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Mantry March 2014 Review!

It's no secret that I get a lot of subscription boxes. I'm sure my neighbors think I'm a online shopping addict at this point, but more importantly: J sometimes feels totally left out of the fun! 
He received Loot Crate for awhile, but he stopped enjoying them as much, so I went on the prowl for a new subscription that he would love. I signed him up for Birchbox Man, and I was also lucky enough to receive a complimentary crate from Mantry!

What is Mantry? 
Mantry is "The modern man's pantry." It's a food-of-the-month subscription that helps you discover hard-to-find artisan foods that are all made in America. It all comes packaged up in an awesome wooden crate (also made in the USA!) as well as an informative booklet that contains recipes, brand back stories and things of that nature.
 Each Mantry crate costs $75 per month. While the price tag is a bit on the high side for a subscription, it's definitely worth it if you have a very particular foodie in your life! The theme and curation of each crate make it feel incredibly special to receive, and completely unique from every other food subscription. 
Let's take a look  at the March crate, which was themed, "Health Nut."
Mantry says:
It's a tough world out there- from pre-dawn wake ups and venti coffee cups, to late-night cocktails turned 6am e-mails, people are stretching themselves more thin than ever. Are we recommending a sea kelp smoothie? No, but Mantry has rounded up six products to inch you one step closer to being superhuman(er)...
Mantry includes a booklet that tells you all about the items in the crate, with to-the-point, yet wonderful details about the companies, the products, and where everything comes from!
1. TruBee Honey: Tennessee Snow Honey ($10)
Trubee Snow Honey is something quite interesting! It's made by beekeepers in Tennessee, and they keep the honey raw and unprocessed to preserve all of the good vitamins and minerals! This honey is refered to as "snow honey" and it's actually honey that is whipped until it's creamy and spreadable. J is obsessed with honey in his tea as well as on toast and he said this stuff is delicious! Best part? Mantry gave the little tip that honey is also a great cure for a hangover. Nice!

2. Jonty Jacobs Biltong ($10)
This meat is preserved in a way that keeps it fresh without refrigeration. The process originated in South African tribes and getting this type of dried meat in the US was pretty difficult until recently, when it began being prepared in New York. J is always going on about Jerky and is a very meat-and-potatoes kind of guy, literally and figuratively. We both tried this, and it tastes kind of like a fancy SlimJim! Not my favorite kind of snack, but as long as J enjoys it, that's what matters! Mantry suggests to either eat it right out the bag (like we did) or sprinkle it on a salad with fresh mozzarella. Yum!

3. Natural Delights Medjool Dates ($7)
 Dates are kind of a weird thing. I feel like they look like giant raisins, kind of taste like giant raisins, but something about them is just kind of icky to me. I honestly can't figure it out. They are definitely sweet, and would probably taste good in some kind of baked dessert or bread. I am going to hold onto these and look up a fun recipe (since I love baking!) and see what I can come up with!

4. Peguero Farms Roasted Sea Salted Pistachio Butter ($15)
 OK, so at first glance I was a bit confused by this stuff. I love pistachios and I love peanut butter, but the appearance of this stuff just doesn't look appetizing. Even so, as soon as I popped open the jar, I was in love! It tastes like peanut butter with a light pistachio flavor. It's absolutely delicious! I think it would taste great on a piece of whole grain toast in the morning. Cannot wait for breakfast!

5. Vosges Chocolate: Coconut Ash and Banana Super Dark Chocolate Bar ($7.50)
 I was already on board with eating the crap out of this chocolate bar, but Mantry went into a bit of detail on the benefits of dark chocolate: antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, stress reduction, heart health, improved brain function etc. After reading that, I took it as a sign and immediately busted this beauty open! Something about the term "coconut ash" doesn't sound appealing, but let me tell you, this chocolate bar was genuinely one of the best dark chocolates I've ever tasted. It's a VERY dark chocolate, but still has a light sweetness to it rather than being overly bitter. I can't taste the coconut or the banana very much at all, but when I catch a glimpse of them, it's incredibly subtle. It's just a very high-quality, rich dark chocolate. I'll be honest and say this chocolate bar was gone within the hour! Definitely interested in buying more from this brand. I love that it's vegan, too!

