Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Kat Von D Spellbinding Look Kit Review

I have been lusting after Kat Von D's makeup line for a long time now. Every time I go to Sephora.com I look over everything, ooh and ahh about how pretty the packaging is, and then chicken out when it comes to actually buying anything. 
I have been conditioned to consider any "celebrity" makeup line or perfume as a sub-par product, because unfortunately, there haven't been many celebrity lines of beauty products that are of high quality. When Kat Von D's line came out in Sephora, I thought it was pretty to look at, but never thought it would be very successful.
I started noticing more and more people were talking about the products from her line, and many of them were people I know and respect in the beauty guru/blogging community. I figured, it's lasted this long, and people are still talking about it. It must be credible! 

I celebrated my birthday recently, and I had suggested to my best friend that I might want a variety of Kat Von D cosmetics to try out and see what I thought. I figured the worst thing that could happen is I could return it and pick out something else. Luckily for me, I have an awesome best friend! He surprised me with the Kat Von D Spellbinding Look Kit, which I think is a great variety of products from her line!

This kit has a nice variety of full size Kat Von D cosmetics for a fraction of their retail price! Included in the Spellbinding Look Kit:
  • Foiled Love Lipstick in "FTW" ($19 retail)
  • True Romance Palette in "Poetica" ($36 retail)
  • Sinful Lash Mascara ($19 retail)
  • Autograph Pencil in "Immortal Love" ($16)
  • Autograph Pencil in "Puro Amor" (included in palette price)
The total retail value of everything included in the kit is over $90 if you were to buy it all separately. However, this kit only costs $59! 
Let's take a closer look at each item and see if it's worth the price:

1. Foiled Love Lipstick in "FTW"
This lipstick has everything! First of all, the packaging is so stunningly beautiful. I have yet to find a lipstick in this price range that is packaged as nicely as this. Any girl would love to pull out this beautiful silver, rose-etched tube from their purse to re-apply! 
I am not usually a huge fan of shimmery or metallic lip shades, so the name "Foiled Love Lipstick" worried me a bit. However, rather than being an obvious metallic finish, there is a subtle sheen to this lipstick that really makes it stand out from the pack. In the collage above, the photo of my lips is without flash, and the swatch on the back of my hand is with flash. In the right light, this shade is a bright and vibrant cranberry. Once the sun sets, it turns into a vampy berry that is just to die for!
This lipstick is beautifully pigmented, but be warned, it applies very dryly, and feels even more dry once it's on the lips. You can see in the lip photo that it accentuated all the lines in my lips. I would definitely suggest applying a lip balm prior to using this. Also, if you're sensitive to scents in cosmetics, swing by a Sephora and sniff these! While not perfumed, this lipstick has a VERY intense "makeup" smell, one might say it even smells a bit cheap. It reminds me of the face paint we used to use in high school drama club. I can get past it, but I'm sure some people may have an issue.

2. True Romance Palette In "Poetica"

This palette contains 8 eye shadows nicely displayed in a metal, spring-hinged case. There is a full size mirror and a small black eyeliner also included. The packaging is yet again, absolutely lovely. This palette feels a lot more expensive than it is ($36 is pretty reasonable for a high-end palette) and the shadows don't disappoint!

1. Forgiveness- This shade is a beautiful, pale yellow/cream shimmer. It has a pearly finish with a few pieces of silver micro glitter.
2. Sand Timer- This is a nice "all-over" shade that comes off as light brown/mauve with a satin finish. 
3. Chandler- Beautifully pigmented shimmery burn orange. A beautiful addition to go well with all the purple.
4. Tijuana- Matte black/brown shade with silver micro glitter.
5. Wonderland- Deep, matte plum shade packed with purpley pink micro glitter. 
6. Shiba- Orchid purple satin with gold micro glitter.
7. Babe- A beautiful lavender satin with a slight blue shift.
8. You Alone- pearly-toned cream with a satin finish.

All of these shades are beautifully pigmented and nice to work with, however I found that some of the shades that contained micro glitter (especially Shiba) were a bit flaky and a bit muddy when blended. Use a light hand and some shadow primer and you'll create many beautiful and unique looks with this palette!

3. Sinful Lash Mascara
I must sound like a broken record, but the packaging on this mascara is just beautiful. I really love the silver metal tubes with the etched roses! However, that's where my love affair ends with this mascara. This is by no means the worst mascara I've ever used, however for the $19 price tag it should at least perform better than a drugstore mascara...and it doesn't. The brush is a classic, spiral bristle brush that is packed pretty densely with even-length bristles. I found that while this mascara didn't clump too badly or flake, it definitely didn't perform well. I found the formula to be way too dry, and it felt like I was putting a dozen coats on my lashes just to get it to show up. Not to mention, it didn't nothing for the thickness or the length of my lashes. I have naturally blonde lashes, so the only thing this mascara did well was darken them and lengthen them slightly. 

4. Autograph Pencil Eyeliners 

While these liners may have been the least exciting product in this kit, they were definitely the best performing! The brown is double the size of the black, and includes a foam blender on one end and a sharpener on the other. The black liner came in the Poetica palette. Both are beautifully pigmented, creamy and easy to apply. They really just glided on my skin with ease. Very similar to the Urban Decay liners, although I might even prefer these! The application is just so smooth!

Overall Thoughts
I think that the Spellbinding Look Kit is a great value and an excellent way to try a variety of products from the Kat Von D line. The only item I wasn't big on was the Mascara. The Foiled Love lipstick is a beautiful and unique shade to compliment yet another unique item: the True Romance Palette. I definitely don't have a palette similar to this in my collection, and I think the purple shades really compliment my green eyes nicely. 
I'm very happy that my best friend picked this up for me, and I urge you to pick one up for yourself if you're interested in trying more from the KVD line!


  1. $36 for that pallet is amazing! The colors are so pigmented and totally usable as an every day look or stunning night time diva! Great pics and swatches; and YES Kat Von D has amazing packaging!

    1. I totally agree! I'm obsessed with this palette and my friend is being nice enough to send me a couple more to try out! Woohoo! :D