Saturday, March 15, 2014

Ipsy March 2014 "Destination Beauty" Review

My Ipsy bag arrived a few days ago, although I've been so busy I didn't have time to write a review until now! This month's theme was "Destination Beauty", and Ipsy says this about the March bag:
Whether you're off to an exotic location or hanging out at home, this month's products were chosen to make you feel like you're on an amazing vacation!
I could definitely use a vacation from all of these dreary New England weather, so bring on the fun and festive products, Ipsy!

This month's bag was different from bags we've received in the past. While it's definitely not my style, I think it's interesting that the pattern on the bag, is actually a small part of a larger piece of artwork done by the artist, "Klari." It is from her geography-based series of artwork called, "Street Anatomy."

According to the tag that was on the bag, this is the first of many artist-inspired bags to come! I think this is a great idea, as their bags were becoming a bit unoriginal and lackluster lately! It'll be interesting to see what kinds of bags are in the works for the rest of the year. 

There were 4 items in the March bag, and quite a few bag variations. I was lucky enough to get the exact items I was hoping for!

1. bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Lipstick in "Get Ready"

This is a deluxe size sample, and while it's small, it packs a punch! I am in love with this color and the formula! I recently started getting more into the bareMinerals line, and I was so happy to receive one of these lipsticks this month. The formula is super creamy and glides on the lips, leaving them feeling smooth and moisturized. It's a very pretty dusty rose shade that would compliment any skin tone.

2. Pacifica Body Butter in "Indian Coconut Nectar"

I love Pacifica, and I've tried quite a few of their body butters in the past, but never had the chance to try the Indian Coconut Nectar. I love the formula of the Pacifica body butters. I find that they are not too thick, but are thick enough to be super moisturizing and creamy. They absorb quickly into the skin and don't feel greasy. While this is a nice scent, I don't find it to be very unique or special, like many other Pacifica scents. This smells like straight up coconut and nothing more, however it's still quite nice. I'll be holding onto it for when the weather gets a bit warmer to toss in my purse.

3.Chella Eyeliner in "Indigo Blue"

This liners screams "summer" to me! Such a beautiful, tropical blue shade! I have loved the few Chella products I've used in the past, and this felt-tipped liner pen does not disappoint! I was able to draw lines with ease, and create varying thickness without much difficulty. The pen is quite easy to use, even if you're a beginning with liner. It does tend to dry out a bit if used over eyeshadow, however  it think using this liner on it's own would create a really pretty natural look with a pop of color. Great for their "vacation" theme.

4. Be A Bombshell Eyeshadow Quad in "Bora Bora"

This quad is definitely what you'd see in someone's summer must-have list! I definitely think Ipsy hit a home run with the products matching the theme this month. These shades are very shimmery, pigmented and festive! I'm not normally over-the-moon about the quality of Be a Bombshell products, but I do think that these shadows perform well and have a nice pigmentation. The swatches above were done without primer, so that shows you right there how intense the shades are! Even so, I am being more mindful of what I keep in my collection, and I know I most likely will not use this product past making an eye look once or twice, so I'm going to pass this on to my sister, who loves shimmery shadows!

5. *REFERRAL BONUS ITEM* Benefit: High Beam

As most of you know, Ipsy has a points program where you refer friends, review your products each month, and answer questions about the bag overall. Doing these activities earns you points that you can cash in for different products. I finally saved up enough points to choose an item, and I of course, went for the full size high beam, as it was a great value. High Beam is not my favorite highlighter, but I do think that it does a really nice job when used lightly and blended well. This particular bottle was a bit off, though. The formula was a little bit goopy, and the brush (as you can see in the picture) was all twisted and frayed. It's impossible to put this product precisely where you need it when the brush is damaged like that. I contacted Ipsycare and I'm hoping they can replace it for me!

Overall Thoughts
I think that even though there were only 4 items this month, (plus the referral item) Ipsy did a great job curating the bags to include items that work well with their "destination/vacation" theme. I think all these items are quite nice, however I just didn't feel like anything wowed me other than the bareMinerals lipstick. 

I do think that it's time for me to cut ties with Ipsy for the time being. While I absolutely love reviewing them for my readers, I feel that their service is a bit redundant. For example, every single brand that I received this month, I have received in a previous bag, some of them more than once. I'm feeling a bit of burnout with their service since I've been with them for about 2 years, now. Right now, I am looking to streamline my collection, and only bring my readers reviews that I feel are important or exciting. I no longer feel that Ipsy fits that description for me, unfortunately.

However: I think that Ipsy is a great service, and for $10, you cannot find a better subscription if you're looking specifically for full-size cosmetics or to expand your makeup collection. I am not really looking for either at the moment, so unfortunately, March will be my last month with Ipsy for a little while. Hopefully I will resubscribe at some point, but for right now, I'm really excited to share some of the subscription boxes that I have coming with all of you! Stay tuned!

If you're interested in seeing what else could have been in the Ipsy bags this month:

(click to enlarge)

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  1. Nice bag! I received the Nicole polish, instead of the eyeliner. I was happy with my goodies this month, but the lotion (although very soft) didn't have enough of a coconut scent for my liking.