items, plus a bonus item. Also included in the box was this little gem:

As promised, Starlooks provided us with a 3-month subscriber loyalty gift. This is actually a much better gift than I expected! A $35 gift code to spend on their site on whatever I want? Yes please! If you're interested, of course I've already used it! I purchased a past Starbox (June 2013) and a Tendergloss in Cherub. Review to come on those!
Now onto this month's goodies!

1. Starlooks Lipstick in "BFF" ($12)
 (click to enlarge!)

This lipstick shade is just...ugh. Nope. No thanks. However, Starlooks included a variety of metallic, shimmery shades in this month's box, and I received BFF. It's a shimmery nude shade. Starlooks suggests to use these shades alone for a bold lip, or to pair it with another lipstick to give a metallic boost or shiny highlight. I can see that working for some people, however I'm high maintenance enough as it is with my makeup. I really don't want to add yet another step to my makeup routine and start layering lipsticks. If I want my red lipstick to have a metallic finish, I'll buy a metallic red. Not a fan of this shade at all. Going right to the trade pile. (Let me mention that I do really love the formula of these lipsticks, just not this particular shade!)

2. Starlooks Pigment in "Wall Street" ($17)

Sigh. Honestly this is just the last thing in the entire world that I need in my makeup collection. I don't know a single makeup-obessed woman who doesn't own a smokey shadow or pigment shade. They sent out a few different shades, I was just unlucky enough to get this charcoal grey/black with silver micro glitter. It's not unique for me at all. The formula is absolutely outstanding, however. Beautiful to apply, super pigmented and shimmery. The best part about Starlooks pigments is the little bottle the come in. I love that I can just dip a brush right into the little hole in the top, or I can gently sprinkle some into the cap without it going everywhere!

3. Starlooks Cream Shadow in "Warp" ($12)

I was super excited to see that Starlooks was debuting a new product in our Starboxes this month: cream shadows! I am a huge fan of the Maybelline Color Tattoos and I was hoping that these would be fancier alternative. Firstly, I couldn't help but be disappointed in the shade I got. In my first Starbox back in September, I got a cream liner that looked exactly like this shade. Not to mention the complete lack of color in the rest of my box as well. This is a nice frosty shade that can be used as a base to really brighten up and shimmerize (like that word I made up, there?) a shadow look, but I can't recommend wearing these cream shadows on their own. I left the swatch on my hand to dry for a while, and applied this shadow on my lids. Within 20 minutes it was already creasing. The swatch on my hand wiped right off. I can't imagine these shadows have much staying power, but I think with a primer underneath, they could make good bases to change up an eye look.

*Surprise!* Headband
(ignore my yucky short/chipped nails...this is why I don't do nail posts! lol)
Occasionally, Starlooks will add in a surprise item which is usually something like a pencil sharpener, a brow comb etc. This time they included a simple stretchy headband, which may be a little boring, but I was definitely excited to get it! These headbands are always useful in keeping hair off your face when applying makeup or skincare products, and this one is very light and very soft, which will help keep it from leaving dents in your hair. Very nice little bonus!

Overall Thoughts

Total Box Value: $41

I think that this box was a bust for me. I don't think that it's a bad box at all, as I think someone else could get this and really love it. The products are all nice and it's curated well, I just don't think I will personally get much use out of anything here other than the headband. I will most likely put all of this in my giveaway pile. Even so, the $35 reward code definitely makes up for a lackluster February box!

To Join Starlooks
Starlooks is $15 a month plus about $3 for shipping. You will receive 3-4 cosmetics from Starlooks that are curated around a monthly theme. Starlooks also offers an excellent referral program (free box of makeup with every referral!) and also sends you a free box of makeup on your birthday month. As if that wasn't enough, Starlook also gives loyalty rewards to subscribers every 3 months. This month, as mentioned above, they gave us a $35 gift code to spend on anything on their site! I think if you're looking to expand your makeup collection, or just want to try some new and exciting makeup that you might not have picked up on your own, Starlooks is a great option for you, and I believe it's an excellent value.

