Sunday, March 16, 2014

Baublebar SWAT Surprise: What was in my Mystery Grab Bag?

About 2 weeks ago, I blogged about a really fun sale at Baublebar, and my package recently arrived!
The sale included "surprise" items at the cost of $5 each. There was also a 20% off promo code available at the time, so I was able to score these mystery items for $4 each with free shipping!
(this sale is no longer live, but I will keep an eye out for if/when it returns! Mystery bags are a blast!)

I've never ordered from Baublebar before, but I was super impressed with their packaging and personalization of the box, especially because I only ordered "surprise" items, and not full-priced items.

The pretty envelope included in the box was personalized by a handwritten note written by the SWAT stylist that curated my box for me. It was a nice touch!

The Goods

I ordered 4 surprise items. Each item was beautifully packaged in cute velvet bags!

I really love these simple, gold knot earrings! I think they're understated and would go with any outfit!

  These spiked gem earrings aren't really my style, however I think they could look pretty cute paired with the right outfit!

These earrings are crazy sparkly, and super gorgeous! The gems are a dark teal/indigo color, surrounded by white stones. These are fancier than pretty much anything I own, but I think they're so lovely that I'm going to save them for the next time I dress up for a special occasion!

I had mixed feelings about this necklace at first. I really love the colors and the design, but I am really not a statement necklace kind of girl. I usually wear a small, understated pendant if anything at all. However, once I put this on I really loved the way it looked. It pairs amazingly well with a clean and simple t-shirt and jeans. It's smaller-looking once it's on, and really brightens up a simple outfit!

Although I don't know what the retail prices were for each of these items originally, I found similar items (or even the same items in different colors!) on the site to calculate an average retail price of all 4 items. 
I paid $16 for all of these pieces, and comparing each item to similar ones of the site, I got 4 pieces worth about $120!

I am thrilled with the value of the Baublebar SWAT surprise, and while not everything was something I would have picked out on my own, I think everything is wearable and really lovely quality. This is usually not the case for "surprise bags" that I've seen/purchased in the past. While I understand it's a way to get rid of clearance/sale inventory, it was still a very fun experience and I feel like I received quality items, regardless! I'm using this as an opportunity to step out of my jewelry comfort zone! Did you get anything from the SWAT surprise?


  1. Wicked awesome value! I actually really like the spiked gem earrings and the teal/indigo sparkly ones! Both totally gorgeous!

    1. I really like them too! Both are totally out of my normal style (I'm more classic/occasionall boho) but I do have a few outfits they will work really well with. I'm super happy I decided to grab this. I really hope they do one again!