Thursday, March 13, 2014

Orange Glad Sweet Box March 2014 Review

OK Guys, I do a LOT of box reviews, but I was so excited to share this box with you all, that I've been working on a review all night! While I mainly focus on beauty products here on Harlot Beauty, I have always been a little bit of a foodie, and love bringing food-based subscriptions here to review! And if you've got a sweet tooth, have I got a box for you!

OrangeGlad is a subscription box for anyone that loves sweet treats! The people at Orange Glad search high and low to discover yummy snacks from bakeries and sweet shops all around the nation! These sweets aren't something you can just go pick up at your local grocery store. Each item feels like a special treat, and receiving one of these boxes is truly an experience in itself!

What is Included in Each box?
-5 gourmet desserts individually wrapped and packaged with care so that they arrive safe and sound!
-Information card with Ingredients list and description of each snack
-5% off coupon code to use in their marketplace to purchase full size packages of your favorite sweets
How Much Does it Cost?
To sign up month-to-month, each box is $15, plus S+H.
A 3 month recurring subscription is $14 per month, plus S+H
A 6 month recurring subscription is $13 per moth, plus S+H

You can also gift boxes in groups of 1, 3 and 6 months. These boxes are not recurring subscriptions and there is a one-time charge.

*BONUS*- If you'd like to double your items in your Orange Glad boxes, it's only $12 more! So if you and your significant other want to share a box, you can save money by doubling the items rather than purchasing 2 subscriptions. This would also be a great idea to gift to a couple!

Orange Glad was sweet enough to provide everyone with an awesome coupon code where you can get your first box for just $10 (including shipping!)! Use FIRST 10 at Checkout!
Can I see What's in Past Boxes?
Sure Can! But when your mouth starts to water, don't say I didn't warn you!
Check out items from past boxes HERE.

 Now let's get onto the March Sweet Box!

As I mentioned above, each box comes with a great information card that has full ingredients lists, descriptions, and of course, your monthly coupon code!

 This box was filled with some absolutely delicious-looking snacks! It was VERY hard for me not to eat them all up in one sitting. Luckily my roommate was home and I called him in to help me taste-test everything!

1. Posh Pantry- Blueberry Swirl Cake
 Loaded with generous amounts of fresh blueberries and finished with toasted sliced almonds, lightly drizzled with vanilla icing, this simple cake will remind you of the dessert your grandmother used to make!
 I gravitated toward this big ol' slice of cake first, as it was packaged in a cute pink bag! I LOVE blueberry muffins, so this guy was right up my alley! The slice of cake was quite large: about the size of my hand, and was easily cut in half for both my roommate Nick and I to enjoy. Both of us absolutely loved this cake. It's reminiscent of a blueberry muffin, but incredibly moist and a bit more "dessert-like." The hint of icing really rounded out this dessert, and personally, it was probably my favorite thing in the box! So delicious!

2. Cornology- C Squared Popcorn
   Put both flavors in your mouth at once and you'll experience the C squared (cheddar + caramel) magic. Believe it or not, this sweet and savory delicacy is still made from scratch daily with the freshest ingredients.
 We've all had that popcorn that comes in tins around the Holidays that has caramel, cheddar and buttered popcorn inside, and while this looks a bit similar, the quality and flavor is on another level! You can truly taste that this is "from scratch" popcorn. It's fresh, light and crunchy and both flavors taste absolutely delicious. I was a bit hesitant to mix cheddar and caramel together, but for some strange reason, it just works! I think it's the whole sweet/salty thing, but this popcorn is a wonderful treat! 

3. Donsuemor- French Almond Cakes
A "Donsuemor signature", these soft, moist, and elegant little cakes will tantalize your taste buds with their rich and nutty flavor.
 These cakes were absolutely to die for! They're moist, dense, little tarts that have a delicious almond flavor. Sweet, but still light, they made me feel like I was at a fancy tea party! Nick loved these especially, as he's a big fan of anything flavored with almonds. I wish I had a box full of these!
 4. Olamola Confectionery- Hazelnut Orange Meringue Kisses
Handmade in small batches, these bite-size meringues have a delicate, nutty texture that's unseen in traditional meringue cookies. Each and every one of them is deceptively light, but playful, just like a small peck on your cheek!
One of the very few flavor combinations I am not a fan of is chocolate and orange. Luckily, both my fiance and my roommate love it, and were more than happy to be my guinea pigs for these little cookies! Both of them agreed that the cookies were light and crunchy, with a very light hazelnut flavor, but the dark chocolate and orange flavor was very strong and very delicious! Nick said that he wished the entire cookie was covered in the chocolate! These received very enthusiastic thumbs up from both guys!

5. Cookies con Amore- Italian Jelly Filled Cookies

Tender and delicious, yet unpretentious, these cookies are destined to be your new comfort food.
I saved the best for last! These cookies...what do I even say about these cookies? First of all: they're adorable. They look like they came out of a dollhouse! These were pretty large cookies: about the size of the palm of my hand, and were the perfect amount of sweetness. The cookie itself was tender and buttery. The powdered sugar and the jam in the center made for the perfect combination of buttery and sweet. Absolutely delicious and a hit in this house all-around!

Overall Thoughts
Tasting and enjoying all of the snacks from the March OrangeGlad box was such a fun experience! It didn't feel like just any old box of snacks. Each item included felt like it was made with such care, and each item curated and considered carefully. It felt like such a treat (no pun intended!) to read about and try each dessert, and I felt that there was more than enough portion-wise to be truly worth the cost of the box.

If you, or someone you care about is a dessert lover, I truly cannot think of a better gift! There was such a wonderful selection of sweets, and I think anyone would be absolutely delighted to find one of these on their doorstep!

Don't Forget! If you'd like to try OrangeGlad for yourself, or gift it to a friend, use the coupon code:
"FIRST 10" to get your first box for just $10 (including shipping!)!


  1. This would get me into SO much trouble! LOL! I love the idea of gathering "mom and pop" type of brands, or brands that no many people know about and promoting them. ALL of the treats included in your box look divine!

  2. I thought the same thing Ashly! LOL Luckily I have a house full of guys so I was able to take some bites for reviewing purposes and then hand everything off to them before I ate it all haha :D