If you're interested in signing up for Starlooks, I would love if you'd consider using my referral link here:  

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Graze Box Review (February 2014)

It's the end of February (can you believe it??) and it's time for another Graze box roundup! 
While I DO get one Graze Box a week, there are those weeks where I dig into my snacks WAY too quickly and completely forget that I have a review to do! This month I was able to hold off on two of my boxes, and I was able to try a few things that I haven't had a chance to before!

If you want a more detail explanation of what Graze is and what they offer, please go HERE.
Basic explanation? They sent you 4 pre-portioned snacks from a lineup of over 90 to choose from. Each box is $6, and you can get them once a month, or bi-weekly. 

If you're interested in trying Graze out for yourself, you can use my referral link and receive your 1st AND your 5th box absolutely free! You can cancel after the first box if you want, but trust me, you won't want to!

(I always donate my referral rewards to the Graze School of Farming which you can learn more about HERE. )

Now onto the boxes this Month!

BOX #1
 The snacks that I received in this box were:

1. Jalapeno Fiesta (nuts/seeds/spicy)- This is one I was on the fence about receiving, but with Graze I always find that they get me to like things I never thought I would! This is a mixture of jalapeno peanuts, roasted sunflower and pumpkin seeds, and salsa almonds. J always jokes that I am like a squirrel, because I LOVE nuts and seeds, and these are delicious! Perfect amount of spicy kick, but not overwhelming, and this snack definitely makes you full and satisfied!

2. Salsa Fresca (dipper)- I was interested to see that I got two dippers in my box this month, since that's pretty unusual! This one contains "cheesy sombreros" which are basically a light wafer cracker with a natural cheese flavor. Super yummy on their own, but with the tomato salsa fresca, these are even better! This is a mild snack, not really spicy at all, so it's safe for kids and anyone who isn't big on a spicy salsa! Delish!

3. Toffee Apple (dipper)- Dipper number 2! This contains dried granny smith apple slices and a toffee sauce for dipping! If you're ever craving a caramel apple that won't break your diet, this is the snack for you! Super delicious and satisfying and only 70 calories!

4. Apple Cosmo (fruit)- I'm not a huge fan of the fruit-only medleys, but J loves them so I leave them on my list so he can get a treat every now and then when I get my boxes! This medley is his absolute favorite and contains cranberries, apples and lime-infused raisins. I think these are yummy when I'm in the mood, but I usually need some sort of crunch in my snacks, which is why I prefer to mix the dried fruit with nuts or seeds. However the flavor of this one is absolutely delish!

BOX #2
The snacks that I received in this box were:

1. Chili and Honey Almonds (nuts)- I know, I know these sound really weird, but they are actually tastier than I expected! These are almonds coated in a sweet honey with a bit of a chili-kick in the aftertaste. These shouldn't taste good, but they do. That's the only thing I can say! I did find them to be a bit too spicy for my liking, so I ended up trashing them on the site (just means Graze won't send them again) but I am glad I got to try something different and interesting!

2. Apple and Cinnamon Flapjack - Send me ALL of the flapjacks! These little guys are to this day, my most favorite thing in my Graze boxes. Flapjacks are what happens when oatmeal and granola bars have a baby. They're not sticky and chewy like a granola bar, and their not a paste like oatmeal, but they are soft like a cookie, and taste like oatmeal but in a granola bar form. I know my description probably makes no sense but they are just delicious. I love this flavor of flapjack, it's my personal fave! Good luck only eating one of these! Hint: It's not going to happen!

3. Olive and Rosemary Bruschetta (savory)- This is another one I was on the fence about flavor-wise when I read the name, however this basically taste like pizza flavored deliciousness. This savory medley includes mini tomato breadsticks, rosemary and garlic cashews, and kalamata olive croutons. I'm not a fan of olives at all, but this snack is truly satisfying if you're craving something like goldfish or pizza. Crunchy and filling! 