6. Quinn Popcorn: Lemon & Sea Salt Popcorn ($5)
 I was happy to see that Quinn Popcorn is from Woburn MA, which is just a short drive away from my hometown! This box contains 2 bags of microwave popcorn as well as 2 ingredient pouches that contain the lemon and sea salt, and 2 pouches of sunflower oil to help the salt and lemon coat the popcorn. This corn contains no bad stuff and is GMO free. J and I both tried and enjoyed this popcorn a lot more than we anticipated! The lemon flavor kind of threw me off a bit when I first saw the box, but it's very subtle on most of the pieces. There are pieces here and there that have a very strong lemon flavor, though, so beware if you're not into that! Even so, this popcorn tasted light and fresh, and we'll definitely enjoy the second bag soon!

Overall Thoughts
The total value of the items in the March Mantry crate is just under $55. When you add the time and care it takes to curate these crates, the cost of the wooden crates themselves, as well as shipping such a heavy box, I think that $75 a month is reasonable for this subscription. Is it out of my price range? Absolutely. I think I might be more inclined to purchase it at $40 a month. J and I both really enjoyed the overall experience of the March Mantry crate, though. I feel like we tried a lot of new things and had fun reading about each item and taste-testing everything!
If you're looking for a food subscription that is more bang-for-your-buck, I don't think Mantry would be right for you. You don't get items that are worth more than the value of the box, like a lot of other subscriptions. However, I think that Mantry is worth the price if you're looking to really treat someone special in your life with a thoughtful,amazing gift.  Dads, husbands, brothers, or any other special guy in your life would probably love to receive Mantry if they are into new and interesting foods!

If you're interested in purchasing a Mantry crate, subscription, or just want to take a peek at some of their past boxes, visit their site Here!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Graze Box Review (March 2014)

It's time for another Graze box roundup! 
This month, I switched to bi-weekly so I could try a similar subscription service that was suggested to me called "Nibblr." I'm not going to talk about it here, but expect a detailed review on them soon!

Aside from all that, you're here for a March Graze Box review!
If you want a more detailed explanation of what Graze is and what they offer, please go HERE.
Basic explanation: They send you 4 pre-portioned snacks from a lineup of over 90 to choose from. Each box is $6, and you can get them once a month, or bi-weekly. 
If you're interested in trying Graze out for yourself, you can use my referral link and receive your 1st and your 5th box absolutely free! You can cancel after the first box if you want, but trust me, you definitely won't want to!
(I always donate my referral rewards to the Graze School of Farming which you can learn more about HERE. )
Onward to boxes full of delicious, portioned goodness!

Box #1
 1. Cracking Black Pepper Cashew (whole nuts)- I really love nuts and seeds, so I was excited to try this, as it's a newer snack. This contains black pepper cashews, roasted unsalted cashews and redskin peanuts. While this was pretty decent, I found that it was a bit bland and boring to be eaten on it's own as there is no salt on these.

2. Spicy Corn Taco (Savory Selection)- Graze has some of my favorite savory snacks, and this is the first time trying this one. It contains hot chili peanuts, edamame beans and roasted corn. I don't think the chili peanuts are as spicy as they sound, but they do have a bit of a kick. That chili flavor on the peanuts makes up for the lack of salt on the corn and beans, and this makes for a super satisfying crunchy snack! I don't think it taste like a taco, but it's pretty yummy anyway!

3. Honeycomb Flapjack- Flapjacks are still my favorite thing that Graze offers. I truly can get anything like them anywhere else, and overall they're what keeps me subscribed to Graze. These little oatmeal/granola-like bars are excellent to cure a sweet tooth or if you need some energy on the go. The honeycomb flapjacks are one of my favorites because they have just enough chocolate to be satisfying, but not overly sweet.

