Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Birchbox March 2014 Review

Birchbox #1 arrived on my doorstep yesterday!
I can't believe March subscription boxes are already coming out. It feels like I just reviewed my February Birchboxes, but hey...I'm not complaining! I also recently made my very first purchase on the Birchbox website and used all of my points that I was hoarding! (almost $100 worth!) I can't wait to show you all what I picked up when it arrives!

Birchbox is one of the most popular beauty and lifestyle subscriptions services available. They send 4-5 deluxe samples to your door for $10 a month. You try them, review them on the Birchbox website, and get points to spend on full-size items! 
This month's theme was "Spring Forward" and included items that Birchbox thinks will liven up your Spring beauty routine!

First look at what was inside! I was pretty excited to see quite a few decent-sized samples this month!

Let's get right into the products!

1. Beauty Protector: Protect and Detangle

Beauty Protector is a hugely popular, and best-selling brand in the Birchbox store. I have tried the Shampoo and Conditioner and they are absolutely amazing! All their products smell sweet, yet light. If you've ever smelled the perfume "Pink Sugar", it's a very close replica to the scent of Beauty Protector items! This particular product is a spray that protects from heat damage and adds silkiness to your hair, as well as de-tangling. This stuff smells amazing, works amazingly well and I fully intend on purchasing the full size when this sample runs out. They run about $20+, but the Beauty Protector brand will truly give you results!

Note: If anyone has received this item in their boxes and cannot get the sprayer to work, untwist the cap and slightly lift the sprayer. Give it a few pumps while unscrewed, but still in the liquid. It should start to work. Also, I have heard running the sprayer/tube under hot water and giving a few spritzes will also work! It's worth the trouble, I promise!

2. Harvey Prince: Cherie Blossom

I used to get really bothered by perfume samples in my Birchbox. Anything that I can get for free from Sephora seemed to bother me if I saw it popping up in my boxes, however the few perfume samples I've received have all been very unique and interesting! I think of Birchbox as a sampling experience rather than a service that gives me full-size products, so when I look at it that way, I'm usually never disappointed!

This perfume is a really lovely summertime scent from Harvey Prince. It has notes of cherry blossom (obviously!) pink grapefruit, vanilla, and cool musk. Upon first spray you get a hit of the grapefruit. The heart is the cherry blossom, and the dry-down finishes this scent with a beautiful vanilla-musk. I think it's a crisp, clean scent for the spring and coming warmer months!

3. COOLA: Tinted Matte SPF 30 for Face

This product is an organic tinted moisturizer with SPF that claims to even out skin tone. Anyone that reads my blog regularly knows that I will always provide swatches, even if I don't like a product. However, I have received this product in a past Ipsy bag from last summer and I really disliked it. I'm also scheduled to receive a double of this item in my 2nd Birchbox this month. I will most likely open that one and swatch it, however this one is going to be given away and I'd like to keep the seal intact. It's not a bad sunscreen or tinted moisturizer, but I didn't feel like it did anything for my skin. I don't think my skin looked better when I used it, and I didn't like the way it felt once applied.

4. Gilchrist & Soames: London Collection Body Lotion

This is a fast-absorbing lotion that claims to leave skin silky-smooth and has a "light, earthy scent."
I received the shampoo and conditioner from this brand in a past box and I can't say I was too impressed with the formula, or the scent. Unfortunately, the same goes for this body lotion. It's not a bad lotion by any means, it's just nothing special. It does absorb pretty quickly and doesn't leave a greasy-feel on the skin, which is a plus. However I'm not a huge fan of the scent (it's pretty masculine, but also a bit generic) and I don't think that it does anything noticeable to justify the $16 price tag on the full size. I have heard that this company and these products are in some higher-end hotels, and honestly, this lotion performs like a basic hotel lotion. 

Worst part?

There's no squeeze cap of any kind. You just unscrew the lid to find a big opening. This is a travel-sized lotion, but not at all travel friendly, or even really that sanitary. I will most likely give this away, or maybe transfer it to a different bottle. Either way, not impressed with this one all around.