4. Little Figgy Went to Market (fruit)- This is one of the rare all-fruit mixes that I absolutely love. It's such a unique mix of fruits: diced figs, cranberries and apples. It has such a delicious flavor, it's kind of like pigging out on fig newtons without the guilt! Absolutely yummy!

Overall Thoughts

I wasn't a huge fan of every single snack this month, but the great thing about Graze is I can trash anything I don't really like, and each month seems like I get a better and better box, because each month I am rating snacks and customizing my choices more. I always love my flapjacks, and I love my nuts/seeds! If you like what you see here and want to sign up to get Graze box, use my referral code to get your first and 5th box free here:

Monday, February 24, 2014

Memebox 5th Global Edition Giveaway Winner!

I stayed up and watched the timer tick down JUST so I could pick the winner of the Memebox Sampler Box Giveaway!

And the winner is...

samuraischolar (Kimberly)!

 I have contacted you via e-mail to gather your mailing address!

Thank you all so much for participating, and I hope you stick around for more giveaways in the future!

(Winner was chosen at random by the generator through

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Loot Crate February 2014 Review!

J's Loot Crate came today, and I just received the tracking yesterday! I totally wasn't expecting it, but J was definitely happy to see it on his desk when he got home from work today!

The theme this month was "Warriors" which played to the online cartoon "Bravest Warriors" that is created by Pendleton Ward, the creator of Adventure Time. J and I have both seen a few episodes of Bravest Warriors, but neither of us is a die-hard fan or anything, so a few of these items were a little lost on us. However I think anyone that is a fan of the show would absolutely love this crate!

Let's get into this month's goodies!

1. GPS Cinch Bag

This is the first Bravest Warriors item in the box. This is a gag from the show, and while I think it's pretty cool, I definitely think this would be a bummer for anyone who hasn't seen Bravest Warriors. J always needs a quick backpack to throw stuff in when he's going to work, so I'm glad that there was a cinch bag in this month's crate!

2. Bravest Warriors Sticker, Catbug Bow Tie and Digital Comic

These 3 items are more Bravest Warriors items. A catbug bowtie: super cute, but honestly I doubt that even a fan would actually wear that thing. Bravest Warriors digital comic download: cool, but would have preferred an actual comic! Bravest Warriors Sticker: J was lucky and got the cutest character sticker (since I will probably steal it) so that was a win! Still feel very "meh" about the theme this month, as I think that it's a good idea to include items from Bravest Warriors to help more people hear about the show, but to include so many items feels like overkill on something that isn't that popular yet. 

3. Dunny Sideshow Box Figure

Since J started getting Loot Crate, he's acquired quite the interesting collection of vinyl figures. These Dunny figures are quite popular, and I've seen them around but never really got into collections in general. I hate clutter, so anything that you need to collect usually doesn't find it's way into my house! These Side Show Dunny figures are really cool, and a fun vinyl to add to J's collection.

4. Bacon Love Card, OpenMe Membership, and Loot Crate Button

I appreciate the gesture Loot Crate, but if you're going to add a Valentines Day item to the crate, at least have them delivered before the 14th! Either way, this is a Valentine's Day card that says, "I love you more than Bacon" inside which is cute, but we just received a similar card in the Zombie Loot Crate a few months back. Even so, the company gave a special website (it's above, so feel free to use the link if interested!) that allows you to access a free year of unlimited e-cards from their store. Also included in this photo is the 2nd Loot Crate collectors button that is themed along with this month's box. 

5. Alpha Battle T-Shirt

Hands down the coolest thing in the box, The Alpha Battle t-shirt. This shirt shows the alphabet depicted by characters from the most popular video game characters. J loved this shirt and it definitely made the whole box worth it!

All in all, this is a pretty decent crate, but J and I agree it is our least favorite one since he began subscribing. I think it's an awesome crate for anyone who is a fan of Bravest Warriors, but probably a let down for anyone that isn't. As always we're hopeful and excited for next month's Loot Crate. I'm crossing my fingers for a Doctor Who theme on the horizon! (A girl can dream!)