4. Triple Berry Smoothie (fruit)- This is another one of the newer snacks and It's ridiculously good. It has mini strawberries, blueberries, cranberries and banana coins, and really does taste like a fruit smoothie. It has some of my favorite fruits in it, and the Graze strawberries taste like homemade fruit snacks. Yum!

BOX #2
1. Morning Energizer (fruit and nuts)- This is one of the "nutritionist picks" which means it's super good for you! It contains pears, cherries and walnuts. I think that this can be a little bland if you're not into everything that in this mix, but I find it to be fresh and tasty. The dried pears are pretty new to me, and I think they're delish! The tartness of the cherries really flavors this entire snack for me.

2. British Barbecue (savory selections)- British Barbecue is a snack I've had a few times, and I always enjoy it. It has rosemary crostini, mini basil bread sticks, spicy seeds and smoked almonds. It's got a smokey flavor that mixes perfectly with the roasted seeds/almonds, and is offset nicely by the crostini and bread sticks. If you like savory snacks and smokey flavors, this would be a hit!

3. Fruit & Seed Flapjack- Flapjacks: freakin' delicious, soft granola/oatmeal bars of wonder. Love them, and love this flavor. It's sweet, but also has a bit of a crunch because of the pumpkin seeds! 

4. Banana Caramel Dippers- I'm on the fence with this one. This is a new snack, and it's the first time I've received it. I am a huge fan of the the summer berry compote, which is very similar to this, but I just wasn't sure how I felt about this. I like Graze's shortbread dippers, but the banana flavor on these ones was just a bit too intense for me. I am not a fan of their caramel sauce at all, so it wasn't a surprise when I didn't like it with the banana dippers either. I don't think this is horrible, but I didn't like it enough to want to get it again. 

Overall Thoughts
I didn't get any super exciting snacks this month, but I'd say I'm much happier this month than I was in February. I'm glad I got Flapjacks in both boxes, and think that Graze did a good job sending a good mix of snacks in each box! If you're interested in trying Graze, please consider using my referral code (link is a at the beginning of this post) and get your first and fifth box for free!

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City Color Cosmetics: City Chic and Matte Lipstick Review

I have a confession: I'm truly addicted to lipstick. It's the one thing in my makeup collection that I feel like I never have enough of! There was a time when I wore almost exclusively glosses, but when I finally took the plunge and started to ease myself into lipstick, I now find myself favoring them over glosses!

I've been looking for a new cosmetics brand that is low-cost, but high quality, as I really enjoy having a large amount of color selection to choose from. City Color Cosmetics has been featured a couple of times in past Ipsy bags, and I found that the products I tried were really nice quality! I was so happy to have the opportunity to try some of their lipsticks!

City Chic Lipstick in "French Kiss" ($3.99)
City Chic Lipstick is our new signature creamy lipstick line that is fitting for all occasions. Its advanced formula gives your lips a hydrating and long-lasting wear throughout the day. Comes in 30 flawless, richly pigmented shades. From luxurious nudes to vibrant berry hues, these velvety lipsticks are ideal for any classic City Chic look.
 This shade is called, "French Kiss", and it is a gorgeous red wine shade. I naturally gravitate toward purple-red tones on my lips, especially in the colder months! I find that this shade is still very wearable, even now that Spring is finally here! 

The packaging of these lipsticks is very chic! I love the little City Color heart logos embossed on the lipstick itself and on the top of the tube. I also love that the shade is clearly visible at the bottom of the tube. If you own quite a few lipsticks from the same brand, it can be incredibly difficult to find which one you're looking for if there's no shade indicator. This lipstick also twists up easily, but stays in place firmly when applying. A problem I find with a lot of lipsticks (even some high-end ones!)  is that the base is a bit wobbly, and the product wiggles a bit when applying. Not the case with this one at all! 

