Monday, March 17, 2014

Birchbox March 2014 #2

I know, I'm insane. I get 2 Birchboxes. But seriously, how can you expect me to pass up utilizing their amazing points system on more than one account? There is of course, lots of subscription services out there that provide lots of exciting and valuable items in their boxes, but Birchbox is different. Sometimes they get a bad reputation for sending out smaller samples and foil packets, but truly their subscription is a "sampling service." The point of Birchbox is not to provide you with full size products (although they do this sometimes!) but to provide you with samples of products so you can try new things without having to spend full price on something you might not like. I love that I get introduced to so many new brands, and my favorite part about Birchbox is their points system!

Each time you review an item in your Birchbox, you are given 10 points, or $1 in their shop. Each box gives you usually about 5 products, so you are essentially paying $10 and getting a box of samples and $5 in points. There are also other deals and events that go on that allow you to acquire more points, however, I think that this is a phenomenal deal on it's own, and I'll be going into more detail in a later post about how I utilized my points on both accounts to get some fantastic items!

For now, let's jump into Birchbox #2!
(This review will be short and sweet, as this is not my main box. Check that one out HERE)

This box was quite a bit lighter than my main Birchbox, but lighter is usually a good thing! (Heavy box usually means shampoo/conditioner, and for me that's the only thing I never need!)

2 of the 5 items in my 2nd box were duplicates.

1. COOLA Tinted Matte SPF 30 For Face
  I received the COOLA in my main box already this month. I've said before that I'm not a fan of the COOLA. It has a lovely silky cream/powder feel on the skin and I wish I could love it, it just doesn't match nicely with my skin tone at all. I do think more yellow-toned skin would love it though!

2. Beauty Protector Protect and Detangle Spray
I also received this product in my main box this month, however I would have been happy if my box was filled with this spray! The Beauty Protector line is best-selling on the Birchbox website, and rightfully so! I have tried most of the items from the line, and this spray make my hair smell and feel amazing. I have very damaged hair from a bad bleaching incident last year, and my hair is dry, damaged and frizzy. This stuff detangles my hair when it's wet; so much so that I can brush it without it catching on my brush at all. My hair dries and looks super smooth and soft. I can't say enough good things about this stuff!

3. Air Repair Rescue Balm
This is touted as a 'natural salve' that repairs dry skin and can be used anywhere on the body.
I tested it out.
It's pretty much Vaseline. 'Nuff Said.

4. Jergens BB Body Lotion
This was actually a bonus item in my box, as Birchbox always lists drugstore brand as "extras" so snooty subscribers don't have a cow over finding them in their boxes. Sorry, but it's true, haha! Either way, this stuff is supposed to smooth the appearance of your skin and works slowly over time, similar to a lot of other Jergens products. This one in particular says you can see results in 5 days. I'm actually really interested to try this out and see how it works. If you didn't get this in your Birchbox and you want to try it too, I've seen these little tubes in the $1 section at my local Target.

5.  theBalm "How 'Bout Them Apples?" Cheek & Lip Cream

I feel like this product deserves a bit more of a review/explanation. First of all, how cute is this packaging? Seriously, theBalm creates packaging adorable enough to give me a heart attack from all the cuteness. This is a little book with a magnetic clasp. On the inside cover, there is a depiction of what the larger sized version of this palette looks like, and next to that, an adorably tiny sample of the shade, "Pie." (not to mention the muscly cowboy!)

This was an incredibly coveted sample, creating a lot of unhappy subscribers who didn't receive it. I wasn't one of those subscribers, as I figured I'd end up trying it eventually. I have to say I'm really excited to get the full size palette now that I've tried this sample. I've been on a low-buy when it comes to cosmetics, but I do love me a good cream blush. These can not only be used on the lips as well, but they have such a lovely soft, creamy consistency! I did a quick swatch concentrated and blended out:

I think these have a very unique formula from most other cream blushes I've tried. They're very blendable, even with just a finger, and they truly last all day! I still had noticeable color on my cheeks when I used this yesterday. I love that they have a bit of a gel-like feel to them, which makes them also comfortable on the lips. If I do pick up this palette, I will probably use it exclusively as a cheek palette, but it's nice to know that I can swipe some on my lips in a rush!

Being my secondary box, I think that this is an excellent selection of products! This account has a beauty profile that I filled out at random so I would get different items from my main box. Even in doing that, I have received lots of nice things that I'm excited about! I think March was a great month for Birchbox, and probably included my favorite boxes to date. I'm planning on doing a "Birchbox Mega Post" next month and reviewing both boxes at the same time and then picking a winner at the end. Onward to April!

If you want to sign up for Birchbox ($10 a month) and join in on the fun, I would love it if you'd consider using my referral link: HERE!


  1. I've actually considered getting a second BB, SO glad I'm not the only one thinking about this! :) Looks like you received a great box! I receive Ipsy too and even though their value is amazing, I like the variety and points system with BB WAY better!

    1. Oh you're definitely not the only one!! :D Some of the girls on makeuptalk have 3, 4 even 5 boxes LOL. I wouldn't go that far, but it's nice to have the extra points and try to get a wider variety of samples each month! I just recently canceled Ipsy. I've been with them almost since the beginning. I subscribed when they started and canceled for 3-4 months, and then resubbed shortly after. I needed a break! I'm trying to go on a low-buy and Ipsy just kept sending more and more makeup that I will never get around to using! LOL I'm sure I'll subscribe again at some point when I use up some of the thing I already have :)