If you're interested in grabbing a Loot Crate for yourself or someone you love (these are AWESOME for kids and husbands who act like kids!) please consider using my referral link here: Sign up for the March Loot Crate!  Loot Crate is $13.37 plus a few dollars shipping (it's under $20 total), and make sure to use the coupon code: MARCHLOOT at checkout to save $3 on your subscription!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Memebox 5th Global Edition Review and Giveaway! (February 2014 미미박스)

Memebox has had a crazy influx of subscribers lately, which is a great thing, but has also made them start pumping out boxes at lightning speed! This review is for box 5/5.2. They have already done pre-ordering up to box 10. I received this one on Saturday, but since my mailman flat out refuses to knock on my door when he arrives, I got the dreaded "pink slip of doom" that required me to go down to the post office and pick up the package. Since Monday was a holiday, I had to wait until today to get it. I've been waiting so impatiently to finally get this guy in my hands, so I am so excited to dive in to this box and try everything out!

Memebox has also provided me with some extra samples AND some new products just for my readers! Check out how you can win a box full of memebox samples at the end of this review!

As always, a quick rundown of What Memebox is:

-Memebox ships 5 or more Korean beauty products that are deluxe samples or full size right to you, straight from Korea. The boxes are not currently customizable, but they try to compose boxes with a large variety!

-The cost of Memebox is $23+ with shipping  being $6.99. However, Memebox usually fills these boxes with well over $100 worth of products! Memebox also has special edition boxes like a Superbox or a Lucky box, which contain full size items or collections of items from past boxes etc. You will need to check their site or sign up for their e-mail list for notice on those boxes in the future!

-Memebox is shipped directly from Korea and they work with over 400 different brands and companies!

-Memebox is not a continuous subscription of any kind. You will have the option to buy each box every time it comes out, so there is no obligation to sign up for a monthly program. All you have to do to snag a new box is to register your e-mail on their website, and they will send out a message when a new box is available!

Now onto the 5th Edition!

(first peek inside!)

The 5th Edition has 10 items, 2 are full sized, 5 are deluxe samples and there are 3 sets of foil packet samples. I have noticed a bit of a trend that the sizes and a bit of the value of the boxes have declined a small amount. I really hope this is an accident and that the values will pick back up again. There does seem to be quite a bit of foil packets in the box this month, so I'll be interested to see what #6 has in store.

1. Derma:B Daily Moisture Body Lotion
(Deluxe Sample: 100 ml / Full Size Product: 400ml $16)

 Derma B is a body lotion that provides 24 hour hydration. It's said to leave the skin feeling soft and smooth, while calming irritated skin. It's supposed to be applied like any other lotion, however it's suggested that it be used immediately after a bath or shower for the best absorption. This is a pretty standard lotion although I find it to be quite a bit more moisturizing than many I've tried. I like that it has a light scent that is not too overpowering, and makes my skin feel really smooth!

2. Nuganic Customize Pole Control Essence
(Full Size Product: 30ml $46)
 This is the first full size item in the box and it retails for a whopping $46! I love essence products as I am always in search of a toner that doesn't dry out or irritate my skin. This product actually works alongside a regular toner by reducing the appearance of large pores. It's a lightweight gel that penetrates pores to control pimples and blackheads while rebalancing your skin. It's used by spreading over the face after a toner, before a moisturizer. It has a light floral scent, applies smoothly and absorbs quickly. I'm very excited to see how well this works for me!

3. CNP Laboratory Cleansing Perfecta
(Deluxe Sample: 50ml / Full Size Product: 150ml $23)

This is a gentle cleanser that removes waterproof makeup, BB cream and sunblock. It's an oil free gel that thoroughly removes makeup and oil from the skin. Use as you would any other cleanser. I'm interested in trying this because the last cleanser I received in a memebox worked amazingly well for my skin. I'm hoping this one will too!