This lipstick is extremely creamy and soft. I would even describe the texture to be a bit on the thinner side, so it's very easy to apply, but also easy to make a mistake if you don't apply it carefully. A shade this deep can sometimes look wonky if you don't apply with a lip brush or a steady hand. A red liner would also help. I didn't wear a lip liner in the photo, so you can see a bit around the top of my lips how the color bled out just a bit.

WOW. Pigment for the Gods! This stuff slides on just as deep and intense as the photos. Depending on the lighting and the natural pigment of your lips, it may lean more red or more purple, but it's absolutely stunning either way! 

Staying Power
At first I was a little unsure of the staying power of this lipstick. I found the formula to be pretty thin once it was applied. I left it alone for about an hour and went about my day. It seemed to still look pretty fresh after an hour or so, although it came right off on my coffee mug shortly after. I did notice that there is a slight staining effect on the lips. If you gently blot the shininess away from the lips, it will leave a deep wine-colored stain that will stay for hours! 
While this lipstick probably would need to be re-applied every 3-4 hours to keep that fresh, shiny look, I love a lipstick that will leave color behind once it has worn off, as it helps to not have to reapply constantly!

Overall Thoughts
 This lipstick is moisturizing, and super pigmented! The formula is on the thinner side, which can be nice if you don't like a lot of "goop" on your lips, however it doesn't help the staying power. This lipstick probably lasts about 3-4 hours on it's own before needing re-apply. Definitely worth the $3.99 price tag, especially if you're in the market for a few different shades to fill holes in your collection!

Matte Lipstick in "Berry" ($2.99)
Matte Lipstick is every girl's must-have secret. Its rich formula is highly pigmented and enhanced for a long-lasting color. In 18 stunning shades, your lips will never feel dry and maintain the perfect shade throughout your day.
This shade is called, "Berry", however I don't think it's really berry shade at all! It looks incredibly bright pink in the tube, but comes out a bit more muted once on the lips! I don't have many matte lipsticks so I was really excited to see how this one performed!

The packaging on the Matte Lipstick is a much different from the City Chic. These are not in a conventional lipstick tube, but instead have a square-shaped base with a clear cover. Again, loving the see-through cover as it makes my life easier when I'm grabbing for a certain shade! The packaging is also very sturdy and well made. I feel like I could toss this into my makeup bag in my purse without the cover cracking or coming off.

The formulation of the matte lipsticks is much different from the City Chic line. This formula is a lot dryer and thicker, but not uncomfortable on the lips. Matte lipsticks are rarely "creamy", or it would take away from the overall matte appearance. It does tug a bit at the lips and takes a little bit of extra effort to get the product to apply smoothly and evenly, but not so much where it would deter me from using the product overall. 

This lipstick has fabulous pigmentation! The swatch on my hand is about 2 swipes. You can see that it appears a lot more matte on the back of my hand than it does on my lips. I noticed before I even applied the shade that it had a bit of a sheen to it, which doesn't make much sense if it's in a line of matte lipsticks. Even so, it's a LOT less shiny than most of my regular lipsticks, and I think that without the flash and in natural light, this would come off a lot more matte than it does in the picture. 

Staying Power
Like most other matte lipsticks, this stuff stays forever! I left it on without eating/drinking for about a little over an hour, and it looked just as good as when I first applied it. Eating and drinking did cause some of the product to wear off, however it was still going strong hours later! I think this is a great long-wearing formula and definitely would feel comfortable recommending this to anyone looking for a lip product that will stay all-day and is very low maintenance.

Overall Thoughts
While I don't think that this lipstick is 100% matte, I do think that the dry, yet pigmented formula makes for less shine, and longer wear. This is a great option for anyone who wants low maintenance color, or a more muted/natural finish to your lipstick!

