Monday, March 3, 2014 Box Review

So... periods. They happen.
If you feel weird, uncomfortable or squeamish about discussing them and/or the products that you use when one occurs, I would skip this post. I personally feel that they're nothing to be uncomfortable talking about!

Now that we've got that out of the way, you might be surprised to know that there are quite a few subscription companies coming out lately that have made that time of the month a little less of a bother! One of these companies is, and they are here to send you no-nonsense boxes to prep you for your period, and be a little sassy and shall I say, all little overly snarky, while they're at it.

Before we start, let me say that this box was provided for free, however, right now anyone can get a box to try for themselves at not cost! Simply visit their site and sign up!

What is this service, exactly? provides monthly boxes delivered to your door that have everything you need to start your time of the month off right. For $15 a month with free shipping, each box contains tampons, Ibuprofen and a package of cleansing wipes. When you sign up, you are able to mark on a calendar when you'd like the following shipments to arrive. So if you know around the time you tend to get your period, you can have these little packages arrive on the day of, a week prior, or whenever you'd like!

My box was ordered just 4 days ago and was on my doorstep this morning, so props to them for having super fast shipping! 

The box was small, discrete, and had a small red fairy on the side. Cute!

All your items for the month are wrapped up in red tissue paper, sealed with a fairy sticker.

And finally, here are the goods: 

As you can see, provided in the box is a package of cleansing wipes, or what they call "Tutu Towels". There are 15 wipes in the package. You also get 15 regular tampons with a plastic applicator, and 16 ibuprofen tablets. They're all packaged in simple red and white packaging, and are pretty straight to the point! I think for most people, this would be a good, basic collection of needs during their period.

The Pros
This company has made it pretty easy to get a basic stock of what you need when your period comes knocking. Many women lead busy lives and can occasionally be caught without any of these items and their period comes when they least expect it. It's a benefit that this no-frills company has a system set up so that you're never caught without any of your necessities during your time of the month.

The Cons
Unfortunately for, the cons far outweigh the only pro: convenience. For starters, I did a quick order on Walmart's website just to see what I could get shipped to me for under the $15 price tag of Here's what I came up with:

(click to enlarge!)

40 Regular Tampons (almost 3x as many as $4.34
100 tablets of Ibuprofen (over 6x as many as $2.32 
40 Cleansing Cloths (almost 3x as many as $2.98

If you were to buy those items I listed above in the store, it would cost you under $10. If you had them delivered to your house, like, it would still cost you just under $15, but for almost 3x the product. 

The issue I'm trying to point out here, is you're paying $15 for a small box of regular tampons, a tiny package of wipes and a travel size package of Ibuprofen. While it's great to have these delivered on a schedule without having to think about it, I am the kind of person that sees this as a waste of money.

Not only can I get 3x the amount of product at Walmart, but I can get a VARIETY of product if I desired. Not everyone can use regular tampons efficiently. Some people have lighter periods, some people have much heavier. Not to mention some people don't use tampons at all! There is absolutely NO customization to this box and that is it's biggest downfall.

Other Gripes
 Let's face it: the box is just BORING. I have done research into some of the other "period boxes" (a review is actually coming soon for another one!) and they all include SOMETHING FUN! Having your period sucks, and getting some boring, sterile-looking, ho-hum package every month may be convenient, but you just spent $15 of your hard earned money! You could go to your local drugstore, spend less money on the boring stuff, and walk out with a Cosmo and a bag of Hershey Kisses on top of it all. Catch my drift? 

The competitors for make their boxes have a personality. Not only can the subscriber choose the exact types of protection they want (pads, liners, tampons, even softcups etc) but many of them also include bags of chocolate, candles, cosmetics and even jewelry and still manage to be around the same price range.

Would I Buy Again?
Nope. It was nice to get this for free to try out the service, but I think that if doesn't want to get swallowed up as the next failed subscription box, they need to start sinking a bit more money into making their service a bit more customizable, as well as more interesting and desirable to get. What keeps a subscriber to a subscription box is keeping each box different and interesting. Most importantly: Make the boxes have VALUE, or the customer will go elsewhere. 


  1. Crazy price for what they give you, but I could see it being a cute introduction for your daughter's first year visit from aunt flow :)

  2. There is a company called "Hello Flo" that has special preteen box that includes fun stuff like chocolates and cute little gifts etc. I'm actually working on doing a review on their regular box in the near future! :D

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