4. Aromatica Tasteless Aroma Therapy Roll On
(Full Size Product: 14ml $15)
This is a very interesting little product. The second full size product in the box, "Tasteless" Aroma Therapy Roll On is scented with a "synergistic blend" of Fennel, Patchouli and Vetiver essential oils. It claims to deepen yoga practices. While I'm not a huge fan of fennel (it reminds me of licorice, which I hate) I am a hippie at heart and I love patchouli. I also am known to whip out my yoga mat once in a while, so while I'm not a huge fan of this scent, I am definitely interested in trying it along with my yoga sessions!

5. Lipozone Body Ampoules
(Deluxe Sample: 5ml vials (7) / Full Size Product 5ml vials (14) $32)
Lipozone body ampoules are used to increase the skins firmness, which also helps to reduce cellulite and fat cells. It is recommended that you used the ampoules for 28 days for the best result, although a weeks worth is a substantial sample. To use, simply apply on your belly, arm, butt, or wherever you need firming. It does caution to not use more than one ampoule per day. I wonder why? This stuff seems a bit weird but I'm a risk taker, so I'll totally give it a try and see if anything miraculous happens!

6. Sella Organic Soap
(Deluxe Sample: 18g / Full Size Product: 100g $20)

This organic soap is a facial cleanser made with 100% natural ingredients. It claims to be the most effective anti-aging, and pore minimizing cleanser. To use, simply massage gently over face and neck with fingertips and rinse with warm water. I left this in the package because I do not use solid bar cleansers, so I thought I would add this into the giveaway!

7. Espoir Lip Gloss in "Magic Hour"
(Deluxe Size Sample: 4.4g / Full Size Product: 37g $15)

Espoir lip gloss provides moisture and full coverage while highlighting your natural color. Magic Hour is a really beautiful rosy pink shade. It has a doe foot applicator, and the gloss is pretty opaque. It's not at all sticky and has a medium consistency: not too thick, not too thin. I absolutely love this gloss and it very well could be my favorite item in the box!

8. Physiogel Pouch Sample Mix
Cleanser, Cream, Repair Cream

This is a sampler of the Physiogel line. Their line of products is supposed to cleanse, soothe and soften skin without drying. It's great for lasting hydration on very dry, irritated or sensitive skin. I don't have very dry skin in general, but I do tend to get dryer during the winter months so I'm interested to see how this works.

9. Dear Jane Touch the Silk Velvet Primer Sample
Dear Jane Glam on Your Shimmer Bomb Sample

Dear Jane primer is said to cover pores and imperfections in the skin, while the glam on shimmer bomb is used as a subtle highlight for the nose and cheeks. I have enough primer and highlighter to last me a lifetime, so these are also going into the giveaway box.

10. Leaders CC Cream Sample
Leaders UV Moist Sun Gel Sample

This is a sampler of Leaders CC cream, which is a "complete capture" cream, used as a multi purpose cream for skincare and makeup prep. The UV Moist Sun Gel is a basic sunblock that is used before sun exposure. Very cute little sampler kit and I have an extra to throw into the giveaway box!

The total value of Box #5, NOT including the foil pack samples, is $107. I think that's a great value considering the extra foil packs that were also added. While this box may be the least exciting yet, for me personally, I still think it's filled with some very interesting products, and I'm excited to try them all out!

And now for what you've all been waiting for: The Giveaway!
Memebox was gracious enough to provide me with some products to review separately from the boxes themselves, as well as some fun products to give away to all of you!

Win Me!

What You'll Win:
-1 package of cocoon peeling silk balls
-Derma:B Daily Moisture Body Lotion
-Plant Stem Cell T Cream
-CheekRoom Lip and Cheek Tint
-Sella Natural Cleansing Bar
-Physiogel Sampler
-Dear Jane Primer/Shimmer Sample
-Leaders CC Cream and SPF Sample

How to Win:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

$5 off on entire order when you purchase 3 Memeboxes: MEMEBUNDLE3  
$8 off on entire order when you purchase 4 Memeboxes: MEMEBUNDLE4 
Free shipping on orders above $70 from Memeshop: FREESHIPPING

Shop through my Referral Link and save even more:

Spend $100+ through my referral link and automatically save $5 off your purchase!
Spend $150+ through my referral link and automatically save $10 off your purchase!
(you can combine these deals with the coupon codes above to save even more!)