For my first foray into City Color Cosmetics lip products, I have to say I am pretty impressed! The price tags on these lipsticks alone make them worth it for me. While these lipsticks aren't perfect, they more than exceed my expectations, and perform better than even some of my high end products. I can't say that the matte lipsticks will be 100% matte, although the sheen in the "Berry" shade may just be a one-off issue. 

(All products in this review were provided complimentary for review/consideration. All opinions stated in his review are honest, and my own.)

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Memebox 7th Global Edition Review and Giveaway! 2014 미미박스

 After a long trip all the way from Korea to my doorstep, my memebox global edition #7 is finally here!
I had a serious case of box envy when I saw lots of other ladies getting their boxes, but now that mine is here I not only get to review it for you all, but I'm also hosting my second giveaway with memebox! Keep reading for details!

Hold up...What is Memebox?
If you're a bit late to the party (fashionably late, we forgive you!) and are interested in more information about Memebox, please consult my previous post for lots of great information on the company, the available boxes, prices, you name it!
6th Global Edition Review and Memebox Information Galore!

  Let's get onto the 7th Global Edition! Yay!
This edition contains 6 items: 3 of which are full-sized, and 3 that are deluxe sized samples. All 6 items are new to memebox and have not been featured in any previous boxes.

1. Miseenscene: 2X Curl Essence
(Deluxe Sample: 30ml / Full Size Product: 150ml $10) 
 I was just going on about how memebox doesn't include enough hair products in their boxes, so of course they made me eat my words and put this awesome curling essence in the 7th edition! This is a great leave-in treatment that nourishes hair, provides volume and helps replenish moisture to dry/damaged hair. It can be applied to towel-dried or dry hair, focusing on the ends. There's no mention of why this is called a "curling essence" anywhere on the info card, but I'm assuming it could be used on curly hair to keep frizz at bay! This essence smells lovely: the scent is what I like to call "beauty shop fresh." Think of a high end shampoo or conditioner at the salon, and you'll probably get an idea of what this smells like! It has a creamier consistency than a typical essence, so it feels very nourishing to my hair.

2. Leaders Insolution: BIO Medi-curing Aqua Dressing Mask
(Full Size Product 20ml $3)
If you didn't already know, paper face masks are kind of a big deal in Korea. So much so, that they're now becoming pretty commonplace in the US! Basically, these foil packs have a paper mask folded up inside that is soaked with an essence or solution. You unfold the mask and apply it to clean skin. To apply, you simply line it up to the best of your ability with your face and press onto your skin. there's holes in the mask for your eyes, nose and mouth. Everyone's face shape is different though, so you may need to cut these openings a bit more to fit you comfortably. Once the mask is on you face, pat and smooth it out and leave on for 10-20 minutes. These masks make you look terrifying/hilarious at the same time, so be sure to make the most of it and spook your significant other or you children while it's on your face! Afterwards, remove the mask, discard it, and pat whatever residue is left on your face into your skin. A wide variety of these masks can be found relatively cheaply on most korean beauty and cosmetics websites.

3. Dr. G: Bio-RTx Mentor Cream 5
(Deluxe Sample: 20ml / Full Size Product: 50ml $35)
 I have tried a few things by Dr. G and I've always been very happy with the quality of their products. This cream comes in different formulations: #7 is for sensitive and acne prone skin, #5 (pictured here) is for enhancing the skin's barrier and moisturizing very dry skin, and #3 is for oily skin.
I wouldn't call these moisturizers, however they are similar in the fact that they are rich creams that absorb quickly into your skin. If you have dry skin, this stuff will do a great job of keeping your skin hydrated when used properly. I would save this kind of a cream to use right before bed, rather than have it replace your daily moisturizer.

