Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Free Korean Beauty Samples with Beauteque!

A lovely member of makeuptalk was gracious enough to share this deal, so I thought I'd bring it here to all of my readers!

Until April 30th, Beauteque is offering free shipping on ALL purchases. On top of that,they allow you to choose up to SIX free samples from their selection HERE.

Choose 6 foil packets, or 3 foil packets and a lotion duo, and add them to your cart. You will not be charged and you will also get free shipping! 

You do not have to make a purchase to receive the free samples, although they have a quite a few nice items on their site. I saw some low-cost sheet masks that look pretty interesting!

If you follow Beauteque on their Social Media accounts, then e-mail them screen shots, they will send you ANOTHER bag of samples, Free! Details HERE.



  1. Looks like Korean makeup is really making its rounds around the internet...I hope they'll put out more samples, though I suppose I can't ask for any anyway since they're one of my sponsors lol.

    Sample Hime

  2. I definitely think that Korean beauty products are definitely the new "it" thing lately! Ever since I started reviewing memebox, it seems more and more people are becoming interested in trying them. I thought Beauteque's sample deal is a great way to introduce people who are new to Korean skincare without spending a bunch of money beforehand! And I agree! The more samples, the better! :D

  3. Thank you SO much for sharing this offer! I'm heading over to Beauteque to check them out now! :)