Thursday, February 20, 2014

Loot Crate February 2014 Review!

J's Loot Crate came today, and I just received the tracking yesterday! I totally wasn't expecting it, but J was definitely happy to see it on his desk when he got home from work today!

The theme this month was "Warriors" which played to the online cartoon "Bravest Warriors" that is created by Pendleton Ward, the creator of Adventure Time. J and I have both seen a few episodes of Bravest Warriors, but neither of us is a die-hard fan or anything, so a few of these items were a little lost on us. However I think anyone that is a fan of the show would absolutely love this crate!

Let's get into this month's goodies!

1. GPS Cinch Bag

This is the first Bravest Warriors item in the box. This is a gag from the show, and while I think it's pretty cool, I definitely think this would be a bummer for anyone who hasn't seen Bravest Warriors. J always needs a quick backpack to throw stuff in when he's going to work, so I'm glad that there was a cinch bag in this month's crate!

2. Bravest Warriors Sticker, Catbug Bow Tie and Digital Comic

These 3 items are more Bravest Warriors items. A catbug bowtie: super cute, but honestly I doubt that even a fan would actually wear that thing. Bravest Warriors digital comic download: cool, but would have preferred an actual comic! Bravest Warriors Sticker: J was lucky and got the cutest character sticker (since I will probably steal it) so that was a win! Still feel very "meh" about the theme this month, as I think that it's a good idea to include items from Bravest Warriors to help more people hear about the show, but to include so many items feels like overkill on something that isn't that popular yet. 

3. Dunny Sideshow Box Figure

Since J started getting Loot Crate, he's acquired quite the interesting collection of vinyl figures. These Dunny figures are quite popular, and I've seen them around but never really got into collections in general. I hate clutter, so anything that you need to collect usually doesn't find it's way into my house! These Side Show Dunny figures are really cool, and a fun vinyl to add to J's collection.

4. Bacon Love Card, OpenMe Membership, and Loot Crate Button

I appreciate the gesture Loot Crate, but if you're going to add a Valentines Day item to the crate, at least have them delivered before the 14th! Either way, this is a Valentine's Day card that says, "I love you more than Bacon" inside which is cute, but we just received a similar card in the Zombie Loot Crate a few months back. Even so, the company gave a special website (it's above, so feel free to use the link if interested!) that allows you to access a free year of unlimited e-cards from their store. Also included in this photo is the 2nd Loot Crate collectors button that is themed along with this month's box. 

5. Alpha Battle T-Shirt

Hands down the coolest thing in the box, The Alpha Battle t-shirt. This shirt shows the alphabet depicted by characters from the most popular video game characters. J loved this shirt and it definitely made the whole box worth it!

All in all, this is a pretty decent crate, but J and I agree it is our least favorite one since he began subscribing. I think it's an awesome crate for anyone who is a fan of Bravest Warriors, but probably a let down for anyone that isn't. As always we're hopeful and excited for next month's Loot Crate. I'm crossing my fingers for a Doctor Who theme on the horizon! (A girl can dream!)

If you're interested in grabbing a Loot Crate for yourself or someone you love (these are AWESOME for kids and husbands who act like kids!) please consider using my referral link here: Sign up for the March Loot Crate!  Loot Crate is $13.37 plus a few dollars shipping (it's under $20 total), and make sure to use the coupon code: MARCHLOOT at checkout to save $3 on your subscription!


  1. Ah man, I really am loving that shirt!

    1. It's probably my favorite shirt we've received from Loot Crate so far!

  2. Like the shirt HMMMMM about the box, only because I don't think my hubby will go for it. Must be behind the times : ) as I never heard of the Bravest Warriors before and I don't think he has either. So can't relate!!! Oh well! Win some, loose some!!!!

    1. Yes, my boyfriend got this box and when I asked him if he got anything good, he said that everything was related to a cartoon that he's "too old to have ever heard of". LOL. But he did love the shirt, so that makes the whole thing worth it.

      Polished Portland

  3. Rachel - this is SUCH an awesome box! I love unique monthly boxes. I just nominated you for the "Shine On" blogger award! Check it out here:

    1. Thanks so much Ashly! You're so sweet! I followed your blog! :D