4. a:t fox: Fantasy Holic Black Tea Makeup Designer Kit
(Full Size Product: $23)
 Guys, just look at this little tin! Seriously this is probably the most lovely little cosmetic tin I have ever seen! The second I pulled it out of the box, I knew it was love! This is a 6 piece collection that helps create a pretty eye, lip, cheek and nail look!
The Kit includes 3 eye pencils in the shades: Velvet Pink, Blind Red and Golden Khaki, a twist up eye pencil in "Urban Black" and a lip/cheek pencil in "Rose Beige."  Also included are adorable little nail stickers and a nail file to complete the look!
Not only do all the shades work perfectly together, but they are all so pigmented and easy to use! I'm interested to see how that "Blind Red" eyeliner looks on my eyes. I may use it as a lip liner consider how close of a match it is to the lip & cheek pencil! This tin (Black Tea) and the Herb Tea tin are both available for purchase on the memebox website for $23. If you're as much of a packaging freak as I am, you're going to want to pick one of these up, and fast!

5. Recipe by Nature: Slowganic Cleansers- Lemon, Green Tea and Adlay
(Full Size Product: 100g $40)
The fun products just keep on coming! I love Recipe by Nature products, and I have been dying to try these slowganic cleansers because they are so strange-looking!
I mean, what is that? It looks like half-melted marshmallows in some fast food dipping cups! These cleansers are referred to as "slowganic" becuase they are made with raw, organic ingredients. They instantly whisk away impurities and makeup, but maintain the skins natural moisture. Memebox doesn't suggest how much of these cleansers you should use at a time, however one of them has a little plastic lid, so I assumed you would use that to reseal these little guys.
I've also confirmed with a friend (who has tried these out already) that you only need a small amount of these cleansers to do the job. I am interested to see how these work, as I am always on the hunt for a new cleanser! Not to mention, anything that looks weird is something I want to try!

6. Catrin: Natural 100 Mineral Sun Kill SPF42 PA++
(Full Size Product 12g $38)
Just in time for summer, this mineral powder sun protector contains 10 organic, natural minerals that are suitable for even the most sensitive skin. It's oil and chemical free, and can be used on anyone in your family to protect against the suns harmful rays.
This is the puff version, which is used simply by patting on the puff until the powder comes through and out of the puff. Apply as much as needed until the desired coverage is achieved. This product also comes packaged with a brush instead of a puff, which you will see in the giveaway below!

Memebox 7th Global Edition Total Value: $93!

While this isn't the most valuable memebox I've ever received, it's definitely one of my favorites. I love that they included sheet masks, fun cleansers, a makeup kit, cream for my skin and hair, and a full size sunscreen/powder! I think this is not only a well rounded box, but it's also a great box to have now that we're entering the warmer spring months! I'm absolutely thrilled with this box and I cannot wait to see what's inside the next one!

Don't forget to check out Memebox's Website to check out which boxes are currently available! Act fast if you want in on one, they really do sell out quickly!

Giveaway Time!
Enter below for a chance to win:

-1 Recipe by Nature Spray Essence Water ($35)
-1 Laneige Snow Crystal Pure Lip Gloss ($12)
- 1 UV Mineral Sun Kill SPF Powder (with Brush) ($38)
- Surprise Item Chosen by Me! (item will be randomly selected from past memeboxes)
Total Prize Value: Over $85!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
RULES: Open to US residents only. Winning entry will be checked and verified. Winner will be chosen at random by rafflecopter and Winner will be contacted by e-mail and must respond within 48 hours to claim their prize or another winner will be chosen.

Good Luck! XOXO

$5 off on entire order when you purchase 3 Memeboxes: MEMEBUNDLE3  
$8 off on entire order when you purchase 4 Memeboxes: MEMEBUNDLE4 
Free shipping on orders above $70 from Memeshop: FREESHIPPING

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Value Sets!
You can also save money and get upgrades on shipping when you bundle boxes together! Check out the Value Sets!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Memebox 6th Global Edition Review! 2014 미미박스

This review is ridiculously late, I know! Memebox completely missed sending me Box #6, and didn't realize they forgot to send it until they were packing up my Box#7! That review is coming tomorrow, and even though I know most of you have already seen whats in Box#6, I thought I would open it up and let you know my thoughts anyway! 