Value Sets!
You can also save money and get upgrades on shipping when you bundle boxes together! Check out the Value Sets!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Ipsy February 2014 "The Look of Love"

My Ipsy bag snuck into my mailbox yesterday, and since it was Valentines Day, I didn't have time to really look at or test anything. J and I went out to dinner and he gave me a beautiful ring! *Cue the "awwws"!* It was all very lovely and sweet and all that romantic stuff, but now: back to business!

This month's Ipsy bag was themed, "The Look Of Love" and was supposed to contain products that you could use to create a pretty Valentine's Day look. I didn't receive my bag until I was on my way out the door on the 14th, so I wasn't able to test that idea, but I still got some really interesting stuff!

The bag this month (you can see the outside of the bag in the final picture) was a simple light pink with a white zipper. Inside had a super cute pink leopard print that was very festive for the season! I actually love this bag and will probably use it as my main makeup bag in my purse. I've been using the Ipsy December 2012 one for ages!

This month we received 5 products:

1. Zoya Polish in "Dot" (From the 2014 Awaken Collection)

First off, let me say that I always appreciate that Zoya gives Ipsy subscribers not only full size polishes, but shades that are from their new lines. All too often I see companies (*cough NYX *cough) that ship their less popular shades or products to subscription services and I just find that ridiculous. It's good marketing on Zoya's part! The only problem? I hate this shade. With a fiery passion.  I love pink, and love pastel pink, but I hate it on my nails. I prefer purples and deep reds. I was hoping for the other option, "Odette" and I'm sure I can trade for it, however I just wanted to give a quick swatch for those who are interested.

2. IPKN New York BB Cream in "02 Light"

Yikes. If this is "light" then my shade in IPKN BB cream must be "ghost." I have light skin, but definitely not the lightest on the spectrum of skin tones, so I find it a little silly that this is considered "light." This BB cream has a yellow/orange undertone and as you can see from the swatch, doesn't even remotely match my skin tone. For those who are interested in the product itself: It doesn't feel like a BB cream at all. It feels like a sheer liquid foundation or a tinted moisturizer with medium coverage. Really tired of dealing with US companies releasing BB creams that aren't BB creams at all. This one is going in the "Nope" pile!

3. Eyetini Eye Cordial Shadow + Base in "Ambrosia"

This was one of the products I was so indifferent about getting, and my opinion has totally changed! I don't usually use cream shadows because I find them to be a hassle and they crease just way too much to bother with. This cream shadow, however, is a lot different. Not only is the color absolutely stunning: a beautiful purple-taupe, but it applies so easily and is incredibly pigmented! I let this dry on my hand and then attempted to wipe it off and this stuff definitely has some intense staying power! I've also heard from a friend that she wore it out all day with no creasing! My only issue with this product is that it smells a bit like nail polish. Kind of an intense scent for something going on my eye, but overall a fantastic product!

4. City Color Be Matte Blush in "Fresh Melon"

I already own a couple of these blushes, and I absolutely love them! They only retail for $2.99, and I find that they have a great color payoff and a nice, soft consistency. This shade is a bright melon that comes off more as a soft peachy tone once applied and blended into the cheeks. I can't attest to how long they stay on their own, as I use a setting spray on my face, however these blushes last all day for me. Can't get much better than that for $3. Plus: they are completely matte, which is pretty hard to find at that price point!

5. Pop Beauty Plump Pout in "Peony Petal"

I am not a huge fan of Pop Beauty, but I have found that most of their products are very "middle-of-the-road" for me. This lip product however, seems to be a bit nicer than the items I've tried in the past. They describe this product as a lip plumper and a lip stain, however I don't find it to do either of those things. I think that's the downfall of this gloss: there's a lot of claims on it, but it's honestly just a pretty colored gloss and nothing more. Even so, I love the color pay off of this gloss and find it to be a really flattering shade on my skin tone. This gloss is a thinner consistency and feels comfortable on the lips.