5. Tea Forte: Minteas in "Macha Chai" (Lifestyle Extra)

These mints are pretty neat! They are sugar free and all natural, which is a plus, and they contain different wellness-promoting teas and herbs. This particular flavor is "Matcha Chai." The back of the container says:
If fitness is your cup of tea, Minteas are the perfect personal trainer. Slimming matcha, with a tingle of cinnamon aid in keeping you fit and feeling fab.
I wasn't quite sure how cinnamon and matcha green tea would help keep me slim, so I did a bit of research, and apparently it's not too far-fetched! I found a great site that goes into detail about this, so if you're interested you can read more HERE.

These had a very nice flavor of sweet cinnamon, although I couldn't detect any sort of tea or chai flavor. They're tasty, although I felt a bit weird about trying one. I was a bit alarmed that my mints did not have a safety seal on them and the lid was pretty loose when I took it out of the box. I was informed by other Brichbox subscribers that these mints are supposed to have a safety seal on them. Luckily, I contacted Birchbox about this issue and they are sending me a replacement box, just for that small issue! Now that's customer service!

6. Ghirardelli Cherry Tango Dark Chocolate (Treat)

This little Ghirardelli square is just a little bonus item they included and I thought it was really nice! I'm not usually a fan of cherry, but the cherry and almond bits mixed with the dark chocolate was to die for! If I happen across this flavor in the store I am definitely picking up more!

Overall, I think this is one of the best boxes I've received objectively. I think there was a really great variety of items, and each sample was a decent enough size where I could sufficiently test it. My favorite item in the box is hands down the Beauty Protector spray, and my least favorite would have to be the COOLA sunscreen. Overall though, I'm excited to try everything out a little more!

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  1. I love the Cherie blossom perfume, it's awesome to me. But I just got it today and need to try it several days to make sure I don't breakout! As far as the gilchrist Soames lotion, I have stayed at several hotels that have given out huge bottles 8 oz. Of the stuff. It's OK but I actually find it rather drying and doesn't soak into my skin the way I'd like. I usually end up giving it away when I get it. Such a shame that BB put it into your box this time. I only received 4 samples this time myself and that is OK but I thought we were suppose to get five. Oh well. I've learned not to complain with BB as it doesn't get you anywhere. The only reason I keep their sub as my husband usually likes his and he usually never has trouble with his box! LOL : ). Can only smile!!!

    1. That's great that you're loving the perfume! I did read that the Harvey Prince perfumes are chemical-free etc: so that's nice! It's too bad you only received 4 sample! I know we're supposed to receive 4-5, but it's always a bummer when there are only 4. Did you double check the card that came with it to see if they missed an item? Their customer service was awesome to me when I complained about the mints not having a safety seal. They're shipping me an entirely new box which I'm pretty impressed with! Sometimes their boxes are a bit lackluster but I do enjoy the points system! I just cashed in $60 worth of points! :)

  2. WOW! This box absolutely rocked!!! I cannot wait to check out my March Birchbox; and did you mean to have your post title be "March BB Review"? Instead of February BB Review? I received a "Hello" perfume from Harvey Prince last month and it's pretty awesome, it has Meyer Lemon hints, other citrus notes and a slight floral note as well. I like it, but would have LOVED to get this Cherry Blossom scent! It looks like you scored missy!

  3. haha oh my gosh, this is why I shouldn't update my blog at night! :D Thanks for catching that! All fixed now! I agree the boxes this month were really impressive overall, and I still have one more coming! (Shh I'm addicted lol) I got the "Hello" perfume in one of my boxes. I thought it was nice but I'm SUPER picky with perfumes: I really only like orientals and musks. Really heavy night-time scents, usually! This one has that musk element that I really like though, so even though it's a lighter scent, I feel like I could wear and enjoy it. I hope you get this scent if not in this coming box, then in a future one! It seems to be pretty popular from what I've read so far! :)

  4. Cherie Blossom sounds lovely!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE BP!! & if you love the scent, Scentsy's "Sugar" is a dupe for it! So you can have your house, your body, EVERYTHING smell like it haha.