 For a quick rundown of What Memebox is:

-Memebox ships  4-8 Korean beauty products that are deluxe samples or full size right to you, straight from Korea. The boxes are not currently customizable, but they try to compose boxes with a large variety!

-The cost of Memebox is $23 with shipping to the US or Canada being $6.97. The total cost being $29.97 per month. However, the boxes are always at least triple the value!

-Memebox also has special edition boxes available at various prices which include:

    - Luckybox- a box containing items from past memeboxes
    -Superbox- a box that contains only full size products
    -Ltd Edition- Memebox also comes out with brand-specific boxes, as well as themed
                   boxes like "Hair and Body," "Anti-Aging" and more!

-Memebox is shipped directly from Korea and they work with over 400 different brands and companies!

-Memebox is not a subscription. You will have the option to buy each box every time they come out, so there is no obligation to sign up for a monthly program. All you have to do to get a new box is to register your e-mail on their website, and they will send out a message when a new box is available! But don't wait on these. Some of them sell out in just hours!

Now onto the 6th Global Edition! 

The 6th Edition contains 8 items: 2 of which are repeats from previous boxes, 4 are full size products, and 4 are deluxe sized samples.

1. O'sum: Aloe Vera Soothing Mist 
(Full Size Product: 80ml $15)
 This facial mist is made with organic aloe, and is used by gently misting your face before or after makeup, or on it's own. It claims to have a calming formula that hydrates while controlling sebum without irritating sensitive skin. This product can also be used as a makeup setting spray, which is nice! I love setting sprays, however I find them to be a bit drying and the ingredients are never very pleasant. This mist seems a lot kinder and gentler to use as a setting spray, so I'm quite interested to see how it works!

2. Kovas: Cettua Silk and Shiny Foot Mask
(Full Size Product: 14g $2.50)
 I've seen my fair share of paper masks for the face, but I have never in my life heard of a foot mask! Of course, this is why I love memebox! This is a pair of masks (one for each foot) that is worn like a sock over the feet. You then tighten the opening with a provided sticker that holds them in place, and leave them on for 20-30 minutes. These are supposed to replenish dehydrated skin on the hands and feet. I am always down for trying these weird things that memebox sends, so I cannot wait to throw these babies on!

 I'm not going to lie: Winter just ended and I live in New England: my feet are a mess right now. These little foot bags (lol) couldn't have come at a better time. Basically they feel like a vinyl bag on the outside, and on the inside there is a cheesecloth-like material that is soaked in a liquid/gel type of solution. There is a very sweet peppermint scent, which was actually very pleasant! I stuck my foot in the foot bags and slapped the sticker on on them to keep them shut. I was already lounging in bed so I figured, why not wear some foot bags while I'm at it?

I have to say you guys...after wearing these for 20-25 minutes, my feet look and feel amazing. It feels like I just got a pedicure, complete with callus removal and foot soak/scrub! I really didn't expect anything this dramatic, and now I totally regret not taking before and after photos. I have NO idea where to find these right now, but if I ever find them, I am buying a bunch more to have on hand for summer. These would be so much cheaper and easier to use than going to get a pedicure all the time! If you got these in your memebox and haven't tried them, hold onto them for when it's sandal weather. You'll thank me!

3. Recipe by Nature: Spray Essence Water
(Full Size Product: 140ml $35)
 This item was featured in memebox #1, and while it is a repeat, not many people received the first box so it's new to them! This is a facial mist essence that is enriched with celtic water and glacial mineral water. It's full of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to enhance and hydrate your skin. I have used this product extensively in the past and I'll say right off the bat that it smells lovely. It's a very light lemon-citrus scent. It's a very refreshing facial mist! I do think, however, that the sprayer releases too much product with each spray. If you're not careful, you can end up with a lot of product not only on your face, but in your hair, on your clothing etc. The best way to use this product is to spritz a generous amount on a cotton round and gently apply to the face after cleansing. It does an amazing job of recovering hydration after skin is cleansed!