For a "complete" look, I think that these products all go pretty well together. The BB cream aside, the light pink polish is a nice basic shade that compliments almost any makeup look.

I think that these shades are fun and vibrant while still being subtle, and really do work nicely together. I'm excited to try a look with the entire bag (minus the BB) and see what I can come up with!

Overall, I think that the February bag is a win. 3/5 items I will use regularly, and the other 2 are fine, just not the right shades for me. I really love the bag as well!

The BB Cream, Blush and Cream Shadow were all chosen for me via IpsyMatch. If you would like to see what else was available for February you can see that here:

(click to enlarge!)

Friday, February 14, 2014

Birchbox February 2014 #2 (US Weekly Collaboration)

It's always a great Valentines Day when you get pretty things in the mail! My 2nd Birchbox showed up today and while I was already a bit let down from the last one, I was still hopeful that this one would be better!

Let's jump right into what I got this month!

First peek in the box! I was wondering if I'd ever see one of the cute Birchbox pillow packs again. They make for great little gift boxes! So obviously, I got a shampoo and conditioner (again!) so let's see what they're all about.

1. Bain de Terre Color Preserving Shampoo and Conditioner

So as you know, I'm a couponer with a stockpile of endless hair products, so it's never that exciting for me when I get shampoo/conditioner duos. I do think, however, that these are pretty substantial sized bottles for a sample at 1.7 oz. They have a light, clean, floral scent which I actually quite like! I have some serious color treated hair (I'm a natural blonde and dye my hair black!) so even though it's not that exciting of a sample, I will definitely use these. They are paraben free, which I like, and have argan and monoi oils to moisturize and keep color vibrant. I'm excited to try these babies out!

2. 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Mascara

I have heard lots of mixed reviews on this mascara, so I'm actually happy that I received it so I could test it out myself. I've heard that it doesn't work at all, that it smells terrible (someone said like a dirty diaper?!) and that the tubes from Birchbox were all dried out and unusable. Well I personally found all of those things to be totally untrue when I did a quick test of  this product! This is an all-natural lash conditioning mascara that tints and lengthens with real fruit pigments and black tea. It's great for sensitive skin too! I found the mascara to have a light scent that smelled like tea. It was barely noticeable. It has as a nice, natural bristle brush and applies the product nicely to the lashes. It didn't make my lashes amazingly volumized or lengthened, but it did give them more lenth and darkened them nicely. I have blonde lashes, so it's easy for me to tell how well a mascara works! This isn't for anyone looking for a false-lash look. But if you're looking for a natural alternative, this is definitely something I would pick up!

3. Harvey Prince Hello Perfume

This perfume is described as Cheerful citrus and floral notes. More specifically, Meyer lemon, mandarin, grapefruit, forsythia, and plumeria. I like fruity scents but I only like florals when they are mixed with a musk or in a deeper oriental scent. I don't really like these "bright, summery" kind of scents. They're just not my thing. However, if you like the sound of a citrusy floral scent, this would be an excellent choice. This would be a great perfume in the summer!

4. Juara Candlenut Body Creme

This is my least favorite kind of packaging for samples. It drives me absolutely insane. I have no idea why, haha. I tend to write things off immediately if I see a sample that looks like this because I'm an irrational weirdo, haha! I decided for the sake of this review I would bust this open and try it out rather than just giving it away. When you open this sample and flatten it out, it's only about 1/3 of the way full. I have a natural toner from this brand and I absolutely love it, so I am happy to say that I also think that this is a very nice body creme. It is a thicker consistency, and absorbs easily into the skin leaving it feeling very soft. I used this one one hand and not on the other and I could genuinely feel a difference. The scent is very subtle, fresh and light. Hard to pin point, but possibly a coconut and floral-like scent? It's quite nice and actually smells a bit like a shampoo or a condtioner. 

At first glance this box seemed like it was going to be my least favorite of the two, but I ended up enjoying it more than my first box! That goes to show you, never judge a Birchbox by it's preview!