Saturday, February 15, 2014

Ipsy February 2014 "The Look of Love"

My Ipsy bag snuck into my mailbox yesterday, and since it was Valentines Day, I didn't have time to really look at or test anything. J and I went out to dinner and he gave me a beautiful ring! *Cue the "awwws"!* It was all very lovely and sweet and all that romantic stuff, but now: back to business!

This month's Ipsy bag was themed, "The Look Of Love" and was supposed to contain products that you could use to create a pretty Valentine's Day look. I didn't receive my bag until I was on my way out the door on the 14th, so I wasn't able to test that idea, but I still got some really interesting stuff!

The bag this month (you can see the outside of the bag in the final picture) was a simple light pink with a white zipper. Inside had a super cute pink leopard print that was very festive for the season! I actually love this bag and will probably use it as my main makeup bag in my purse. I've been using the Ipsy December 2012 one for ages!

This month we received 5 products:

1. Zoya Polish in "Dot" (From the 2014 Awaken Collection)

First off, let me say that I always appreciate that Zoya gives Ipsy subscribers not only full size polishes, but shades that are from their new lines. All too often I see companies (*cough NYX *cough) that ship their less popular shades or products to subscription services and I just find that ridiculous. It's good marketing on Zoya's part! The only problem? I hate this shade. With a fiery passion.  I love pink, and love pastel pink, but I hate it on my nails. I prefer purples and deep reds. I was hoping for the other option, "Odette" and I'm sure I can trade for it, however I just wanted to give a quick swatch for those who are interested.

2. IPKN New York BB Cream in "02 Light"

Yikes. If this is "light" then my shade in IPKN BB cream must be "ghost." I have light skin, but definitely not the lightest on the spectrum of skin tones, so I find it a little silly that this is considered "light." This BB cream has a yellow/orange undertone and as you can see from the swatch, doesn't even remotely match my skin tone. For those who are interested in the product itself: It doesn't feel like a BB cream at all. It feels like a sheer liquid foundation or a tinted moisturizer with medium coverage. Really tired of dealing with US companies releasing BB creams that aren't BB creams at all. This one is going in the "Nope" pile!

3. Eyetini Eye Cordial Shadow + Base in "Ambrosia"

This was one of the products I was so indifferent about getting, and my opinion has totally changed! I don't usually use cream shadows because I find them to be a hassle and they crease just way too much to bother with. This cream shadow, however, is a lot different. Not only is the color absolutely stunning: a beautiful purple-taupe, but it applies so easily and is incredibly pigmented! I let this dry on my hand and then attempted to wipe it off and this stuff definitely has some intense staying power! I've also heard from a friend that she wore it out all day with no creasing! My only issue with this product is that it smells a bit like nail polish. Kind of an intense scent for something going on my eye, but overall a fantastic product!

4. City Color Be Matte Blush in "Fresh Melon"

I already own a couple of these blushes, and I absolutely love them! They only retail for $2.99, and I find that they have a great color payoff and a nice, soft consistency. This shade is a bright melon that comes off more as a soft peachy tone once applied and blended into the cheeks. I can't attest to how long they stay on their own, as I use a setting spray on my face, however these blushes last all day for me. Can't get much better than that for $3. Plus: they are completely matte, which is pretty hard to find at that price point!

5. Pop Beauty Plump Pout in "Peony Petal"

I am not a huge fan of Pop Beauty, but I have found that most of their products are very "middle-of-the-road" for me. This lip product however, seems to be a bit nicer than the items I've tried in the past. They describe this product as a lip plumper and a lip stain, however I don't find it to do either of those things. I think that's the downfall of this gloss: there's a lot of claims on it, but it's honestly just a pretty colored gloss and nothing more. Even so, I love the color pay off of this gloss and find it to be a really flattering shade on my skin tone. This gloss is a thinner consistency and feels comfortable on the lips.

For a "complete" look, I think that these products all go pretty well together. The BB cream aside, the light pink polish is a nice basic shade that compliments almost any makeup look.

I think that these shades are fun and vibrant while still being subtle, and really do work nicely together. I'm excited to try a look with the entire bag (minus the BB) and see what I can come up with!

Overall, I think that the February bag is a win. 3/5 items I will use regularly, and the other 2 are fine, just not the right shades for me. I really love the bag as well!

The BB Cream, Blush and Cream Shadow were all chosen for me via IpsyMatch. If you would like to see what else was available for February you can see that here:

(click to enlarge!)


  1. I love that gloss on you! Those lips, Rackle, those lips.
    And once again, I love your blog - I check it every day ;)

  2. I received the same Be Matte blush and Pop Beauty lip color. I LOVED the lip color and the blush look intriguing. I haven't used it yet as I'm afraid it may be too bright, but I'm going to put together a blog post in the future with an Ipsy look. Great review and awesome pictures!

    1. Hope you love the blush too, Ashly! It is VERY pigmented, so a little goes a long way! :)

  3. Yes, that gloss looks amazing on you. I really wanted the eyeshadow, but no such luck.

    Here is my review.

  4. Enjoyed your review! I got mostly te same items, except I got the purple polish and a spot corrector instead of the BB, this bag was a 5/5 for me. The blush is so pretty and I want to buy about 100 of those eyeshadows! I totally agreed, that was the item I was least excited for but it turned out to be my favorite, use it daily!

    1. I would have totally preferred the corrector as the BB is the only thing that made it not a perfect bag. And I absolutely agree I totally love the shadow and want one in every color! So hard to find a cream-type shadow that doesn't crease on my lids!