4. Hanskin: Bio Origin Wrinkle Talk BB SPF 30
(Deluxe Sample: 10ml / Full Size Product: 40ml $39)
I can never try enough Korean BB's! This one is referred to as a "one-step makeup solution" that gives age defense, coverage for uneven skin tone and blemishes, protection from the sub, and cell renewal. Application is the same as every other BB cream: apply to skin with clean hands, ensuring you massage the cream completely into the skin. I found that this BB cream has a very thin formula, but when swatches on my arm, seemed to have nice medium coverage. I will probably pass this one onto my mom since she's been looking for an anti-aging BB!

5. Nella Fantasia: One Day Whitener Magical Whitening Lotion
(Deluxe Sample: 40ml / Full Size Product: 120ml $26)
Whitening lotions are incredibly popular in Korea, which is funny considering here in the US everyone is looking for a tan! I am one of the very few people who love my super pale skin, so this whitening lotion is totally up my alley! Many people think that these lotions have bleaching agents in them, which they do not. While there are some serious skin products on the market that contain bleach, (and you should avoid them at all costs!) skin whiteners act in the same way a self-tanner would. It temporarily whitens the skin and evens out the tone to leave it looking flawless. I've heard great things about this lotion so I can't wait to try it out!

6. Kerasys: Miracle Essence
(Full Size Product: 50ml $13.50)
Memeboxes are overflowing with skincare, but the hair care products have been few and far between. I was very happy to see a full size essence for my hair in this box! It's considered one of the best salon-quality hair care products in Korea, and provides shine while rejuvenating dry hair. It deeply conditions hair, leaving it soft and healthy. It's best applied to towel-dried or dry hair, focusing on the ends. I have very dry, damaged hair due to coloring and using lots of chemicals on my hair, so oils and essences do wonders for replenishing some of that much needed moisture! This essence smells clean and fresh, and feels very light. It didn't weigh my hair down at all when I tried it out, and I do think my hair dried feeling much softer and more manageable!

7. Dr. Jart+: Silver Label Rejuvenating Beauty Balm
(Deluxe Sample: 8ml / Full Size Product: 50ml $29)
Two BB creams in one box? It must be my lucky day! Dr. Jart is a pretty popular brand not only in Korea, but in the US too! This particular BB cream is referred on the Memebox info card as an "adhesive powder" which is kind of strange. But it claims to hide blemishes flawlessly with "dense" coverage. It adheres to the skin without being uncomfortable, helps maintains a flawless appearance through the day. I did a quick swatch of this BB cream, and it's much more up my alley! It's a thick cream, but not overly so. I have hormonal acne issues, so I am always looking for a full-coverage BB cream, and so far, this is turning out to be a great one! I'm going to play with this a bit more, but if I like it as much as I think I do, I am buying a full size and doing a comprehensive review. Really impressed so far!

8. Laneige: Snow Crystal Pure Lip Gloss in "Veil Rose"
(Deluxe Sample: 3g / Full Size Product: 5g $29)
This is a repeat item that first appeared in memebox #4. It's a nice lip gloss with a pretty peachy rose tint and subtle gold micro glitter. It doesn't feel sticky or thick on the lips at all, but doesn't have a ton of pigment. If you want a light tint and some shine to your lips, this is a great lip gloss for that! I wasn't too thrilled with the fact that there were 2 repeat items in this Edition, however they were both good quality items, so at least there's that!

Memebox 6th Global Edition Total Value: $102!

I've never been disappointed with a memebox before, and this edition is no exception. While this box had a couple of repeat items, the new items were things I am quite excited about trying out. Half the items were full size, which is another huge bonus!
Overall I'm happy with the 6th Global Edition, but it paled in comparison to how much I loved the 7th Edition! Stay tuned for the 7th edition review AND Giveaway!

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